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Welcome to Database Delight!

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Welcome to Databases Delight, a staff training project for the San José Public Library!

The Electronic Resources Team wants to encourage all San José Public Library staff to learn about our databases.

For 13 weeks, we’ll look at 13 databases. Yes, your math is correct! That’s one per week. All staff are invited to participate in this self-paced online learning activity. You’ll become more familiar with what each of our databases contains, how to use it, and how it might help you assist our library customers!

And you can win stuff!

There are over 40 different items in the Prize Packs, as seen on the Flickr catalog of incentives.  For each week, you get to drop your name in the raffle for an item of your choice.  Plus, you get an extra 5 entries for completing the entire program.

A sample prize is #2, the Executive Package, described thusly:

The Executive Package is for all the manager-types out there.
1. A (very) handsome black (faux) leather notepad holder with pen holding loop. Look fancier than anyone and everyone else taking notes at your next meeting.

2. A USB phone charger with FOUR different attachment heads to fit all the different cell phones and smart phones you carry to your meetings. You can’t check your voice mails if your phone’s battery is dead, so get this charger to stay ahead of the pack.

3. A classic San Jose Public Library canvas tote bag. When you don’t want to look
too executive-y, throw it all in this tote bag.

Browse through the complete set of raffle items at the Flickr catalog of incentives.

And your branch or unit can win too!

And wait, there’s more!  The branch or unit with the highest percentage of participation and completion will win the “Database Awesomeness” Pizza Party for entire branch or unit!

Your fellow staff donated all of these prizes, so please take a moment to say thank you to everyone who pitched in.

And it works like this…

The program kicks off on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 and officially wraps up approximately 13 weeks later on Sunday, July 3rd, 2010. Each week that staff complete the program they will be eligible to enter into the raffle for the item of their choice).

So how does it work?  Each week, follow these 5 easy steps to participate:

  1. Go to the main page of the Database Delight blog each Thursday morning to review the post with information about the Database of the Week.  You’ll get an alert reminding you of the new database each week if you sign up for email or RSS notifications.  You can sign up for alerts in the right sidebar of this page for email by entering your email address into the box, or for RSS by grabbing the RSS feed and entering the URL into your feed reader.
  2. Read the entry about the Database of the Week and look at the sample questions.
  3. Then go to the SJPL Articles & Databases page to access the Database of the Week and look for the answers to the sample questions, or if you have your own questions from customers or from yourself, feel free to use those too!  Take some time to look around and see what else is there, and get comfortable with the database’s interface, search features, and contents.
  4. Go back to the Database Delight blog entry for that week and add a comment with your name and unit or branch, as well as any comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas you have about the database.  Feel free to let us know what you think about the resource, including if there are questions you think the resource should answer but doesn’t, or features you wish it had, or problems you had navigating around–anything!
  5. Submit your raffle entry for participating this week by going to the Flickr catalog of incentives and going to the page of the item you want to bid on.  Then just submit a comment with your name & the week you completed (e.g. “Lex Luthor, Week 2”) in the comments section on that item’s page. If you complete the entire program, you get an extra 5 entries to submit wherever you choose.
  6. You have from the Thursday the week starts until the following Sunday (10 days) to complete each week’s assignment and bid on the prize.  In order to count, bids must be made during the official week you completed the assignment for.   Below is a table of the start dates & due dates for each week.
Week Start Date Due Date
1 Thursday, April 1 Sunday, April 10
2 Thursday, April 8 Sunday, April 17
3 Thursday, April 15 Sunday, April 24
4 Thursday, April 22 Sunday, May 1
5 Thursday, April 29 Sunday, May 8
6 Thursday, May 6 Sunday, May 15
7 Thursday, May 13 Sunday, May 22
8 Thursday, May 20 Sunday, May 29
9 Thursday, May 27 Sunday, June 5
10 Thursday, June 3 Sunday, June 12
11 Thursday, June 10 Sunday, June 19
12 Thursday, June 17 Sunday, June 26
13 Thursday, June 24 Sunday, July 3

Read details about the project, including the entire list of Frequently Asked Questions, on our About Database Delight page.

And finally, I want to offer a huge thank you to the following people for making this project possible:

  • Librarians Lucille Boone, Karen Laughlin, and Margaret Yamasaki (for writing all of the excellent and stimulating database training content and questions)
  • Digital Futures Intern Robert Sese (for photographing all of the items, putting them into clever packages, and writing all of the laugh-out-loud funny descriptions)

32 Responses to "Welcome to Database Delight!"

1,863 euros is a lot to pay for a LPO report. SNFK has 3 articles.

Didn’t take long and I learned a few things. Well worth doing for clerical staff- we’ve got a lot to learn!

I had to change my text size, so I could reach to the bottom of the Publication tab, to select the Science Reference Center Publication listing.

I found the article about LPO’s referring to India.

Well, I guess I will paying in cordobas for the report.

I am finding my way on how to post (my previous posting went to uncategorized). So here I am again. Very interesting the article about the LPO’s vendors. Databases is easy to navigate and find information.

I found it a little complicated at first, but when you get the hang of it. It is okay.

Interesting exercises!

I posted earlier, but I guess things changed, so I’m posting again. I think that the database review program is a great idea. If I were to make a suggestion, we should make it a regular program. It would keep us all up to date and well practiced. It does not have to be weekly, but a monthly review of a spotlight database would keep us all up to date.

I found it to be very useful.

EbscoHost makes it easy to find the issue of journals and supplies full-text. I think the advanced search using the Boolean operator AND makes a search much more focused.

For some reason the first ten or so times when I clicked “comment,” much of the left half of this page disappeared (including this portion where I am typing now). This made it difficult to see what I was doing and impossible to click the “Post Comment” button. I am not sure why it is working now, but I’ll go with it. I enjoyed the first exercise and will likely use Ebsco Host in the future.

The AN numbers corresponding to the articles for the first assignment are as follows:
1. AN 16PU2519444625
2. AN 47150357
3. AN 48869774 and AN 48869775

interesting stuff!

For a good 10 mins I was confused as to where I should be going to actually try the database out on my own. After finding where I should be and watching the tutorial video I am sure that after doing this a couple more times on my own I will be confident enough to help customers on my own and give them information that they are looking for. This was a great idea because I always knew that we had this option on our website I was just not sure on how the database worked and how to correctly search for atricles on it. I know I will use Ebsco host in the future. Thank you!
Erica Nunez
Willow Glen

Top LPO Vendors 2009
Stop Light Scoring Key
Overview of KPI Leaders
Raw Scores and Means
Individual Key Performance Indicator Detail
Companies Mentioned:
• Clutch Group
• Integreon
• CPA Global
• Mindcrest
• Law-Scribe
• QuisLex
• SDD Global
• Cobra Legal Solutions
• Bodhi Global
• Evalueserve
• NewGalexy Partners
• Pangea3
• RR Donelley Office Tiger
• United Lex
• Infosys LPO
• Lumen Legal
• Infocache
• American Discovery
• Tusker Group
• Talwar & Talwar
• Clairvolex
• Aphelion Legal Solutions
• LawDocsXpress
• Lex Outsourcing
• Acumen Legal Services
• Exactus
• Thurium
• Lawwave
• Manthan Legal
• Inventurus
• Lex Harbor
• Socrates CMS
• Cenza Technologies
• Intercom India
• Oxirient, Quattro BPO
• Intrust Global eServices
For more information visit

I want to re-post, because I have done it twice.

I find the searching options to be helpful, though not always intuitive.

I am from Pearl Ave Library and I really liked searching on the database. I found it to be very organized and easy to look up the information I needed.

[…] San Jose Public Library Database Delight staff training program!…04.08.10 8 04 2010 “Welcome to Databases Delight, a staff training project for the San José Public Library! […]

This looks like fun!

I like the tutorial, Basic searching: Public Library. The pacing of the training and the written text of the training will be useful to many customers who English is not their first languages.

I tried to leave a comment on week one, but the comment box is off to the left of the page, and I could not get it to accept my comment. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

it was very interesting to use. I’m sure it will be very helpful.

Awesomeness thus far.


This is great!

I did not see my comment posted in week 1. I wonder how I could get it right!

This is great! Very informative and easy access.

So far so good!

It was easy to use.

Cool information! 🙂

Good and interesting stuff.

Catching up! Pretty easy on the first assignment:)

Good source of info.

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