SJPL Database Delight Training

Week 1: EBSCOhost Research Databases

Posted on: April 1, 2010

Welcome to Week 1 of the San Jose Public Library Database Delight staff training program! Congratulations on deciding to participate in this self-paced online learning opportunity! Not only will you come away armed with the title Database Supreme Master, but you can win some nifty stuff in the process! So, without further ado, let me introduce the first week’s database: our EBSCOhost collection.

EBSCOhost Research Databases let users read popular newspapers, journals, and magazines cover to cover on line for free. This is SJPL’s mega-database with the most resources, a one-stop-shop site for article content for any level of expertise. In addition to Visual Search option (a neat visual representation of related search terms), advanced and basic searches are available. Over 300 full text and secondary databases are available via EBSCOhost, allowing cross searching for articles from 1975+ on a wide range of topics including business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology.

MyEBSCOhost lets you customize your favorite resources and interface options. You can also set up alerts for specific search terms or journals and be notified when a new entry is posted.

One-click refining options help you narrow your results in a variety of ways: by Publication Year, Source Types, Subject, Company, and Publication Name. You can also sort results by article publication date (though only in descending order), or rank results by relevance. I find relevance ranking especially useful when combined with limiting by year of publication.

Other Tabs at the top of the interface give quick access to more options: thesauri and subject headings, publications lists, images, online videos, company profiles, movie reviews, dictionaries, and language options.

EBSCOhost is accessible from SJPL public computers and outside of the library with a San Jose Library card number and PIN. (Also accessible from the OPAC computers, though you cannot save or print from these PCs.) Use the Save to Folder option to select, and temporarily save, articles from your search results. Folder items will be lost when you close your session unless you use the MyEBSCOhost feature. You can email copies of your Folder items to yourself in a variety of citation formats.

Online Flash and PowerPoint Tutorials and Online Training Courses are available from EBSCO.

1. Find, using Basic Search, an article or press release which helps you figure out where to purchase a copy of the 2009 Top Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Vendors.

2. Find a 2009 article discussing the response by the American Library Association (ALA) to potential rule changes to the federal E-rate program.

3. Locate and browse the most recent issue of Science News for Kids. (One method is to use the Publications Tab and search for the title in the Science Reference Center Publications listing. ) This feature is super useful and under-utilized right now, so please give it a try.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to register your participation (the Comments link is under the title of this post).  Tell us your name and unit/branch, as well as any comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas you have about the database.  Feel free to let us know what you think about the resource, including if there are questions you think the resource should answer but doesn’t, or features you wish it had, or problems you had navigating around–anything!

Then go bid on a prize!  To comment on Flickr to bid you will need to log in to Flickr.  If you do not have your own Flickr account, please use the general “sanjoselibrary” Flickr log-in.  That log-in and password info is on the Web & Digital Services page of the intranet (as is an easy one-click log-in!), or just ask a colleague for the log-in and password.


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I will leave another comment but for now… the EBSCOhost Research Database link above does not seem to work. Oh, dear!

The link doesn’t seem stable, so it has been removed. Sorry! To access EBSCO you need to use the link on the SJPL Articles & Databases page (link to that page is in the upper right corner of this site).

The database is nice and easy to use with lots of searching options. Unfortunately, I can not post a comment (only reply to one) because the screen gets cut off towards the bottom of the page. If anyone else is having this problem or knows of a solution…

I’m having that problem too. Maybe if I try a different computer.
Overall, the database becomes easier to use, but it takes some getting use to. Also, the magazine article was not really what I had expected, but it was a great find none the less.

it was ok. a little difficult to find.

hard to get a hang of at first. need to use more often.

It was a little easier to find information this time. Looks good.

Libraries and federal e-rate programs… where have I heard these terms before?

Jane C. from WG

Ok, ONE question… does everyone need to have a Flickr account to leave a comment on the raffle prizes? Maybe they can use the SJPL Flickr account to leave a comment… hint hint…

Yes, unfortunately you do need to log in to Flickr to leave a comment. Good thing SJPL has its own account for those without one! If you do not have your own Flickr account, please use the general “sanjoselibrary” Flickr log-in.

Sorry for the hassle. We tried to pick a photo site that would have the highest # of people with an existing account, and the generic “sanjoselibrary” account should help those who don’t have one.

For the first 10 minutes I was pretty lost and confused as to where I should be, but after I found out where I should be and I watched the tutorial I am fairly confident that I will be able to access the EBSCO database on my own. Plus my awesome manager Jane showed me where I am supposed to leave my comment!

PS Sorry to spam you with comments. =P

Fun intro, super database! – I highly recommend viewing the powerpoint tutorial and practicing with your own searches as well.


I took your recommendation and tried out the tutorial. I really like the pacing and the written text which will help customers tremendously.

Practicing with various searches were simple. It will definitely be something to show our customers.

Climate Not Really What Doomed Large North American Mammals: It was a fungus! (Science News for Kids 12-09) Although I shouldn’t have, it has been a long time since using Ebsco and I did not find it easy if I deviated from basic search. I will need to go back and do the tutorial. Arrghh!

ok did my homework assignment. No directions on what to leave in the comment field leaves me somewhat befuddled.

1. Super easy
2. Easy but not super easy
3. also Easy
but went back to do it the way you suggested and was much harder but found a newer edition of the Periodical.

Can I still donate a prize?

You’re right – we didn’t specify what to put in the comment in this first week’s post. So I remedied that. We had talked about what to put in the comment in the email announcements about the project, the first introductory post on this site (below Week 1’s post now), and in the About This Project Page…but one more place certainly won’t hurt. Thanks for the suggestion!

And yes, donations are still accepted – thank you for yours!

Done! It’s great to have a reminder of all of the publications in Ebscohost (and the search options too!)

I wasn’t exactly what I should leave as my answers, but here goes:

1. Publication was M2PressWire, 2/11/10 edition

2. Mississippi Libraries; Summer 2009; vol 72, issue 2, pages 25-31 (this one was tricky)

3. 3/15/10 issue with the title: Heaviest named element is official.

You don’t have to leave your exact answers – just let us know who you are and what branch/unit you’re from, so we can gauge participation for the pizza party reward. Just tell us what you think about the database, what you like and don’t like!

It’s short and easy to follow. The hint on using the publication tab is very helpful.

Customers want a simple basic search, and the EBSCO search widget on our Databases page is a simple, convenient interface. I “second” Tony’s comment about the publication tab: it’s great! Thanks for the great tips.

Handy tool I used in my university days. I use to hate using it on the old machines. Still nifty.

Hey did you know that comments are disabled for some of the prizes? Don’t know if this is intentional, but when not logged in you can comment, but this is removed if you are in your personal flickr login or the SJPL login.

Uhh, no we did not know that. I don’t know what happened. For some reason, the default settings aren’t sticking. I went ahead and fixed them all — photo by photo! But the voting should work now for all of the items. So sorry! We’re figuring this out as we go along…

Super easy. If only the patrons could be so precise when requesting information!

Jessica Guidotti from WG

Enjoyed the mini-assignment, although I had a strangely difficult time with the first question. Using the Publications tab was great in the third question. Even though I have used it before, I hadn’t used the search box there and was glad to not have to click Next a million times to get to the publication I wanted.

Using the Publications tab is a HUGE time saver if you’re looking for a particular magazine, newspaper, or journal.

If users want to cancel magazine subscriptions & just read them online for free through the library, this is the way to tell them to do it — just go to the Publications tab & search for the title you want. One caveat is that not all articles or images are included in every publication online…some licensing, embargo, and copyright restrictions are in place that make some stuff not appear. But more or less, you’re getting the whole thing cover to cover.

As a note, finding a publication (e.g., Consumer Reports) with Ebsco is far more diffcult for customers than when using Gale (the database that SJPL stopped using). Ebsco uses a round about way in finding publications.

I think this whole Database Delight is a great idea! Ebsco Host is one of the databases I use often; can’t wait to review all the others!

Nancy Buckles is from Edenvale!

WOW, I finally get to be proficient, and in little steps!

When I tried to post a comment on the flickr picture of item #40 (which I would like to bid on) there was no comment box. I logged in with the san jose library account and my personal account–to no avail!

I don’t know what happened. For some reason, the default settings aren’t sticking. I went ahead and fixed them all — photo by photo! But the voting should work now for all of the items. So sorry! We’re figuring this out as we go along…

1,863 euros is an expensive price for a report.

Ned Wappler is from Edenvale!

Very short and manageable. Using the publications tab is a good tip that made the last question super quick and easy. I got a different answer from Linda Kierstead on question #2, but they’re probably both valid.

I’m glad we’re doing this database training! Its such a concise and easy way to learn about all the features for each database.

East Carnegie, April 2nd, 2010

After reviewing the regular question I found the Image Collection located in the top bar. Here’s a great photograpgh I found:

I love, love, love phonographs. And, record players to boot!

If you like the Image Collection, be sure to check the More tab on the top bar!
Lots of goodies there, especially the Video Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century.

Great idea. Nice incentives.

The first assignment is pretty easy.
Interesting, you can select different currency to pay for the report-:)

Lots to learn for the clerical staff. Doesn’t take too long. Great idea.

I like the updated user interface – large toolbar buttons representing features such as “citation” and “HTML Full Text” helps visually impaired users. The citation tool is very useful! If only this feature existed when I was in library school…I remember back then I had to spend hours writing citations in APA format for each source, relying solely on the APA manual. It’s nice that the citation tool can do this for you 🙂

I am not very satisified with the language translation feature. It would be great if they included more languages (for example: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and more.)

Lastly, it would be cool if they include a feature that allows users to adjust the font size of full-text articles for better legibility.

Interesting EBSCO just introduced a few new languages, but not the ones you want: Dutch, Romanian and Slovenian. Learn More About Languages

Regarding increasing text size, you can do that in your browser (if you’re reading articles on the webpage) by going to View, then choosing either Text Size or Zoom, depending on what browser you’re using. If you’re reading a PDF, Adobe Reader also allows that functionality: just use the + and – buttons in the toolbar.

Re: text size. Also, you may just be able to hold the Ctrl key and use the roller thing on your mouse.

EBSCO host was easy to use. I am used to it because of school, but the only problem I had was if I did not know that I needed to the publications tab and put in “Science Reference Center Publications” I probably would not be able to find it. Or it would take way to long.

That is the only bad thing if you dont know the short cuts you will be searching forever!

Overall it was a good practice

EBSCO host is a great system to research database and easy to use.

Done! Super Fun and easy. I love using EBSCOhost. I wish I had these tools while I was still taking my English Lit classes at SJSU!

Has always been one of my favorite databases to use because of the ease and scope. The tabs on top provide and fun and useful features. Being able to access complete issues of magazines makes it a useful to people who may not always be able to afford subscriptions to certain periodicals.

Jennifer Luayon is from Edenvale!

When you select “new search” the database preference does not reset automatically to “all”. There should be some kind of a prompt so searchers are aware of this or they are likely to get no results for a subsequent search in a different subject.

That’s a good suggestion Carole! Perhaps EBSCO is listening 🙂

This was great practice. I’ve used EBSCO before for school research papers.

I agree with Peter- I believe it would be better if the language translation feature included more languages (at least Vietnamese).

Offering quick overviews of SJPL’s databases is a great idea. I am a hands-on person so the exercises at the end are a good way for me to reinforce my learning.

It would be nice if you could include screen shots in the text of Database Delight, so steps are taught more in context.

I heard of this database before and it was the first time I actually used it. It was easier than I thought. I am going to try using it for my homework in the future to get a little more practice.

This is great! I enjoyed the option of listening to articles in “Science News For Kids”. You can choose to listen to an American, British or Australian accent!

Super easy and fun. The databases are so under-utilized…especially by us on clerical staff.

Very useful! Loved it.

Erica Nunez > WG

Easy to navigate, even for a non-techy like me.

Ebsco is where you can send patrons for their Consumer Reports questions! i.e. Do you have the Consumer Report that recommends the best toaster?
I also learned something new from Science News for Kids-that there is a new element on the periodic table, Copernicum.

User friendly. EBSCOhost will come in handy.

It is very easy to navigate. Will be useful.

What a great learning opportunity for every staff member in the SJPL system! Thanks!

I think the cross search of Ebsco is great to allow the patrons to retrieve the results effectively.

I suggest we need to alert/educate the patrons about using this Cross Search option. A lot of patrons do not have this knowledge.

In the future, if we want to promote the use. I suggest we should come up with a standard or formal name.
In SJSU article & database, it is called Cross Search.

Currently the item is described as “Find Articles in Multiple Databases with One Search”


I checked out the translation feature on the Science for Kids article about the new element. The translation into Spanish was better than I thought it would be.

Great resource. I loved using it in Library School.

I found this to be a nice idea. It should be an ongoing project to help us all keep our database skills sharp. This would especially be good for non-librarians. I often find myself instructing the clerical staff on how to use databases. They are always so pleased to learn about a new resource. With this project, they can become as aware of database searching as librarians and can help the public even better than they already do.

🙂 I love EBSCOhost – it’s easy to use and it has so much to offer customers! This one really is a delight!

.Really informative. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

Justen is from PA

The advanced search page is interesting.

All of the items can be found quite easily however the more specific you get the longer it takes for the computer to bring up the results. When looking for #2, I thought the computer was going to crash, but fortunately it just takes a really long time.

Jaspal is from PA

Very useful and simple. A tad difficult to get use to but no problem. Tabs were helpful.

Not knowing how to blog, I found this a little hard to get started. I hope once I get used to it, it will be easier.

Couldn’t leave comment on the one that was sent to us.

1/4 of the leave a reply section was gone.

Had to use Mozilla: search on: the database delight training
to get into here.

It seems that IE version 6 is causing some display problems with the comments on this blog. If you experience that, please do try Firefox as Lisa suggests. IE 7 works fine. But in general, IE has a lot of display problems on many websites. As a techie, I recommend switching to Firefox for all web browsing unless the site specifically requires IE.

EBSCOhost is super easy to use and the publication tab made it extremely easy to find the article. I have used EBSCOhost a few times with customers and find it easier and easier to use each time.

I love it! I will use this for school.

I’m super excited to use this for school and to help patrons.

I like the handy-dandy timeline that allows you to quickly filter by publication date.

The blue bar containing the tabs at the top of the page is surprisingly easy for the eye to miss. It would help if the tabs were more “tab-like” or otherwise more prominent. You’re right, though, the Publications Tab is very useful!

This is so RAD!!!! I love it! I will for sure use this

I really like EBSCO’s basic search window – super easy to use and demonstrate to customers. And once you get in the visual search option, it’s easy to click around and ‘explore’.

I do wish there was a meta-search option for publications, though – it’s fairly intuitive to figure out what magazine would fall under which category, but some way to search for and browse ALL publications would be nice.

That is an excellent request. I think we should pass that on to EBSCO!

It was easy to navigate.

Let’s pretend I’m not as smart as a kid (I’m not) and I wanted to use the publication tab to get to Science News for Kids. The complete list is cut off at the bottom and attempting to slide down to the rest wiped out the list altogether. I finally got there another way. Once there I wanted to go back to a search from the main page. The only way to get there apparently is to click on San Jose Public Library, not an intuitive choice. I felt trapped in the Science Resource Center. Ack!

Hi Lynne. Those are good questions. I have a solution for the display problem. The display issues you mention are dependent on the resolution of you computer monitor. On mine (1024×768, which is the most common by far) I can see the whole list. Perhaps you are at 800×600? At any rate, many websites require higher resolutions now and setting the default of your screen to a higher resolution makes many resources and webpages easier to view.

Also, regarding how to get back to the main search, you can also click on the “New Search” link in the upper left corner of the screen. 🙂

I needed IT’s help to find where to leave my comment. Before I asked I kept selecting the orange comment notation at the top right of the page. IT staff showed me where to find the tiny blue “72 comments” link which needed to be selected and then explained I needed to scroll to the bottom to find this form to complete. Also, I don’t know what my url is.

Carol, can you tell me what you mean by you don’t know what your URL is?

I can’t wait to see what more information I can learn from this training. Seems like it’ll come in handy sson.


this is an awesome database. very very easy to use as well as useful

Evergreen Branch

I love the Publications tab. I like that I can browse by subject, and then discover new magazines/journals with interesting articles.

I agree with many of the other comments. It’s great to have this chance to play around with some of our databases so I can show others how to use them with more confidence. 🙂 And I just figured out that searching in Source (in Advanced Search) means the journal/publication title (wish that was a little more clear) and seems to work much better than using the Publication field under “Limit your results”. YAY!

Took a little while to get used to the search engine. However, this Database becomes handy once you learn to use it.

This database takes a little time to get used to. It kind of reminds me of some of the other search engines already on the database tab.
I found a short cut for the publications by clicking on the left side tabs instead of going to the top of the page. If given more time to play around with the database, I believe there are many ways to search for whatever that you’re looking for.
Thumbs up! =)

There is an article in Science News for Kids about how the earthquake shortened an earthday that I can understand. It goes like this “…Similarly, but on a much bigger scale, more mass went toward Earth’s center, and it started spinning faster. And when the Earth spins faster, days get shorter. But don’t worry — you probably won’t miss the lost time. The earthquake shortened an Earth-day only by about 1.26 microseconds — not even enough time to blink.”
But there is a map in the original article which is not included in the HTML file.

Wow–Database Delight is delightful! It didn’t take too long, and I really am glad to see the question about how to read full-text issues. It’s very useful. Hey everyone–you can get to Consumer Reports this way too!

The searches were simple although the option to go to the next page on the third search wasn’t as intuitive as it should.

Thanh is from PA

Wonderful program! I hadn’t used the periodical tab before–it is really handy. Based on the article I read, I think the magazine we accessed should be named Science News for SMART kids. Or maybe it’s just me.

I found the use of this database to be really easy and efficient when researching.

EBSCO is great for broad, popular searches and locating articles, but most of the time AR reference questions take us to more specialized databases for specific school projects (e.g. Biography or Science Reference Center.)

I found EBSCOhost easy to use. Since I am a student attending college, for many of my courses I have been required to utilized peer-review academic journal articles or scholary-related articles for research papers. I have utlized this database in the past and I am quite familiar with it.

However, I feel at times the filter systems for sorting results are not as effective as INFOtrac or as some of the other databases. Often, I find that if I want to view the entire article, the “abstract ” is available but not the full publication, or even in pdf format. It would be ideal to have every article have the pdf option available to cite properly for papers using APA format.

In addition, the new enhanced features are beneficial for library patrons since many students visit the library and always need books about particular subject matters and sometimes books are not available immediately (due to being checked out already, on hold, missing, billed, etc.) and it would be great to start tutoring patrons how to use databases to get “more” from the library and enhance their personal learning at the very minimum at least.

I agree about the comparison to INFOtrac. I much prefer Gale’s article database products to EBSCO’s. But this is what we have, so learning how to get it to do what we want is a bit tricky but possible! Thanks for trying it out!

I’ve used this for school before so I was familiar with it but it was nice to explore it again to refresh my memory 🙂

EBSCOhost was easy to use and the customers love it too! I liked it.

I’m glad we’re doing this database training. Thanks

I really like the opportunity to finally be able to have an opportunity to play around and learn to use the databases like EBSCOhost so that we can teach our customers to learn to use this valuable library resource, especially our customers who are going to school.


Adrian @ HB

Ready for the next lesson to take on. The databases seem fairly simple to use and I love the slider for the range of time for articles or journals.

The search for Science News for Kids was not too bad, sometimes I find it a bit convoluted with other publications.

I had no idea that this database allowed one to read a magazine from cover to cover, so I’m definitely going to take a closer look at that publications list when I have time. I discovered that sometimes selecting the most important phrases is better than putting in a lot of detail because it took me several tries to locate that E-rate article! The translation feature offers a fun way to test your reading comprehension in another language (question: is a it a vetted translation or automated?) Didn’t see the “listen” option that someone else referred to. Finally, I searched “San Jose Public Library” expecting to see a list of articles “about” the library, but what came up first was a number of articles by SJPL staff.

Very easy to use with some interesting features.

Ken Nadeau is from Edenvale!

getting the hang of it still. thanks.

Great tool.

Das ist wunderbar. Ein werkzeug Bibliothekar sollte jeder nutzen und gemeinsam mit kunden und vor allem studenten. Ich will mehr zu erkunden an diesem abend mit einem schönen Spätburgunder!

For some For some reason when I click “comment,” much of the left half of this page disappears (including this portion where I am typing now). This makes it difficult to see what I am doing. I have decided to type this in Word and past it into the page. I enjoyed the first exercise and will likely use Ebsco Host in the future.

The AN numbers corresponding to the articles for the first assignment are as follows:
1. AN 16PU2519444625
2. AN 47150357
3. AN 48869774 and AN 48869775

This is happening because you are using IE6. Please use Firefox or IE7 or any other web browser and the comments will not be cut off.

Andy Paul from WG

I had fun doing these exercises. I liked that in the first exercise I could convert Euros and dollars on the same site before I (or my customer) decided to put an order in. I know for me, buying a copy of the 2009 LPO Vendors list costs a lot more money than my piggy bank has at the moment so I’ll just suggest the library purchase it. And I haven’t read Science News For Kids in a long time. It brought back memories.

Great question nice and simple

I like it. It was easy to use.

I didn’t know there was a new element on the Periodic Table!

Well those were easy! Sounds like India is raking in the $$$ on outsourcing.

Technically speaking, we don’t have an entry point that’s exactly called “EBSCO Research Databases”, so I guess “Academic Search Premiere” is a good starting point for most of these. Should/can we have one big “search all EBSCO databases” access point on our databases page? You can search ’em all once you’re in EBSCO, after all.

While the Publication Tab is nice for that issue by issue browsing, you sort of have to know which database has a particular periodical before you can make efficient use of it. (Might’ve made it too easy tipping us off to use Science Ref Center) If you don’t know this in advance, you can switch the databases you’re searching to “All” and run a search for the publication to identify which database has it. Then go back to the Publication Tab for browsing, if you like that format.

I see, that is why it was confusing for me. I went to Academic Search Complete link, and what did other people do? There is no link Ebscohost from A-z list of databases…

Nice. I’ll use it more often.

Nice. I’ll use it more often. TC

I really like the Ebsco research, it is extremely helpful for students of any age to do research. I find it pretty easy to use and even easier to explain and teach others to use the database. It’s a great way to find information that is difficult to find a hard copy of; I love the feature that you can key word search to get to the exact information that you need.

-Cathy Phung
Berryessa Branch 09

I thought that I am pretty professional in using Ebsco databases. But…. shame on me! I could not locate Science News for Kids periodical in the list of periodicals.
There is only Science News – a periodical for adults…? I tried typing in the title in the search line and search as the name of publication and still no results. Oh, well…
Also I found pretty annoying that Ebsco now offers you the words when you start typing first letters of a key word. It maybe very misleading, even helpful when you have a trouble spelling your key words 🙂

Well, I am replyinjg to myself, because I just realized that the directions for going to Ebsco databases were a little confusing. I started to search Academic Search Complete database and what were other people searching? Was it Ebscohost Mobile or something else?

Thanks, this was fun! This really is an amazing collection of databases, and for some patrons, the only way that they’re going to learn how to navigate them is through one of us showing them the way.

I think that the addition of components such as Visual Search and the image/video collections are especially great for younger students who are used to the instant visual gratification of online searching. By showing them how to use the various features of our databases instead of simply punching something into Google, we (and their teachers) can rest assured that they’re looking at higher-quality results.

basic search is easy to use and I use it frequently. It was was good to use other and new ways to search for more complex questions. I didn’t realize you could see entire magazines.

Super easy,interesting,
I’m glad we’re doing this database training! Its such a concise and easy way to learn about all the features for each database.

Azar Hatami is from Edenvale!

I really like the Ebsco research, it is extremely helpful for students of any age to do research. I find it pretty easy to use and even easier to explain and teach others to use the database. It’s a great way to find information that is difficult to find a hard copy of; I love the feature that you can key word search to get to the exact information that you need.

-Cathy Phung

Berryessa Branch 09

When I’ve showed patrons this database, they especially like learning how to use the different limiting options on the right. They don’t necessarily think to use them without prompting, but it makes sense to them as soon as they see someone else doing it.

Easy to use, great resource for customers, esp for homework help when they are told they need to have a certain number of references.

me at RG!!!!

EBSCOhost is one of the databases that I use most frequently in my studies as it seems to be one of the most inclusive and extensive available. The interface is also fairly intuitive; I wouldn’t consider myself an expert but I’ve never had any real problems using this database.

Rosegarden. completed on 4-7-10.

One problem that I noticed is that it takes sooooo long for the EBSCOhost search engine to find the articles. In the fast-paced world we live in, having it take this long would probably just make a patron inclined to “google” or “wiki” it and have the info at their fingertips faster. I can see how this would be beneficial to someone in the field of research who is committed to taking the time to access the information they are seeking, but most people want the “quick-fix” type answers.

This was quite informative. It will be very useful 🙂

Very easy to use

I think Ebscohost is fine. I’m being nit-picky, but I prefer the term “journal title” or “periodical” compared to “source”. I also think that the advanced search option gives great options as a librarian, but to the average user it can be overwhelming.

Daisy from the fabulous Innovation Unit. This was fun – thanks for motivating me to play with our databases more.

I love it. It’s very useful and search into detail info.

This database is very useful for our customers as well as staff members

I Love Ebsco! I will surely remember this database when I need to write research papers

Little confusing in getting started. Needed a little help. Finally got the hang of it and was able to find the answers to the questions. Needed the whole hour to do. Would have liked a little more time to maneuver through the data base and view the video.

Very useful tool! First assignment was simple enough.

Very useful database. I can surely use this for school related projects, and I can see this being very helpful to our patrons as well as our staff.

I appreciate the training. I especially liked seeing the Science News for Kids article called Earthquake Shortens Day.

Sweet database! Moderate learning curve. Pretty easy to get used to if you’re just learning, and plenty of advanced features for the search savvy.

oscar delgado – EAST BRANCH

The Ebso cross-database search is great for patrons seeking simplicity but can sometimes bog down in terms of speed. It’s a good start for our training, thanks!

Did it! Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to the upcoming sessions.

It was ok, not that easy to use. May be I just need to spend little more time on it.

I need more variety in my working life — so I’m going to try to get through the 13 weeks of learning!

I’m glad we’re being encouraged to familiarize ourselves with our databases. this should prove to be much fun. Yeah!

There is a lot to learn. I will try to spend more time on this.

Ken Shockley is from Edenvale!

This is great! Thanks!

This is great! Thanks!

Oops! Forgot to post branch name….

Very useful to know database. I appreciate the training.

Most fun I’ve had all week. Played with the translation feature in Science News for Kids, too!

It’s pretty easy to use. The tutorial was good. I don’t use it as much as I should. I need to use it more to get comfortable.

It’s always nice to learn something new. Thank you for giving us the chance to learn.

I really liked this. It was very helpful, and I will use it in the future.

adding my branch.

Great database training, easy to use and learning somthing new. I like the search options.

Thanks for offering this opportunity to learn something new!!!

We’re getting more frequent earthquakes this year. Make me wonder about the 2012 movie and comments

This was a great refresher for the Ebsco training we receieved last year. The databases are a valuable resource, even if underutilized.

The instructions are not very user friendly… I hope next weeks is easier for me to figure out

EBSCOhost is pretty good as a reference utility. The database has a lot of great functions for narrowing searches. The sliding bar for narrowing searches by publication date was particularly impressive. I didn’t really need to use the tutorial since I was already familar with the database though.

The site itself is rather slow; response times could be a bit faster. The drop down menus on the top bars took a while to respond to mouse-over. In terms of layout and design the site is really cluttered and can be quite confusing for users. The database has some problems with responsiveness in some cases as well. The top menu bar options, for example “subjects” or “publications” did not respond to clicking or mouse-over in several instances. When the drop down menus on the top menu bars did work, the menus would remain active for a long time after the mouse cursor was pulled away from it.

Graphically, there are some clipping problems as well; frames half showing up inside side bars and other issues. The page seems to have some compatibility issues with internet explorer and also firefox.

nice and simple.

Felt a little lost for a second or two, but I found the articles. Ready for week 2.

It would have been nice if their was a link to the EBSCO database. I went through the databases looking for it and couldn’t find it. I ended up using the search at the top of the databases page on the websites to open it.

I was able to find what it asked for. Now I know something else to help customers with.

I had no idea the exercises could be so useful and fun at the sametime.

Great database training, very easy to use!!

EHost works fine … intuitive, wide coverage, fast retrieval.

Mike Dines from WG

Searchng the EBSCO was easy; except to get to this comments box was maddening because the left half of the text was cut off. I had to get advice to open this delight database in Mozilla. Can someone tell me why this happened? Do I always have to go to Mozilla first before I can get to the comments?

Tim Abney from WG

This is a great refresher on using EBSCOhost. It was very easy to find the articles, and I loved Science News for Kids. Lots of fun info for children! I’m looking forward to exploring more databases in the weeks to come.

The layout of directions for this exercise is NOT USER FRIENDLY!!!! I spent 45 minutes in FRUSTRATION trying to figure out what the first step was and got stuck in EBSCO Mobile. Arrrghhhh Finally, one of our branch’s kind librarians took pity on me and helped me begin again. When I found the appropriate database and article for this exercise it was great! Please please please rewrite the design of future directions so it is user friendly. I can tell you that I hung in there for an 1 1/2 hrs, but most public customers would give up after 5 minutes and go to the Service Point for help.

Too easy! 🙂

Jeff Alford from WG

This was easy to use. I searched in both EBSCOhost and in the SJPL databases to EBSCOhost Mobile and was able to come up with the same articles through via different paths. Enjoyed learning about the varied searches in EBSCOhost!!!


This was very exciting to use.

The exercises are a fun way to get started, but exploring on my own is even more fun! It was good to take a refreshing look at the tutorials so I remember to refer others to them.

It took a while to figure out what I was doing, but eventually things sort of made sense.

I never used the Publications tab to look up a known source — very cool 🙂

Oops sorry — MLK Reference Unit

Thanks for pointing out the ‘Publications’ tab. I will use this feature in the future.

How do I insert an image in that little design box on my comment?

With the assistance of my colleagues, I have arrived! Thank you.

I enjoyed the exercises for Week One. It was not difficult to locate the articles/publications.

The database can load a bit slow at time. I wonder if my patience would implode if I was still using a dial-up connection.

This seems very similar to the SJSU Academic Search Premier databases. I think they’re the same thing so it all seems a bit familiar. Narrowing to periodicals was new to me, though.

I use this a lot but didn’t know about the pub. tab. Very useful.

I’ve used it before so this was not very new to me. I really love the system and am glad we have such a useful resource!

Wow! That brought back some memories from doing research in college. Easy to use, and great that it can be accessed from home.

These tutorials are really helpful. So many resources available for us and the public.

The database itself seemed a bit more attractive to me at first due to the fact that all of the options such as emailing the article, printing the article, etc were all in visual graphics. However, all of the search options and the tabs on the sides can be a bit distracting after a while– not to mention that it makes the database appeared somewhat complicated to access at first glance. Other than that, it’s pretty much similar to every other databases that I’ve visited such as the ACS, etc.

I am so pleased we are having this training, I think it will help all the staff. It’s fun too, and we need a little fun right now.

It’s so much easier to find what you are exactly looking for when using the “choose databases” and “search options” functions, rather than just using the basic search option. laura

The system is very helpful and convenient for us as well as our patron. Love this excercise although my brain kind of hurt hehe Jk. =P

Malisa is from PA

The breakdown of the catalog was easy to understand. Hopefully more patrons will be more involve, thanks to this catalog. O_o


Good first week – I love the Science magazine article about frogs.

Never used alot of EBSCO in the past but it can be a very effective database. I’m also a sucker for anything with an
online tutorial that can answer the basic questions.

Peter Becerra is from Edenvale!

I enjoyed the Week 1 excercises. It’s fun to find article through EBSCO database. Especially, I like the databse provides in several other langues not only English. I hope ESL students use more often.

That was fun! I appreciate being scheduled time to explore SJPL’s resources. I took the tutorial for Public Libraries and learned that Ebsco has an “Images” search function. Very cool!

It is nice to use and the different features of EBCOhost. I did the exercise. It did not take much time once I got started.

Question 1.

Find, using Basic Search, an article or press release which helps you figure out where to purchase a copy of the 2009 Top Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Vendors.

Answer 1

2009 Top Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Vendors, Black Book Survey Results Full Text Available M2PressWIRE, 02/11/2010; (AN 16PU2519444625)

Question 2.
Find a 2009 article discussing the response by the American Library Association (ALA) to potential rule changes to the federal E-rate program.

In the Basic Search Query I entered-
ALA Response to potential rule changes to the federal E-rate program 2009

This was 1 of many articles

Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy. “Library Group Balks At E-Rate Changes.” Education Week 29.13 (2009): 4. Professional Development Collection. EBSCO. Web. 9 Apr. 2010.

Question 3.

Locate and browse the most recent issue of Science News for Kids. (One method is to use the Publications Tab and search for the title in the Science Reference Center Publications listing. ) This feature is super useful and under-utilized right now, so please give it a try.

Answer 3

The 3/22/10 on-line edition of Science News for Kids was the most recent issue I came across and there was an interesting article regarding the Chilean earthquake.

Ornes, Stephen. “FOR KIDS: Earthquake Shortens The Day.” Science News for Kids (2010): 1. Primary Search. EBSCO. Web. 9 Apr. 2010.

EBCOhost is what I use for my research papers. I love this database!

I loved the examples for us to search. I attended the training for EBSCO host, but these search exercises were more helpful in getting us acquainted with the databases than a demonstration. I have used the database with customers but I wasn’t very comfortable with the interface because of the way we link to the database page. I couldn’t figure how to get to the advanced or basic search page. This time I think I have a better idea of how to reach the search page. I also often get confused with the enormous search results. It’s a little daunting to try to figure how to limit search results. The examples were so specific that it was interesting to find only one answer.

A little confusing at first, but got use to navigating the page. Similar to many resource databases. Great for finding peer reviews for research papers.

Hello EBSCOhost! Week #1 comment
I remember a former version of this database. I used it all the time.
Deborah Sandell AL

Very user-friendly once you get used to the layout. I’ve never used EBSCO before, but the Basic Search is fairly intuitive.

-Sarah Thornton

it was okay, kind of confussing…

I found EBSCOhost to be very helpful and easy to use. There weren’t any proplems with searching what i was looking for. The training was informative and helped to learn the different uses and settings on the website.

This database was fairly easy to navigate. The feature I love the most from this database is the Science News for Kids Publications. The site that it lead to had such diverse, important, up-to-date, and understandable articles and information for kids to read. I would definitely recommend this to the customers as well as make use of the site myself.

Quan Che is from Edenvale!

I liked this introduction to the databases as I haven’t had much experience with them. Interesting to learn about the effects the earthquake in Chile had.

I could get the hang of it with more time, but these databases feel stuck in the past as far as searching goes. It’s like trying to start a hand crank Morris Minor while using Google, Yahoo, or Bing is like driving a modern-day BMW.

Adam, you are absolutely correct. The searching style for these resources has a ton of options and can feel really outdated. Even though sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing also have these advanced search features, they’re often not necessary because the basic search works so well. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with subscription databases. The advanced search is powerful, but it would be great if that power was transferable to the basic search that is more often used. It’s probably even more maddening to think that the way they work now is a HUGE improvement over how they were 5 years ago. And don’t even ask about 10-20 years ago… Dialog, anyone? :}

I have use this before at SJSU for various classes. It’s very useful.

I liked it was fairly easy to use. Will be useful in helping patrons.

This was pretty easy.
I’ve used EbscoHost in the past, but today I learned some new tricks. And read a pretty intersting article about gender-flipping frogs.

Seemed fairly straight foward and quite enjoyable.
I read the half rooster, half hen article.

This was a helpful resource! I look forward to being of some help to others here at Tully.

Enjoyed the Science News for Kids article on the Chilean earthquake — now i can blame all of my late reports to the City Manager’s Office on the loss of 1.26 microseconds per day. Phew!

I found the “Subject” & “Publication” tab particularly helpful. Prior to this tutorial I would only use the search method, now I have more options to find information. Thanks for bringing that helpful hint to my attention!

As “easy” and “intuitive” as the EBSCOhost was supposed to be,
World Book is ridiculously easier. It’s better and I found the answers in seconds. I’ll actually use this for my own research if I need a database.

It’s a good general information database. First page is clean like Google. Special features are only a click away from first page. I think customer looking for book in question 1 will not want to order from India for $2500.

EBSCO Host is a pretty powerful resource although it can take a little time to get use to the various search techniques and terminology. Ed @ AB

Although EBSCO is a powerful research tool, it does take some time to get use the the various search techniques and terminologies. Ed

World Book is very intuitive and also user friendly. Unlike EBSCOhost, the information is a lot easier to locate because of visual aids and side tabs with genres or points of interests. I think World Bok is a great electronic resource and should be promoted to our customers ASAP.

Jaspal Sidhu is from PA

Enjoyed exploring EBSCO. I have used it previously, but now have my OWN folder and some options chosen in MyEBSCOhost.

Stephanie Budros (AB)
-good information, thanks!

I like it. It’s cool. I used the kids search section. It provide detail and easy to understand informations. Thank you.

Searching the World Book was quick. The search box at the top is easy to overlook.

Tim Abney > WG

Cool! Ready for week 3!


Good information.
Week 2

Great! Very interesting!

It was interesting. I learn alot using this database.

For some reason, I can’t find my comments so here it is.

The exercise was very helpful in reinforcing what I have already learn.

He has been assign and finish the exercise. For some reason, his comments are not on here. I just want him to get the credit.

Khuong is from PA

Again, he has done the excercise and try to put in the comments, however, it did not show up. Making sure he gets the credit.

Mika was using Interent Explorer and it did not allow her to leave a comment. So I’m leaving a comment for her. She said it was difficult but she learn alot.

Bo was not able to log in his comment last week using internet explorer. He was able to learn a lot using the database. He hope it will help him answer some customer questions using it.

big_maib at Pearl Avenue. 1st week training is delight, even though it’s scary and confused at the first step because it looks like too much information to follow.

Nice and easy to use, learned some cool stuff on the Science news for Kids. I won’t be getting a pet tarantula, that’s for sure.

very useful both for parents and students

Fun! It is a powerful tool for students.

intimidating at the beginning,
but got the hang of it towards the end.

Oops, I forgot to put my location.

This is fairly easy to use.

Finally getting to work on Database Delight. I’ve used most of the features in the EBSCO database before. Some links and buttons could be more readily apparent, but it’s a great basic place to start searching for information.

It’s great tool. My kids used the tutor online. They like it. Just the waiting time is bit long. Thank you.

I enjoyed EBSCO looking for information in periodicals, books and videos. I also try the Spanish version, and I found it very useful.

(week 1)

I really enjoyed EBSCO because the set up was very organized and easy to understand. I was also able to find information in a faster amount of time. It is great that there is a specific gearing toward kids. I found this database very useful.

Cool ready for week 5.

This is a great resource for students and adults. I frequently refer my patrons to it.

nice database, patrons will love it. Friendly UI, quick respond.

Helpful. It just one thing they don’t have math practice test for 1st-3rd grade. Wk#5@EB

Very user friendly with a multiplicity of uses–something for almost everyone.

This one is very nice

I often refer customers to this because of the broad content. Interface could be better, especially if customers want to use it on their own.

I always use EBSCO for Consumer Reports… they have articles in PDF form! wooot! Angie- SA

Remember to use the publication tab is very helpful.

This database is very simple to use. I used it a lot during my college year at SJSU writing research papers or preparing a presentation

This is a pretty good source for information if you don’t know which of the more specific databases you can use.

I tried looking up a few neurodegenerative diseases after the assignment and thought the database did a good job of having articles that covered the broader concepts and mechanisms but I would definitely need to use a more specific database for real research.

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