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Week 2: World Book Student

Posted on: April 8, 2010

World Book Student, the redesigned and upgraded version of World Book Online Reference Center, includes the articles of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, thousands of editor-selected Web sites, correlations to curriculum standards, and much more.  Articles, links and activities of use to parents  and school age children, grade 6 & up.  Educators Tools includes correlations from World Book content to state curriculum, links to lesson plans and activities, and professional education links.

World Book Student

  • Includes both Basic & Advance search screens.
  • Search for IMAGES & VIDEOS by title or in the atlas.
  • Search for CONTENT by subject, alphabetically, or in the dictionary.

World Book Kids, also available to SJPL customers has similar content is similar to World Book Student,  is more appropriate for  children, Grade 3 to 6  and uses pictures along with the search function to locate information.

World Book Student and World Book Kids are accessible inside SJPL libraries and outside of the library with a San Jose Library card number and PIN.  (Also accessible from the OPAC computers, though you cannot save or print from these PCs.)

World Book Customer Training is also available.

Discovery Exercises:

  1. Find a map showing the volcanoes which make up the Ring of Fire
  2. Sanaa is the capital of what country?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!


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Erica Lopez

1-This map shows the Ring of Fire, a zone of intense volcanic and earthquake activity. It lies along the edge of the Pacific Ocean, stretching from New Zealand northwest to the Philippines, northeast to Japan, east to Alaska, and south along the west coast of North America and the Andes Mountains of South America. The Ring of Fire has more than half the world’s active volcanoes.
2. Yemen

I LOVE WORLD BOOK! Seriously. I do. = )

The world book database is so awesome and easy to use. I learned something new from this week # 2 assignment… It’s so cool, and I like it it…

I think The World Book Database is wonderful!

This is so easy to use. I think I am going to enjoy referring my customers to the databases.

Very cool! It was easy to use.

This database is extremely user friendly and easy to search.
Most of all, it is well-organized. The kids/teen can easily get the results without having much frustration.

Since WorldBook has two versions. One for student, one for kids. I noticed on the Homework Help for Kids page ( see link below)

On the right side,the link directs to both. I think it might be clear for kids if they can see the link directs to World Book Kid specifically.

Also on A-Z database list, currently there are two entries. I suggest to indicate the grade level e.g. Grade 3 to 6 , grade 6 & up.


week #2
This is soooo cooooool
and easy.
Sanaa, «sah NAH» (pop. 1,947,139), is the capital and largest city of Yemen. It lies in the western part of the country in a fertile district of a mountainous region. The city is an economic, political, religious, and educational center of Yemen. Its name is sometimes spelled Sana.

That’s a great idea – that would make it easier for customers to figure out which database to use. I’ll discuss with Brian and include it on the list of database-list changes we’re trying to implement. Thank you!

Wow! This is so much better than the old book sets! I will definitely start showing customers (particularly students and parents) this resource. I will also be having my older son start using this for reports. Nice!

This is a great resource. I especially like that you can double click any word and it will be defined. I learned something new today because I always thought the capital was Haifa.

Very cool!

Andy Paul from WG

The world book is awesome. Easy to use for quick info about anything! I was wondering if there was a link to access it from the home library page?

Ok, I found the link! Under student resources in the database section.

Tracy Wilderman from WG

1. Wasn’t able to locate it by browsing Maps by title, or checking Maps in Advanced Search. However, a basic phrase entry turned it right up!
2. Super kid friendly — easy to search and find quickly 🙂

This is extremely easy to use! I like that in the entry for Sanaa you can listen to the correct pronunciation. I also like that you can double click on any word to get a definition. I’m sure that would be very helpful to kids!!

I will definitely be using this and/or suggesting it to the kids that come into the branch for help on a school report since it seems really easy to nagivate!

This is a database (I’m embarrassed to admit!) that I have not used before. I will be using it more now. Aside from the questions in the exercise, I searched a few subjects such as “glass” and I really like the degree to which the ‘article contents’ panel really breaks down all of the sub sections of the article. Makes it very quick and easy to scan! Also, the video and audio clips are a great addition!

Worldbook online is one of my favorite student resources when working with K-12 students.

It also comes in handy when a specific letter of our print encyclopedia has already been checked out.

Wow! This was really easy to understand and use. It will be a breeze to catch on to and start showing customers how to use. I know parents and kids will love it because they are always upset that the 2010 copies of world book can not be checked out. I know this will be another great thing that will make people love the library even more and make it more helpful to our customers.

Good Job!

I found the database to be super easy to use and navigate. I loved the catagories listed on the side as an easy way to find the map and other seperated topics. I also love the tool box at the top where you can highlight terms to find later and double-click to define the words. It made things so much easier and will be an awesome resource for the future!

Not sure if we’re supposed to answer the questions here, but here it is anyway:

Copy pasta’d from the map for question 1: This map shows the Ring of Fire, a zone of intense volcanic and earthquake activity. It lies along the edge of the Pacific Ocean, stretching from New Zealand northwest to the Philippines, northeast to Japan, east to Alaska, and south along the west coast of North America and the Andes Mountains of South America. The Ring of Fire has more than half the world’s active volcanoes.

Question 2: Yemen

Wow, these databases are more useful than wikipedia..

Yes, and many teachers won’t let students use wikipedia as a source… so this is a great alternative.

A very good resource for kids and teachers. I like how it has lesson plans and the standards it covers. Very helpful. The search could be more intuitive.

I wish this databse was available to me when I went through High School. Using the “advanced search” with the “check” option really get you the map you want.

This was very easy to use, which is fitting for the target audience. And the fact that customers can access this from home is great.

Very easy to use! I liked the trivia quizzes and “surf the ages.” The biography section was pretty good too–more information than I expected but written in a readable style. I will suggest this site to students!

This was easy and fast.

This is a very user friendly site. Very fun, colorful, and would make homework time a lot more fun for both kids and parents

Sanaa is the capital of Yemen. Do you think of Johnny Cash was thinking of the Pacific Plate when he wrote Ring of Fire?!

This is a wonderful resource for people of all ages! I like the images search too. The maps of the “Ring of Fire” was very nice. Looking up the “Sanaa” questions was so simple! I like how the citation to the article is at the bottom too. Even the younger students are being asked to site their sources, so this is very helpful. I especially like that we have this in electronic form and it’s always up to date, unlike the print versions.

Really liked using the World Book database. In searching for the map, on the side bar it gives you choices for Encyclopedia articles, maps, back in time articles and special reports which made finding the map super easy. Also, the quizzes are lots of fun – how much do you know about dinosaurs or the seasons?

Well I’ve never used a World Book Online version before but I like all of the colorful graphics on the site. Some of the topics were explained in a pretty straight-forward manner. Like many have commented, the citation feature were pretty helpful too– even though I don’t know which format it was formulated in. I might use it one of these day if I need some basic information on a particular topic which I have no clues of 🙂

I liked the videos they had available on the site as well as the added feature of quizzes and activities. I reccomend this site to kids as often as possible because of all the extra features.

I like it!

This is a fun and easy way to learn. I think it is great tool for kids, as well as adults like you and me who wants to get quick facts about….. anything.

I am not totally convinced with this online version of World Book. Even though, it has current headlines and articles that could be for homework assignments. It is limited in the amount of information that articles contain. I was really disappointed with Spanish version, Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos which lacks substantial informational articles which our student customers are requesting. As far as World Book Kids, it contain very basic information for younger kids. I am not sure that our elementary level student customers would find information in this database that they need for their homework assignments. However, it has some nice suggestions for activities (craft & science related0 that kids can do at home, though. Adrian-HB

This is most definitely very simple to use, not sure if it’s easier than just doing a search on a internet search engine, but definitely a more reliable source. I think younger elementary children can find this very useful. Hadn’t used this w4ebsite before. Good to learn more about it.

It’s good to know Sanaa is a capital of Yemen. I also like that I can listen to how pronounce the word “Sanaa.” I didn’t recognize any difference between world book student and world book kids. But it’s really cool database. You don’t need big, thick and heavy books anymore. Yehhhh!!

The World Book Student is really easy to use and it was really helpful that it had a suggested article citation format.

“There are 350 historically active volcanoes in the Ring of Fire”

Cloos, Mark. “Ring of Fire.” World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Thur. 8 April 2010.

“Sanaa is the capital and largest city of Yemen”

Landen, Robert Geran. “Sanaa.” World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Thur. 8 April 2010.

Wow, covers only about 1 percent of the earth’s surface yet it has more than half the world’s active volcanoes. That’s impressive. I hope I remember that if I’m ever on Jeopardy or playing Trivial Pursuit.
I would never have guessed Yemen.
World Book in print or online is such a wonderful resource. I’m glad we have it.

I agree with Adrian. World Book articles are brief, often briefer than than the print version.
World Book Student is easy to use and the web format does a lot better in terms of collating related information than the print volumes could.
Better than Wikipedia? Well, that depends…

Yes; in my experience, some of the print content is longer and has more details than the online version. However, many teachers don’t let students reference wikipedia at all for projects… so this provides one source that students can feel confident about referencing.

i remember when SJPL first subscribed to World Book online. My daughter – then in grade school – loved using it for school. The database has continually improved since then. i love the ease and simplicity of using it. Plus parents can learn from it, too – as well as adults whose first language isn’t English.

Great database – I refer customers many times a week. Our SJSU intern made a terrific bookmark/handout that we display right next to the print volumes of World Book. If you’d like a soft copy, let me know and I’ll email to you.

I found the web site very easy to use. I was able to find the two things they wanted me to look up with much ease. this is a great web site for students!

practice makes perfect. That is how I feel as I keep practicing with week #2

I had to reply to comment because scrolling down the page, everything move to the left. I was unable to just click on comment. Anyways, am I too late for week 2 ??

The comments keep moving to the left if you’re using IE6. Please try using Firefox or another browser…

I really like this database. Its very user-friendly for both teens and kids. Its also fun to just browse through for interesting facts!

Rosegarden branch.

This is very user friendly and contains quite a bit a valuable info for students and their parents. I’m glad we have this resource because I will be able to refer patrons to this website, especially when the World Book encyclopedias are checked out or kept in the reference section.

Week #2 World Book Student/Kids
This database was very user-friendly and I liked the way we could navigate around the site. It even helps students cite their sources properly.
Deborah Sandell AL

I use this database with customers often. The research skills part of the website is also helpful for students, especially when all your “how to write a research paper” books are already checked out!

This database is always my favorite to demonstrate to kids. For example, all of our local kids are doing Gold Rush projects right now. Since all of our books are wiped out, I’ve been showing this to the kids and pointing out the extra features like magazine articles, photos, videos, etc.

I never really looked through the “Activities!” section in World Book Kids until now…Very cool! It has topics ranging from poetry-writing to making ice cream in a bag.

I greatly enjoyed using both World Book Student and World Book Kids. This is a user-friendly database – I am looking forward to referring it to customers!

Very user friendly!

I found this database to be extremly helpful. I liked that the database had pictures that related to the subject. This would be helpful to younger students in their reseach projects and reports.

This is good resource for kids. The exercise was user freindly. It also has a variety of other topics as well.

Very easy to use. I just typed in both subjects in search field and found answers real quick and easy. Kid friendly research site,.

Sanaa is the capital of Yemen

This database is my favorite so far. I especially appreciate the educator’s tools portion of the website. I will definitely use this personally as well as share it with library patrons.

Jessica Guidotti from WG

The “Ring of Fire” map and accompanying article was great reading, and it runs right near San Jose.
Be sure and emphasize the second syllable of Sanaa, an ancient city.

There is tons of volcanoes in ASIA!!!

EB staff

Sanaa is the capital of Yemen! 🙂 This database is extremely organized which makes it easy to navigate. I especially enjoyed the colorful designs and pictures next to each search category. I have now found a useful database for children to help with their geography reports.

Quan Che @ EN

Wow I really enjoyed this lesson! I will definitely be using the World Book tool in my spare time! Love the word definition feature!

I really enjoyed this database. I’m sure that children will find this very helpful with their research.

An interesting database.

Done 🙂

Sanaa, «sah NAH» (pop. 1,947,139), is the capital and largest city of Yemen.

I’ve shown this database often to kids and their parents.
The parents really like the “Study Skills” links to preparing a research paper, book report, and preparing a speech, etc…

I find that many of the “Books to Read” at the end of the World Book articles are in our system. The website links and other magazine/periodical articles are hit and miss in relation to the World Book article due to the topic of the newspaper/magazine being too narrow in scope to be useful to the student.

The bright visuals and overall user friendly operation should be attractive to young users.

Super Amazing!!!!!

I am enjoying this very much!

This was very easy to use and pull up information fast.

nnnnnnnnnnvery useful stuff, and not complicated at all. Better than the other one.

Pricilia Rodriguez is from Edenvale!!

World book was easy to use. I just used the search to find the answers to the discovery questions.

After looking up the answers to the questions, I looked up the front page again. thought there are option of ways to find content, searching would seem the easiest.

the front page offers a lot of stuff, like a biography center, and recent articles. Looks really nice. I believe it would be a nice database to send patrons to.

I’m so happy to see World Book’s online products have improved a great deal in recent years. This is an online product I can turn to with as much confidence as I do their print encyclopedia.

It’s really good to use World Book Student with younger students. but it’s just as easy to use wikipedia for older ones. For Sanaa, WBS states,”…Its founding date is unknown.” That is unsatisfactory.

What a cool product. Finally I can be smarter than my kids.

Carol Valentine, Access Services, Week 2. Finding the Country by entering the name of the capitol was easy, but finding the map of the volcanoes required using an advanced search that looked for all of the entered words.

I tried to search for the Ring of Fire after going to the atlas first and was frustrated that I couldn’t type in the name and search that way. So I tried searching images by title and was again frustrated that I had to browse for it.

But the layout on the home page looks very student-friendly, organized the way they would need it. So maybe it’s my problem, being an old-fogey librarian, and not the database’s!

It was fun to use the advanced search to search my birthday and see what happened. I didn’t get much (just one politician’s birthday) and, no, I’m not saying who! But the advanced search page is overwhelming with options and I wonder how kid friendly it is.

It’s nice to have World Book Student & World Book Kid to refer to in addition to Wikkipedia!

Easy- not as easy as cracking open a print World Book but this is a good product to get to keep in mind especially if the print version may not be available. And it’s another resource to send kids to for their biography homework.

This is a great resource for our young patrons. It’s very helpful with the pictures, videos, and articles.

I was stuck looking for the volcano map on World Book Kids, then I realized I was suppose to look for it on Student.

Pretty easy to use and very informative.

fast and easy.

This will be great to refer young patrons to. Very straight-forward and user friendly.

This was so easy to use. I would love to just navigate and read everything. I want to tell my niece and nephews about this site.

I love World Books! I want to point out some other features I really like- the “Explore” menu lets you search specific items like explore California, US and other countries (great 1st stopping point for state and country reports, especially if your branch is out of books).

Also the Research menu has a citation builder for MLA and APA formats, which is handy for teaching teens how to cite sources, and timelines for posterboards and reports.

That’s a really good tip, Jane. Thanks!

I like the fact that they suggest a format for citing each article. Even kids who know how to cite books usually don’t know how to cite an article.

I am from the Pearl Branch library and my name is Priscilla. I didn’t realize the Ring of Fire spanded so long. That is cool that Spaan is the capitol of Yemen. I think it is great to have our library staff learn by going through these week by week to see how we can better help our public. I found this week very fun and informative.

Priscilla is from PA

I like the “Double-click a word to define it” feature. It is very useful and makes it faster to look-up a word, rather than having to go through the trouble of geting a dictionary. I also like the “Related Information” section that appears on each article – it gives the user access to more related information.

Nice interface, very easy to use! I will be recommending this database more often.

Good stuff- fun to play with, easy to use, and great resource.

This was my first experience with World Book Student/Kids.

I was impressived with the creative layouts and ease of access; what a valuable tool!

this was my first time using world book it was really easy.

Database training is really delight. I was kind of lost the 1st week, but this 2nd second week is so wonderful and helpful for the knowledge, especially for parents whose kids have school reports. Can’t wait to recommend customers to visit the site.

Mai is from PA

Database training is really delight. I was kind of lost the 1st week, but this 2nd second week is so wonderful and helpful for the knowledge, especially for parents whose kids have school reports. Can’t wait to recommend customers to visit the site.

Vey nice database! Easy to use, and perfect for first time “researches” and “explorers”. Very useful geography/map section and the citation builder tool. The only minus – it is too general, too brief, too simple sometimes…

Another informative article! Really liking this series. I’ve already recommended the databases to a few customers.

One thing that bugged me though, even if it’s already been noted, was that I couldn’t find the Ring of Fire in the Atlas, even if I could find it using a basic search. Huh.

Nancy Buckles – Edenvale Branch
Very nice database and simple to use. I also liked being able to double click on a word and get the meaning.

I looked up New York City (of course) and the maps were great. You’re given a detailed map of Lower, Middle and Upper Manhattan!

This is an excellent resource. The timeline feature is particularly useful for students.

This database is great for all ages!

The 2nd question is much easier. Yemen is the country;-). I have a hard time to locate a map for the Ring of Fire:)

Type “ring of fire map” in search field.

very easy. much funner than last week!

“and it burns burns burns…the ring of fire…”

Nice to look at this one again. I don’t use if often.

World Book is a very cool site and very easy to use. I thought the time line was a great feature.

Ken Nadeau is from Edenvale!

It was very easy to use, and I will refer it to customers.

I like the training and can’t wait for next one.

This database is great! The content is well-organized, the site is easy to use; overall an excellent all-ages reference resource. The site is also very fast loading; a big plus for students who are doing research.

This is a great database! Very easy to use!

As “easy” and “intuitive” as the EBSCOhost was supposed to be,
World Book is ridiculously easier. It’s better and I found the answers in seconds. I’ll actually use this for my own research if I need a database. (I apologize for the mistaken comment in last week’s post.)

My initial reaction to this database was the nice design and the templates. Very simple to use. The featured video is awesome too. This is a great reference tool for school age children when they are working on research papers and reports.

Ring of Fire Map found
Sanaa is the capital of Yemen

I think this is going to make thing alot easier for people to find what they need without doing tons and tons of serching.

Question 1 – I followed path of “by title” under “Images and Videos”. Clicked on browse pictures. Clicked on letter R (for ring of fire) Select RI-RI section of alphabetical list. On second page is image of Ring of Fire. It makes a circle around the edges of the Pacific Ocean.

Question 2 – In main search field i entered “capital sanaa”. Second encyclopedia article has answer in subtitle. Sanaa is capital of Yemen.

Good general encyclopedia and a favorite place to start reference searches. However, first page is too busy. Main search box is easy to find, but all the options seemed cluttered.

So easy even the customers can do this!

This is a great resource for every one,it’s fun!!


This is a favorite with many of the children and young adults here at Almaden. Uber Easy! Very straight forward without any complicated commands or protocals. Ed @ AB

Great site! Now that I know about it, I’m sure I’ll be using it often with customers. Love the maps!

Ruth Kohan, Almaden

I wish I had known about this database when I was still in school! I loved the images and information that popped up for each search. This is extremely easy to use and a very useful tool.

All databases should have the neat, easy-to-use search interface that this one has. Most database “Advanced” search screens are intimidating, but this database’s screen actually assists the search process. For example, WB’s check boxes are generally more user-friendly than the dropdown menus found in other databases. In addition, the encyclopedia articles are really easy to read with text broken into small chunks and lots of pictures. World Book Student is really a great database (or pair of databases since you can search World Book Kids from the same interface) that almost rivals Google in its simplicity.

so easy to use! it’s great

I have always enjoyed looking through The World Book, for both research and enjoyment. I know students are going to love using this book as a smart reference tool.

You mean Ring of Fire isn’t just the title of a Johnny Cash song? But seriously, as a fan of volcanos I already knew about the Ring of Fire, and how the movement of techtonic plates against each other creates the volcanos and earthquakes (the latter I can do without!). But now I know a great resource to send others to who are looking for such information (or information about other things). Very nice.

As for Sanaa, I’m surprised I never encountered that one when working crossword puzzles. If I ever do I’ll now be prepared.

Appealing to the eye. Lots of images and colors, easy to use & and there are even games (well, more like quizzes to test your brain). Which is pretty cool and can get kids to play and learn on their free time if they wanted too. =)

I really liked their search engine. I Found both of the discovery exercises in less than a minute. So far, the World Book Student is the best one.

Wonderfully accessible. This is an resource almost any child with Internet access use with little if any adult assistance.

I have always enjoyed using World Book as a reference tool and just looking through it. This is a great resource for students to use as they research topics for their assignments, and maybe even for personal interest.

Who needs big @$$ encyclopedias to lug around when you can use this neat-o resource? sweet.

World Book Student is wonderful! easy to use and a lot more options for search, very useful for everyone especially for the students and kids. I like the tool box kit..double click a word to define, save an article, save my research and e-mail an article etc.

The answers were pretty easy to find. Now that I’ve read through some of the comments, I’ll go back to see what features I missed (I was in a hurry).

Very helpful we provide so much answers to our patron. What more can they ask for?

very useful tool for research projects

great for users of all ages

I like this database for the younger crowd. I feel like the kids would find this more user friendly than the ebsco since it has images. Both of the databases so far are very useful and userfriendly, however, call me old schoo, but I do prefer EBSCO over this one. None the less, I do like this one.

Cathy, thanks for bringing up EBSCO and World Book. None of these compete with each other, really…they’re such very different resources! EBSCO is an article and journal database, while World Book is a “souped up” encyclopedia. Just as our magazines & newspapers are different than our encyclopedias in the branches, the same applies online. With our online resources (again, just like the physical ones) the important thing for staff to know is how to decide which resource or resources are the best to answer a specific customer’s question. And that’s what this training is all about! 🙂

Cathy Phung – BB

it’s very easy and useful.

Bo Li and Justen Hunter are from PA

Interesting site, easier to navigate than some of the other databases.

Easy 🙂

Not quite as easy as the print resource, but seemingly more complete! This database is good for filling in print collection gaps when helping kids with school projects.

Week 2 database items were very informative and appealing. The World Book collection seems like it is a great research reference tool to utilize when students and others need assistance in finding and/or learning more about a particular subject matter. In addition, since the appeal is very catchy online; it actually makes patrons want to utilize such a great reference tool that is earth-friendly at least (since it’s available electronically) =).

Discovery Exercises:
1) Question: Find a map showing the volcanoes which make up the Ring of Fire.
Answer: I cannot physically cut and paste the map here, but after viewing the map, there are many volcanoes part of the Ring of Fire.

2) Question: Sanaa is the capital of what country?
Answer: Yemen

Like OMG, this is like, totally awesome! Like, it is so simple and like, so easy to use!!!!

I like the ease of use and the results separated into categories.

Thanh is from PA

It is a very easy tool to use for search.

Very easy to use-delightful!

World Book Student is extremely easy to use. I found the answers in seconds!

Hey, Everyone
I was a little resistent to this training initially, but I’m developing more enthusiasm as I learn about the databases that we have! I was able to do both exercises successfully — really neat 🙂

I’m really glad that you’ve been able to explore what we have, Stephanie! It’s all about knowing our collections — both the ones in our physical buildings and in our digital space. And just think – this is only week 2!

Either this is knock-out easy to use, or the exercises were not very challenging. Both desired content popped up immediately after a simple search. So many options to choose from for more information. Oh to be K-12 student again. Homework wouldn’t be such a chore.

this was fun! Let’s do it again

very useful

Very easy to use, unlike EBSCO, and clearly geared for younger students. Great resource!

WB online has really come a long way since I last looked at it. And so easy to use — simple keyword searches did the trick — just right approach for students (and so many of the rest of us).

Sanaa is the capitol of yemen.

This is a really wonderful database to use with elementary/middle schoolers, and is especially helpful when books or encyclopedias are already checked out. I’ve used it often, and comes in handy with state reports, etc.

It was very nice. Much better than last time.

I love the Make It button located on the World Book Kids Page.
I think I’m gonna make this next week at my Kids Recycled Craft program….

This database interface is way more user friendly than the EBSCO!

I felt that the World Book Student is a very helpful resorce for children as well as parents. much better =)

I wish I had something like this when I was a kid. Excellent info all in one place and easy to use for students. The interactive atlas is also excellent, especially with its ability to show the different overlays like agriculture or population density.

The interactive atlas is awesome, Jeremy. Glad you liked it!

World Book already is an amazing resource. Having this online resource available to our public makes it so much more resourceful for patrons or students to find information they need. Awsome.

I like it, very helpful to learn. And it’s more easy to use,then EBSCO.

What a great resource!
Beautiful and interesting architecture in the picture of Sanaa.

World book is great the print version is more popular at our branch though.
Aleta Dimas @AR

Customers are always so excited when I point out that they can use this source from home. Looking towards the next fiscal year, this will be great for students with those last minute assignments, especially if their local branch may not be open that day.

Again, pleased to be assigned time to explore SJPL databases. The variety of media available on the World Book Student database is excellent and great beginning source of information for kids’ school project and reports.

cool done

That was easy.

Enjoyed working with this database once I got the hang of it. It will be a valuable resource of information that I will make a point of using.

Yeah, super user-friendly for the young ‘uns to use and gather useful info for those geographic-historical assignments, among others. Gotta remember to pass it on to those willing to explore alternatives to printed material.

I found the training to be very helpful!

It was very interesting stuff.

Manmeet is from PA

I did not know that we have this. I think this will be very useful when I’m helping someone at the information desk.

It’s a good exercise.

I found it easier to use. It is a lot more intuitive.

Jaspal is from PA

This looks like a good resource.

Worldbook’s database is better than a book. It’s fantastic

not too hard… way more complicated than just googling it though.

I wish I had that website when I was younger. It was fun and easy. I loved how the world book website is layed out. I remember using encarta. I will be sure to recomend this site.

I thought this excercise was much more user friendly than the first

I really enjoyed this one. Was user friendly.

Almost as much fun as the hard copy edition.

Wow, this is user friendly. I just learned Sanaa is the biggest city of Yemen.

Was very easy to use and got my answers within seconds using basic keywords. No need to utilize old, super detailed search methods.

The World Book database is very easy to use. Anyone wanting quick access to encyclopedic information would appreciate it.

I found out that the country was yemen in less that ten seconds. The volcano map took a little longer. I began in the World Book for Kid’s and did not find it, but, the link the for the World Book for Students was in the perfect spot. From there it was a piece of cake.

Both d/b’s are great … easy to navigate, fun to use, and useful info.

WG added to name field …

Now that’s a cool tool for staff & our customers.

Wow, the Ring of Fire is like half of the world.

Innovation Unit

I find this database incredibly easy to use. World Book also has a limited Spanish Database, World Book Hallazgos which I find very useful.

That was cool – yes, learning is COOL. I didn’t know where Sanaa was located before. I just thought “maybe someplace in Finland?”

Week #2’s exercise was so much easier than Week #1’s exercise. Week #2’s exercise was fun!

Really easy. Hopefully it is not too late to enter for this one.

One feature that always wows the kids is that they can double-click on a word and the definition/pronunciation will pop up.

Very easy to search and find info. Great for student homework assignments.

I like this program (week 2)

Another awsome library resource. I almost wana cry.

World Book can be the be all and end all for students. The information is so clear and written at the level of the grade that the student would be accessing it.

Very clear, easy to use. Glad I used it!

The “Ring of Fire” is actually a horseshoe shape of volcanos and earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean and ” Sanaa” is the capital of Yemen.

This site is so easy to use and fast. I can’t wait to show someone how to use it when we don’t have the letter they are looking for on the shelf.

East Branch Week

Usually, when I need to look stuff up for the kids, I ask them how their teacher feels about wikipedia. If they don’t respond negatively, then I look stuff for them on that, warning them that sometimes things aren’t accurate but that there’s a really intense community making sure things are, and that sometimes teachers don’t like it when students use that site as a resource.

I think I can probably substitute wikipedia with this. But only for the kids. For my own purposes, I’ll keep wiki’ing things.

This week database is excellent.

very nice databse; should be easy for students tom use

Very easy to use tool for students

This is one of the easiest and user friendly databases through my perspective. This makes it event better for students.

* Brandon Smith – BB

I especially like the feature where you can double click on a word and it’ll define it for you! 🙂

@ EN!

Zobeyda Moreno (Pearl Avenue)
April 12, 2010 at 5:21 pm

This is so easy to use. I think I am going to enjoy referring my customers to the databases.

replied under #1 above

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