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Week 3: SkillsCenter Resource Library (

Posted on: April 15, 2010

SJPL’s subscription to not only covers live homework help for academic subjects but also features resources for adult learners and job seekers.

The Adult Education and Career Center links to worksheets, tutorials, videos, study guides on: Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies (elementary to community college level), standardized tests preparation (ASVAB, GED, GRE, etc. ), citizenship, financial literacy, helping children with homework, job openings, job resources, resumes and cover letters. When you point a customer to Learning Express, also suggest SkillsCenter Resource Library.

Navigation and Orientation:

Go to SJPL Articles and Databases.  You’ll find the sites under  Education, Careers, & Testing. The SkillsCenter Resource Library is also accessible on the SJLibrary website through (1) Ask a Librarian: Live Homework Help  (click on Live Homework Help) and (2)  SJPL Research Guides: Employment. (Click on Career Center) Users outside SJPL libraries will need to sign in with barcode and pin number.

  1. On the page Welcome to the  …, scroll down the page and click on the link “watch our demo video.”
  2. Go back to the site
  3. Select Adult Education and Career Center Tab (above the welcome message) if not already in the Adult Education and  Career Center.

Discovery exercises (Live Tutor).

Select a Live Tutor category.    If the Live Tutor option is:

  • Available — explore the various options with the drop down menus for questions.
  • Not available — explore the suggested SkillsCenter Resources.

Discovery exercises (SkillsCenter).

Try these with and without the search engine. (Search engine is not intuitive – may need to browse categories)

  1. Look for  e-resumes
  2. Look for Nursing Examinations
  3. Look for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) materials.
  4. Explore the websites under  “job openings”

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!


221 Responses to "Week 3: SkillsCenter Resource Library ("

1. Watched the demo video.
2. Went back to the Learning Suite
3. Selected Adult Education and Career Center Tab.

Selected a Live Tutor category.
Not available — explored the suggested SkillsCenter Resources.

1. Found e-resumes
2. Found Nursing Examinations
3. Found GRE (Graduate Record Examination) materials.
4. Explored the websites under “job openings”

I’m impressed. Students and adult learners these days are VERY lucky!!! Great site, great resources!—-> 2 thumbs up = )

All right, I want 4 thumbs up. I’ll lend you my two thumbs 🙂

I did all of the above. I knew about the live homework help, but I never had the chance to explore it myself. Now, that I do, I find it very helpful and informative. This site is underutilized (but not anymore).

thanks for having us discover all what the SJPL databases have to offer. I will be coming back again, to really chat with a homework tutor.

I didn’t find the information on this database to be particularly easy to find. Perhaps that’s because they try to do so much. Being able to access job openings was great! It would have been better if I could fine-tune the search. But it’s a great starting point for a lot of information.

I think this database is better for one-on-one help than as a warehouse of information. I noticed that they refer you to other sites for help (,. monster jobs, etc.) instead of providing all of the info themselves. I wonder if they have evaluated the information at the other sites.

I watched the video and like that students can get live homework help. I found the other resources difficult to search for and then hoped for direct links to actual resume templates, but didn’t find that. It linked me to other websites. I did like the link to practice tests and the job openings site was easy to use.

To be honest, it was very confusing just finding this site to begin my exercise. I kept looking for a link, but it’s the Live Homework help link I needed to click on!

I was able to find an article on interview bloopers to avoid. Seems to be a very useful resource for resumes, job advice, and interview stuff, especially now. I did notice like others said that the format is a little confusing to navigate.

sometimes it is confusing

It very confusing, and it took me quite a while to finally realized that it was just ” to find” the Live Homework Help link instead of It was not easy than I though it would be.

Despite the need to redesign the site and possibly simplify, the tool set is amazing. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to access it because even though the links are big they really don’t seem clear. The links seem to make one think they are going to talk to someone as soon as the link is clicked.

Once you’re on the site, it seems a tad easier but unfortunately for our humble computers, we lack the requirements to do any of the flash options which include the tutor help and video.

After a bit of exploring the layout seems simple enough and doing a search is pretty easy. There seems to be a lot of information but it doesn’t seem very identified. I was surprised to find the job section with the links to all the jobsites because I had no idea it would be there.

Great information, Possible great tutor help (Never used it, read above), colorful site.

Confusing links, odd layout, Information not properly advertised.

Good and useful stuff

I really like the online help. It is great resource. The job search will also come in handy due to the current ecomonic situation. Thanks

I watched the video and searched for the e resumes and Nursing Test by going to Skills Center Resource Library page and searching in the links on the right. Then, I searched by using the buttons on the left side of the page under the topical areas. I explored the GRE site and found the same materials you can find on the ETS website and some practice questions from other websites. Last, I looked at websites under job openings and found useful information for patrons.

It was not intuitive that we were supposed to click on the Live Homework Help link to get to Learning Suite, but I guess that was omitted so we would try to figure it out ourselves.

I was very impressed by all the resources available on that website! I really had no idea that we had access to all those resources. This is a great tool for all customers, from any age. The video was very informative. I hadn’t had the chance to see how tutors assist students over the internet. I had wondered how they helped them with math problems…now I know! I especially like the Employment section. I will definitely recommend this to customers.

This website is hard to get to. There should be a better way — a link from the database page? A new page for the Live Homework help connection? Send your ideas to the web team. The last part of the demo video shows online database sharing — which is what we do in the library with our email, online and chat reference. How many librarians work at — maybe a source for future work?

Wow, there is SO MUCH here. Great stuff. Lucille is right, there should be a better, more obvious way to get to it.

The search function was worse than “not intuitive” — except for my e-resumes search, I found it extremely unhelpful and confusing. Browsing worked MUCH better. Maybe can improve the searchability of the site.

Didn’t know about all the job openings to be found here — great resource!

Maybe a link can be added from the “Adults and Seniors” link from the homepage proper? I agree, it’s rather hard to find now…

I found the exercises helpful. Homework help is great for all levels. It is nice that we provide assistance for people in job searching. It’s great resource.

The skills center seems to be mostly links to other web sites, but they look pretty good.
-Aleta Dimas AR

The instructions were confussing because people do not know that is connected to Live Homework Help. The instructions should be properly worded! Once you have figured it out, navigating to find your resources becomes very simple!

The web site was hard to get to.

For someone that has never used it before. After you click on Live Homework Help they might look for a link NOT the Connect to live homework help now.

Had to do the training part in internet explorer.

Then have to send comments by using mozilla firefox.

The instructions for this lesson were too confusing. I had to ask for help from a staff member.

Great resource. The pdf files were very useful in regards to the prep for standarized tests.

Much confusion here. Had to re-read most of it. (again!) I got through it but it took a lot of work.

I got through it but had to re-read most of it. is a useful tool. It is great to know that they have resources for adults.

I had a hard time figuring out how to get to the main page in the beginning. I kept looking for a link that said “” or “SkillsCenter.” I didn’t realize that clicking on “Live Homework Help” would lead me to until I clicked on it on a whim.

I thought the demo video was informative, but probably would never have found it unless told that it was at the bottom of the page.

I’m envious of the kids today who can use this tutor online tool because it would have come quite in handy if I used it while I was in school.

I used the search engine under “SkillsCenter” because it seemed easier to find what I was looking for then clicking random links that may or may not lead to the same subject.

Overall, It’s a very helpful tool to use for tutoring, but I think the SkillsCenter needs some refining when searching for terms or using links.

Great resource. I found it easy to use. Thamks!

I definitely love the fact that this Skills Center Resource includes resources for adults needing help with job searching, resumes and other career related topics, not just resources for our traditional customers of elementary school, high school and college students to help them with their educational efforts. The layout and format that this resource is presented is clear and easy to use. I will highly recommend it to our customers when doing outreach.

Great resource. I found VERY it easy to use.

It’s coool!!
I didn’t know is also helping college students and adults. It is really good to know. There are tremendous resources in adult education and career center. I could find any information whatever I searched. I liked the infomational books were directly connected to our online catalog so that I could check the books were available or not in our system.

These exercises were pretty easy. I had a bit of a hard time finding the databases on our site (without clicking the links). The databases are very easy to navigate once you’re in and valuable resources to our community. I might even I will definitely be sharing this info with our new job search assistance volunteer.

Andy Paul from WG

great resources!

Carmen Candelaria is from Edenvale! 🙂

Thought there was a lot on this web site. The tutorial took a while toplay. Also should be in the math section for elementary thru high school a practice test for the CST’s.

I had set this web site for kids before, but I did not know that it has resources for adults. I could spend hours at this site.

A breadth of info here – definitely a resource that’s probably under-utilized within our system.

I little confusing to use, but great resources.

In each week of this training, I’ve learned something that I didn’t know but shoud (if that makes any sense!) The SkillsCenter has so much content, I’ll have to remember to share it with customers when the opportunity arises. The live tutors for career help, citizenship and document review are such a great resource! So many exam prep guides too – I can see how this can be extremely useful.

(Should have used the Proof Point tutor ;-))

I’m sure the one on one tutors are well used. The career center would be best used by individuals with plenty of time to look at all the resources. Many patrons are just in too much of a hurry.

virtual help? yeah!

I think it is a very good resource and I like how the categories are represented by 3 buttons on top “Student Center”, “College Center” and “Adult Education and Career Center”. I also like the fixed frame that enables the user to return to the Skills Center Resource Library after visiting various suggested web links.

I found it to be a good resource but somewhat hard to find what i wanted to find.

live homework help should be available more hours of the day, especially for homeschooled kids. i get questions about this sometimes and parents seem frustrated that by ‘live’ homework help, we actually mean online. it is misleading to those who think there is always going to be a real person available to sit down with their kids and help when they are struggling with an assignment

I had no idea about the other services offered under (or Live Homework Help). I was under the mistaken impression that it was only for live help; shows how long it’s been since I’ve used it, I guess. Most helpful for me, I think, are the job openings. I frequently get questions about where to search for jobs, and I’ll be sure to introduce customers to this resource.

OnO Once, I finally got to the right data base, it was easy.

I like the demo video. The resume review is a great resource. It’s nice to have a fresh pair of eyes look at a resume. This feature is a useful alternative for our patrons who are unable to attend resume workshops.

Well I found all of the “resources” offered via the Skills Center Resource Library quite interesting although I didn’t get a chance to read everything through though 😦 As for the tutorial videos, they’re okay I guess since they’re just covering mainly the basics–unlike those youtube videos but hey, I guess you must always starts with the basics right? Lastly, for the Live Homework Help tutoring, I’ve used it many times before and at times, I would say it depends on your luck because sometimes I met a certain tutor who were just clueless yet did not admit it until the session is about to be over as to “buy time”. However, thus far, I guess I will still come back for more of those tutoring still because most of the tutors that I’ve worked with were very–actually, extremely–helpful and nice 😀

It took me way to long to get the hang of it. It is a good tool for people that are computer savey, but I dont think I would recomend it for those who are not. The website it self is a little confusing.

This week’s training was not as easy to complete as the first two because it was difficult bringing up the the demo. It did not work on Mozilla Firefox so I suggest you use Internet Explorer. You have to keep clicking on it or just be patient until it comes up. I guess the clicking just gives you something to do just like when you want an elevator to come and you keep pushing the call button. It could take more than two minutes. Two minutes is a long time when you want something to begin right away! 🙂

Some good information in the career center. I may be using it pretty soon myself.

Ken Nadeau is from Edenvale! 🙂

I did’nt really like it, It should be a bit easier to get the hang of it and for people are’nt computer nerds might find it difficult.

The website’s search function is not nearly as good as the website itself. The search functions often netted results I did not want and/or filled me with “Resource Spotlight” materials that really had nothing to do with what I was looking for.

However, if you know how to use the website, you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

The directions were confusing and I had to re-read it before understanding what to do next. This is a great resource for students as a virtual teacher if they have questions.

I am from EB.

Once I was able to connect to the website, I found the tutorial video to be very helpful. I think that this is a great resource for students (esp. since many of them do research and homework on the computer). I wish I would’ve had this resource when I was attending school. The Career center is also helpful and interesting, although I wish there was an option to narrow down the search for specific types of jobs. Also, since it links you to other job search websites, there is no guarantee that the jobs posted are actually available.

Very intresting web site. It would be fun to try and go over some old math homework with a tutor.

Very interesting exercise! I like the resume templates.

The directions were confusing.

Couldn’t locate the GRE material

Resume Review is good feature for our job seekers … job listings also a nice feature. Skills Ctr is a resource I’ll return to in the future …

I’m so glad we have this resource for the community. It’s got everything for people making tranisitons whether it is becoming a citizen, taking practice exams or getting help on documents.

The Live Tutor was down so I tried the subject areas and the examples of answers (great for Math). I like how they will evaluate a paper or essay you have written.
The Learning Suite has been upgraded and expanded. For the N.E.T. I just found a general test taking pdf. The Nurse Aide test was a better example of an actual test. The job opening questions yielded pages of results.

Interesting resource. The site is a little clunky for my taste; not the easiest to navigate. Once you get into the links, there are some great resources for job seekers.

There is a number of good resources available on
I think that is such an important resource for students and out of practice parents that it may be worth having its own link on the library homepage. I also found that there were some links to job search sites of which I had not previously been aware.

[…] Week 3: SkillsCenter Resource Library ( « SJPL Database Delight Training […]

For the students who can find the, they are in for a treat. I peeked at several graduate school entrance exams, and MCAT is unlike the other exams. For your enjoyment, in one verbal reasoning exam, the statements read like the following:
…For these reasons, most people think they can get along perfectly well without metaphor. We have found, on the contrary, that metaphor is pervasive in everyday life, not just in language but in thought and action. Our ordinary conceptual system, in terms of which we both think and act, is fundamentally metaphorical in nature.

We couldn’t get the Flash tutorial to run here on our Alviso staff computers, but we managed alright anyway.
All the exam sites and job search information will definitely be helpful to patrons. I was asked again for this kind of information last week.
I did try to limit my employment searches to California and I had results from throughout the USA.

The live tutor service was not available but I will definitely check back later and see how the document review service is. It would be another great resource to send our customers to that want their resume reviewed and the service is available until 12am, which is great for busy folks.

I didn’t know about all that stuff in the Skills Center! Definitely an underutilized resource. Who knew you could print graph paper? hehe
It’s handy to be able to refer kids to math resources if the homework centers are closed and books are checked out. There’s a ton of stuff here.
I’m glad we’re doing these demos.
I’m thinking too.. maybe down the line Mana or someone can do videocasts to show the staff and we’ll be confident to demo them to teachers to share with their students!

That’s a great idea. I think it would be useful to have internal vidcasts for all of the Database Delight tools we’ll be exploring. Thank you for the suggestion!

Jane C. from WG

Initially I found it difficult to navigate, but after a couple tries I figured it out. After I learned the layout of the site it was easy to locate the things we were suppose to search for. I really like the Grad school tests, job sites, and resume help.

This was my first time using The tutorial video was very handy, and did a very good job explaining the site. It’s good to know that besides the student center, there is a college and adult education and career center. Overall- very useful site!

The various levels of navigation can be a bit confusing, and it appears others had trouble with it as well, but overall this is a really cool service for kids, teens, college students, job seekers, and adult learners. Teens are always amazed when I tell them about the Proof Point service, where they can submit their essay drafts for review by English tutors. The services for adults such as job searching and GED prep are also great, and since adults likely wouldn’t think to look here for it, it’s good that we are all familiarizing ourselves with this so that we’ll be able to show them.
In addition to the live help and other resources found within the site, there are some pretty good collections of external links under the various subject categories. It reminds me of Internet Public Library or Librarian’s Internet Index, with useful sites that have been sifted out of the less-relevant results.

This was my first time using, The website was a little confusing to use, but great resources.

For some reason has always been a tough sell to members of the library community here at WV … just my opinion and experience. Now that it offers so much more than online “tutoring” perhaps it’ll appeal to more individuals, but they’ve got to be willing to navigate myriad levels and some searches can be much tougher than others. Lots of potential appeal here, but again, patrons have to be willing to explore the possibilities.

Wow! More great resources worth exploring!

Hi my name is Priscilla from Pearl Ave Library and I recently toured Homework Live Help and Live Career help. I really liked how with in seconds and the tutor was very cheerful and helpful on both websites. I found it very fun, useful and they had really interesting information and ideas. This is a great resource for library customers.

Priscilla Gove is from PA

It is a great resourse, but it will be good to have it listed on our A-Z list of databases/links.
It is hard to find it, but how usefull it could be to SJPL customers!
A Resume and Cover letter helping hints are needed greatly!
I enjoed reading a Rejection Letter sample. Who would think it is usefull to send something in return to being rejected …
Science and math links are very good tools as well.

It was easy to use. is a great online resource. For more practical things, can be very useful. I found that navigating through the side links or tabs is much more efficient than going through that really expansive search result. I felt that the search engine tends to provide a broad and somewhat useful search result, but other than that I think is great.

Jaspal Sidhu is from PA

An interesting database.

I never tried Live Homework Help page before, and mostly recommended customers “Learning Express” pages. Parents and students really appreciate our resources. Now I know LHH is also a wonderful resource. Can we have workshops about these tools to parents and students? it’s not difficult to use, but sometimes customers never tried to experiment.

Holding workshops for parents or students about our homework help resources is exactly what we hope you will do! Our online resources are here for students to use — let’s tell them about what we have!

Also, offers webinars for adults – they recently did a Resume Writing Workshop that’s actually archived on their site. You just need a room, computer hooked up to the internet, and speakers and maybe a projector to host these webinars. I had a very happy customer show up for the webinar that we hosted at AR.

Great resources. Although I have helped patrons use LHH, the demo video was informational and showed me some options that I didn’t know were available. The live resume help looks neat, and I will recommend it to patrons.

I think is too much information. I think is kind confuse and not that easy to us compare with second week.

Live homework help was a lot easier to understand and learn how to work then the previous two. The video was very self explaining and it was very easy to find what they were asking for. I defiantly like it a lot and I know the people around Willow Glen will really put it to some use. I might even have to put it to use.

Very exciting website. I always think of particular persons that would benefits from these resources. Thanks you so much

Once again, very informative.

However, some of us over at PA have been running into a problem that the screen gets cut off at a point. Is there any way we can fix that so we can actually read what we’re typing in the comment box?

Justen – I sent an email yesterday to all staff about this. Answer: Use Firefox, not IE.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 to access the site, some of the comments will get cut off. It’s a problem with IE, not our site. If you use Firefox (which I highly recommend for all web browsing), or Opera, or any other version of IE (e.g. IE 7), the problem doesn’t happen.

Having 200 comments on a blog post is unusual, and IE 6 apparently can’t handle the style sheets that control how the website looks.

Justen Hunter is from PA

Website is a bit slow; organization of content links inside the subheadings could be better. Website also seemed to be prone to a lot of error messages, broken links and missing pages overall.

Binh, can you tell me where you were when you had these problems with the site? Were you on a library staff computer at Edenvale? Do you remember what web browser you were using? Let’s get to the bottom of this problem, because it’s not supposed to work that way 😦

I watched the video and have used Live homework help with children in the library. Nice to know we have the resume section.

Carol Valentine Access Services at King Week 3
This weeks exercises exposed me to lots of great resources and the hands on approach is also helpful. Even the suggestion to check out the drop down options under Live Tutor program gave me the experience of seeing what options could be offered to patrons. This whole database delight is helpful, but I find it takes time to get comfortable with moving around the system.

I am such a beginner at this that for me it was improtant to trace back how to get to a specific topic such as “employment information” from the sjlibrary home page. After exploring I found going from the home page to SJPL Research Guides to topics worked.

I am familiar with and Live Homework Help because I utilized this resource when I was an After School Tutor at the Hillview Branch Library back in 2003. This is a great resource for all customers, not just for children with homework help.

I remember assisting a child with math homework using I liked how we were communicating with the tutor online through instant messaging and how there was a pad on the bottom screen where the child can write down the math problem using the mouse, and the online tutor can basically go over the problem step by step with the answer.

Overall, I like the exercises, they were very helpful.

gerat website very helpful!

great website very helpful with good resources

Tutor online has been useful to the students and with the service in Vietnamese language, I was able to recommend it to many more parents in my community.

Resources for adult learners and job search will also be useful to customers. For example, there are link to sample US Naturalization test questions and answers. Job search is another useful for the customers. However, the format is a bit confusing for some customers so staff may need to hand held for now.

It’s a useful link. I added to the Branch SharePoint for Job Seekers.

Great resource. I think it is useful.

Mika is from PA

Great resource that I was unaware of ((blushing)) until this training and a nice alternative to Learning Express as well. However, it is very tricky to access and therefore probably goes unnoticed by most. It’s not listed under or Skills Center Resource Library which is confusing. I like that it is placed under the Employment Research Guide as the job links are very helpful to patrons who are just starting their job searches.

I found very interesting, especially the homework help site. I will recommend it to my 2 daughters with young children. I think it will be very helpful for them.

I knew that offered resources for adult learners and job seekers, but never got around to investigating that aspect of it. So thanks for making it one of the databases to explore.

I went to job openings and according to New York Gigs there are 43,131 jobs available in New York State! Perhaps I should return to my roots.

Oops! Nancy Buckles – Edenvale Branch

I had a little trouble at first finding the demo. once i got to the site it was very easy to use.

I’ve seen the posters/postcards/bookmarks at many branches throughout the System. Never really had a chance to explore it until now. Thanks for the opportunity to discover this new thing!

it was fun to use.

I definitely agree with all of the comments above about how confusing the different resources are… The “Resources by Subject” list could be developed to be more comprehensive. Also, some of the resources listed under “Citizenship” seemed dated. I think it’s pretty neat that you can get instant feedback for your cover letter or your resume through Proof Point – a great service for customers.

What an awesome resource for students!!! I love that it has Graduate School practice entrance exams….i will definitely be using these in the very near future =)

Again, it took many trys to maneauver through the website and find the requested information but I finally go through it. Loved the job opening’s website. Will recommend this one in the future.

I had a really hard time figuring out where to find the link to get to I feel a little silly saying that, but I did…

I couldn’t watch the demo video, it wouldn’t load in either Mozilla or IE. 😦

I liked the live help with your resume, etc. I think that’s really useful and would suggest that to customers in need of that type of help.

One of my co-workers said that this would be a good tool for people who do not know how to use the internet, and I agree. I’m not sure how often I would use this, but it is a good tool to know about.

I found the career section very useful. There is a wealth of information on the Career Center portion to help the public locate and improve their job hunting.

I didn’t realize contains so much information. A great resource to refer to in the future.

Thanh is from PA

There is much more available here than I realized — for adults who are job-seeking as well as kids’ math homework. I’ll be sure to recommend people try it.

I too had trouble looking for the

The site seemed to be helpful. There was a spot where you can attach your resume and they can proof read it for you. I didn’t try though, just saw it by browsing through the site.

The student help was pretty cool. I looked into the math section for help and tried entering a problem thinking to myself what if you have a long calculus problem with derivatives how would you type it all out…. BUT then I noticed at the bottom “draw your problem on the whiteboard (optional)!” Now that’s pretty neat.

I didn’t check the other categories but the student help center is pretty cool. =)

I’ve always thought was a great service to our customers, and it’s only gotten better and better over time. The interface is vastly improved and there are so many more options and resources available in this current version.
I like the drop down menus – it really speeds up getting started in a session with a live tutor.
The proofreading section is terrific – I’ve referred customers in the past who have asked me to proofread their papers for them.

very useful and convenient!

Whenever I suggest to parents, smiles break out! It is similar to the happy reaction I get when I show parents and kids the kid page on our homepage. The best “new” part is the resume assistance. It is so easy to get overwhelmed when searching for a new job. With this service we can definitely make a difference!

I’m impressed by how much is available on this site. Didn’t know about the job listings, the resume service, and the proofreading. Will certainly recommend it to customers in the future.

I like the top for this week. It’s useful.

The resourse is very helpful. Now my son can get all the help he need.

Malisa is from PA

This week I had more trouble getting into the data base than looking at the information. Maybe next week will be better.

Lots of info here – maybe too much. I wouldn’t think to look here for job resources, and it was disappointing that after choosing my local area for job openings, when I clicked on the DoL site, I again had to choose my local area. I also didn’t like how there was no running time on the demo video, so I didn’t know if I was watching a three-minute or thirty-minute video.

But that said, I think this is a great resource that we should use more often – glad for the opportunity to explore it.

Daisy – Innovation

I agree with the comments that Daisy Porter made about this resource, both the negatives and the positives. I really thought was just for school age kids and college students. Now that I know more about it I will definitely be referring patrons to it, and I may be using it myself at some point. Maybe after all this time I can finally master algebra.

Great resource for practically everyone!

Don’t know what to say except pretty darn cool!

Tracy Wilderman from WG

Had trouble finding the right page and the demo video like the others. Also, for some reason, I always thought it was just for kids but definitly a very useful website for anyone!

Back in my day… We didn’t have fancy-pants real-time tutoring websites that allowed us to edit resumes and homework problems in real time. We had to actually walk into an after-school program! My, technology sure has progressed. This is a pretty awesome concept that makes homework help so much better. Now, if only I can find someone who specializes in advanced cost management in the private business sector.

Jonathan is right. We didn’t have this back in our days. I wonder if enough students know about this website. It’s pretty useful and convenient. It did take me a while to get the hang of but overall it’s a cool website.

It is nice to see how the database has expanded to include help for adults and job seekers. The job listings are a nice feature, however the articles retrieved from other websites made me question their validity.

SkillsCenter is a really good thing for alot of people, because alot of people are always asking if we know any one thats hiring and and if we could send them to websites that can help.Live Tutor is a wonderful thing for alot of people as well.

I liked its. Will help patrons a lot.

Very usefull and convenient resources for everybody in the community. A big help for the kids with homework and great source for improving their grades. I viewed the powerpoint presentation explaining the Live Homework help services, it is so easy and helpful for grades K-12, college students, & adult learners. I like the Information and Training on jobs, careers, and test preparation for jobs and job openings etc. which I”m sure most people in need during this recession period.

Pretty confusing. I am still looking for the demo video as I type…………………………………………………….. still looking…………………………………….wait, i think i found it…………………………………….nope, wrong link……………………………………where in the world is it…………………………………….. oh well, it seems like a very useful tool.

HAHA you are funny!

The link hidden waaaay at the bottom of any of the pages, “Watch Our Demo Video”. It loaded for me using Firefox.

Week 3 was very interesting to learn about because the information provided useful insight for students and others wanting to change or enhance their careers in the job market or academic setting by taking entrance exams for colleges or other state requirements for job positions.

In addition, the overall navigation in searching for certain tools of the database was not very user-friendly, but with time, it became easier to understand and handle.

I tried the before. The employment page is very usefule.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The main tutor page didn’t link straight to what you asked for. I would have used the search, but on the page from the other requests I saw another category and found what was asked for. If someone wants those things, they won’t know there accessable based on the first page.

I do think it’d be very useful.

From Berrryessa. Forgot to mark that.

This resource is AWESOME. I’m excited to use it myself. I’m especially impressed with the content-area homework help and teaching materials. The resumes and nursing exams weren’t difficult to find using the buttons either.

Well, three down and how many more to go?

I enjoyed the video looks easy for kids and adults. I wished they had the tutor program when I was in school! 🙂 Plus the avatars are cute…hehe

Is it on purpose the website is so badly organized? Does SJPL get charged for live questions about how to find things on

I like using google’s site search better than navigating . However, google has not completely indexed the website.

The organization of is not well structured. Some pages are moved and directed to another page.
I think they could have done a better job.

The site is a bit busy, but I imagine that will improve with time. I liked Mana’s idea about setting up webinars for the public.

Very good, pertinent and timely exercise.

Judith Gregg Alum Rock/East Branch

I learned about the other half of this database for adult learners and job seekers. It’s a good alternative to Learning Express.

There’s a lot here, something for everyone. The amount of information might be a little overwhelming if you’re looking for something specific. I wish they’d change the name. It might put off some job seekers & other adults who might not realize all it has for them.

Enjoyed the many options available.

wow very useful.

There is an abundance of career and job related resources on this site, although the “search box” is very lame! It would almost be better to take it away since most visitors to the site would not know how severely limited its capabilities were and might give up on this potentially valuable resource prematurely. is a useful resource, however, I did not find it as easy or as helpful as the previous weeks. The instructions were (comparitively) more confusing and the information was a tad more muddled. I wouldn’t dismiss it as a tool, but it wouldn’t be my first choice either.

Sarah Thornton – RG

It’s very useful but a bit confusing in the beginning.

Proudly completed week 3!

This is very helpful. I can’t say I like the idea of tutoring over the Internet though. It removes the humanity of face-to-face tutoring. It’s synthetic and insincere. But! It’s still helpful. I easily found everything on the site. It’s well organized. Very nice.

I found it very interesting and useful!

Elijah is from PA

Nice to see all the resources for adults! The site is huge and a little challenging to use. I liked seeing the job openings but the sites listed were somewhat random; it seemed like some oddball job sites were listed but some of the more commonly used employment websites were left off. Overall though, it is great to really get a chance to see what these databases offer!

I really like the interactive features with tutors in this resource, but I find the collection of links to be a bit of a mixed bag. I always try to point out this resource and CustomGuide (next week’s database) at my classes for job seekers; the attendees are generally very interested in them.

With STAR tests starting again in May it was a good reminder for me to see how many sample questions/tests were available for parents to download if all available copies were checked out.

It was good to have the chance to explore all the options. I did have difficulty accessing the video however, I got a blank white page with a flashing red and black rectangle…..

This is cool.
I will definitely be using the “computer literacy” features to improve on my ms office skills.

just for fun, I took a GRE analogies test–I did “better than average”

It looks like there’s also some great info on making resumes, etc. I learned something new about e-resumes & keywords.

This site is useful, but it would be more helpful with drop down menus. If you are a customer, it would be difficult to navigate to many of the useful parts of the database. This is one where having a staff member available to help really is important.

This is very useful and I can’t wait to tell students about it!

The shared whiteboard is one of the coolest features I have seen in an electronic resource. I agree about the icky search engine, though. The search appears to be set to search whole words AND within words, so if your search is GED, it brings up every entry that has a word with “ged” somewhere in the word (e.g., rigged).

The search engine isn’t quite accurate, can be a bit difficult to find exactly what you are looking for even despite a clear keyword search. The Job Openings resource is very useful.

It took me a long time to do this exercise because I couldn’t help exploring additional topics that I noticed along the way. There is a lot of good information here.

The job resources is helpful, and the tutoring is great. The e-resume is pretty cool.

I had trouble getting to the right page. but once i got there live homework help was easy to use

This resource is filled with goodies…
I acted as a secret shopper and asked for homework help! The tutor was great and very helpful. She found me a wonderful concise printable metric conversion chart (And I really need one too)!

Also, I may need to get a resume review sooner than later!

This is a great resource for my kids to use!

couldn’t watch the demo video, but very interesting resource.

I appreciate the chance to look at this one, since I seldom give it much attention. Lots of really great resources in there, I’ll try to refer people to it more when our book collection is picked over.

The whole “Proof Point” service is great to have since we typically draw the line at doing this sort of thing. And it extends into the other sections too – “Career Help” offers to “proofread my resume”, “Back to School” offers to “proofread my paper”.

Doing this on Saturday and the tutors weren’t available but I had access to their SkillsCenter. I think its a great resource but wish that it was easier to access. There’s lots of good tutor pages but just too much clicking to get to them.

This program is very helpful (week 3)

Very great resouce to use.

Great tutoring resources, but the site could benefit from a better design and organization.

I like this program

It’s so cool that we can actually get live help on so many different subjects! This definitely has great potential to be something resourceful for both adults and children. I’m just curious how well the live help will work out if a lot of people ultilize it at the same time.

This very useful for me.

SkillsCenter is very useful for out-of-work customers. Helpful links to writing and searching for employment. Too bad it doesn’t appear in list of SJPL databases like tutor.comSkillsCenter Resource Library for College Center and SkillsCenter Resource Library for Student Center. Customers have to know we have it and that you get to it through Kids or Teens page by clicking on The real-time document review is great for students or any writer.

The links are up on SJPL Articles and Databases, and listed under Education, Careers and Testing as well as under T in the A-Z listing. will be a great resource to use with patrons needing help with resumes and cover letters. Its easy to use and very accessible!

The SkillsCenter Resource Library is fantastic! Not only will I share this with library customers, but there are resources that I can also benefit from.

It was not to easy nor to hard. But I had to re-read several time for me to understand how the system works.

Malisa Nguyen is from PA

First, i was confusing but after i go though all the steps. Seeing very useful for tutor and do resume online.

Kim Le-AB
It was confusing, but I got it at the end.

I used a live tutor. is such a great service.

I use the live tutor myself and with the students I help at work. I didn’t know about the skills center. I can’t wait to show the students that come in that part of the live help.

it’s great, but i think for people who are computer beginner, it’s a little hard for them. But if you keep playing with it, you will see the tools are so helpful.

This database is very useful. I have used it personally and I often show customers how to use it. The college exam prep area is greatly appreciated by the customers. We do have many customers that want test practice for contractor exams, but that is not in this database.

I like’s new services for adults!

But what’s up with the picture of the firefighter holding the tortured-looking child on the SJPL Research Guide? It took me a second to figure out what was going on in the photo and what it had to do with employment…

EB Week 3

WOW – has changed and added so many new resources. The adult/career information is quite impressive!

I was going through the database delight stuff a little backwards so I did Learning Express before I got to and was really disappointed with the previous database when I didn’t find anything for the cell and molecular biology GRE subject test.

Thankfully, has solved this problem for me. I understand now that this website and I will learn about each other intimately over the following summer.

Also, I don’t hesitate to rave about how great the homework help itself on this site is. When I was majoring in the physical sciences in college, I took four different physics courses that were calculus based and structured for physical science and engineering majors. One of those courses were offered in the summer when our campus tutoring center hours were very limited. This website was an absolute godsend that summer.

Thank you, You are awesome in my book.

Found it very odd to see job listings for Oregon and Massachussets posted on the City of Los Angeles Job Board. Very convenient, however.

I did this exercise and i liked it. is valuable for students

Live tutor was not available when I logged on. I checked out the resources in the skills center, but was not too impressed with it. A lot are websites one can find with a simple google search.

I’m glad has expanded their resources to include older student and adults as well… it’s great to have these “pre-approved” sources in the resource library.

BTW.. I’m at EN!

This is an extremely good tool. The fact that it is a real time resource that has you interact anonymously with tutors is a plus. However the fact that it is a chat room with avatars put up a red flag in the back of my head, but altogether, is a must-needed tool.

awesome tool!

this database covers every one’s need.

Zobeyda Moreno (Pearl Avenue)
April 19, 2010 at 5:37 pm

I did all of the above. I knew about the live homework help, but I never had the chance to explore it myself. Now, that I do, I find it very helpful and informative. This site is underutilized (but not anymore).

thanks for having us discover all what the SJPL databases have to offer. I will be coming back again, to really chat with a homework tutor.

replied under #1 above

I really liked the videos they provide because they show you step by step on how to solve an equation. This could really help me with my math.

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