SJPL Database Delight Training

Week 4: CustomGuide Online Software Training

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Are you and your customers frustrated by software upgrades? CustomGuide Online Software Training can help restore your confidence!

CustomGuide gives online training modules in computer basics and software. Tutorials are self-paced and let you track your own progress. Modules include:  Microsoft Office Products (97-2007( Access, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook); Operating Systems (Windows, Vista, XP Mac OS X Tiger); Quickbooks and Sharepoint

All users (inside and outside the library) will first need to create an account using an email address and password

Discovery Exercise:

  1. Go to SJPL Articles and Databases and click on the Custom Guide Training  Link (under Computers and Technology)
  2. Create an account using your email address and password.
  3. Choose a course* from the list on the left hand side.  (suggestion: Computer Basics or Office 2007: What’s New.)
  4. Choose a lesson (middle right hand side) from the first chapter. You have the following options:
    • Answer assessment question. If you pass, you “testout”;  go to the next lesson.
    • Complete a short online tutorial, then answer an assessment question
    • Go Ref (Tutorial Reference), read, then answer an assessment question.

       5.     Go  back to Home and look at “My usage summary”

  *Before starting a course, you may wish to print out a Quick Reference Guide  (separate website), or look at the “Getting Started Quick Reference” at the  Custom Guide Home Page.

 Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!


233 Responses to "Week 4: CustomGuide Online Software Training"

‘Site will be back up shortly. We are working on the problem’.

It seems to be working for others…uh oh! If you still have trouble accessing it today, give me a call.

I think this is a great computer training source that we should definitely promot and introduce to the patrons.

I did a couple of exercises and liked its self-paced, auto-saved feature that I can resume the class at anytime without losing my progress. Espcially each learning module is well-organized with step-by-step instruction following with a short quiz, which helps the patron to learn a complex software with ease and confidence.

Wow! I wished I knew about this resource two days ago when a customer asked me for a beginning Word resource… he ended up taking a Vista DVD even tho he was using XP at home. This is so great, reminds me of LearningExpress.

Something to report to vendors: finding the icon to click to “next” in the lesson is a little difficult, because the size of the pop-up is small. Definitely something to walk through with customers.

Also, the lady’s voice is a little annoying and loud, but that’s my personal feeling. A small price to pay for a great resource!

Jane Cronkhite from WG

I love Custom Guide. It’s such a great tool. I like that it is self-paced, and easy to follow. I’ve worked on several of their programs, and learned a lot. I have already referred numerous customers to it.

Great site..I”ll probably use this again.

Just completed some of the assessments and tutorials for Computer Basics and Excel 2007. What a great resource! I have not used Custom Guide before and I definitely will be recommending it to customers.

Amazing and wonderful the wealth of information I am discovering thru the exercises using databases. The library department made a good Investment getting the databases for our customers and staff.

Super user friendly and extremely helpful tutorial! I really like how it breaks tasks into small parts and guides the user step-by-step. I understand an account is needed to track progress, but people don’t generally like creating yet another one IMHO.

Great resource! I like how there are different levels for each program. Great tool to recommend to Patrons. I have used the Guide before and I plan on using it in the future.

Really enjoyed getting more familiar with excel and creating charts.

It is a very useful database where the patrons can allocate their time to go through smaller parts of a topic. I like the usage summary which help track the progress.

Week 4:

I’m having SO fun with **Database Delight Training** -True story

I found CustomGuide Online Software Training very helpful!

PS: great resource

SO much*

This is GREAT! It is super easy to use and I like that it’s self paced! I never knew about this resource and will definitely suggest it to customers, as well as use it myself!

I found CustomGuide Online really useful and practical for beginners, like me! 🙂

I love the online trainings! you learn so much at the comfort of your own time and pace. it’s a great way to refresh and brush up on new technologies! (bb09)

Yay! So glad you’re liking it 🙂

This is a great resource tool, I found it very simple, and it would be easy for people who dont have much or any experience with these programs in the tutorial.

I did the tutorial thing, and planning to come back to do it again. This time at my own pace.

The ‘Computer Basics’ tutorial is great for customers considering a computer purchase.

Wonderful and FREE tutorials! Great for staff and customers as well!

I got 100% on my report card on the basic one:)
I will challenge the advance when I have time to play again:)

i like that and they office 2007. very useful

This is another resource I have used in the past. I find it extrememly useful and super easy to use. This time I completed the Access 2003 course and I learned a lot!

A great resource for patrons to learn the computer. Many customers ask for training and now they have a resource.

A useful online teaching tool for those who need to learn or brush up on important programs used in everyday situations. I tested out of most of them and it seemed a bit on the easy side even for the Intermediate user but I think that is part of the charm for this site. Anyone should be able to use this and learn how to work the program.

totally easy to find and seems helpful. cool because its an on-demand resource. seems like it might have alot of competion from similar more popular resources though

Overall, Custom Guide is a great resource to learn new software. It is substantial and has lessons for different skill levels – from beginners, intermediate and advanced. I also like that it determines your skill level to provide the right lesson that matches with the user’s skill level. This saves the user time because he/she can skip unecessary lessons and go directly to more advance lessons. The animation is great and allows users to interact, which helps them to remember what they’ve learned.

My only concern is there is a possibility that not all interested users may have the resource to run CustomerGuide. The user would need a recent version of Adobe Flash, a fast Internet connection and a fairly recent computer for the CustomGuide audio and animations to work properly and run smoothly.

You make excellent points about the plug-ins required to run this site. I think that for the most basic computer users, they might have trouble figuring out how to install what they’re missing…so yes, it is a weakness. I actually ran this on a 5 year-old computer, using a version of Flash that’s about 2 years out of date & it worked okay… But yes, there is still potential for it to not work right. It’s good for us to know, as staff, what the system will require, and how to guide patrons through any installs they might need. The site itself tells people, but that personal touch is always a nice add!

I did a few of the exercises and loved it! Fun and easy to use. Great for our customers.

Great to know and practice the excellent tutorials about computers and more!!!

Wow! This is very handy! I’ve had patrons come up to me before and ask how to use these programs. Being able to show them these tutorials will help a lot. Thanks!

NICE!!! I think this is a great thing that will come in very handy to all. Awesome!

I’ve been using Custom Guide for a while. It’s pretty good help for people who can’t logically figure out how to use computers.

It is very easy to use. I will use it for my new Office2007…

very knowledgable stuff.

Great resource from beginning to more advanced applications. I’ve recommended it numerous times to customers wanting to learn computer applications that we don’t regularly offer. I printed out the Quick Reference Cards for Outlook ’07, Word ’07 and PowerPoint ’07 – very useful! Good to use the assessments to target the areas for which one needs refresher training.

Great resource. I will have to send my dad here. He is afraid of everything to do with a computer. Maybe this will help him understand, or at least give him something to try before he calls me.

The “parent test” is one that I always use with technology instruction materials of any kind. If it seems they could get it, then it’s a worthwhile resource 🙂

Good idea! I can think of a few family members who might enjoy these tutorials.

just a note that I am checking this out. It is not Monday yet, but exercise #4 is already out. Can hardly wait to start on it.

Great resource … I’ll be back to use it again.

This will require some more checking. The first set I tried seemed very basic, but this would be good for a beginner.

Interesting… great resources. I like how CustomGuide divided into different categories and program levels for our convenience. I have completed some of the program in the computer basics, and will continue the assignment whenever I have a chance. I have learned a lot from this week assignment. Again, this is a very useful tools for the public to use.

wow.. amazing.. I just tried and “test” myself with some other basic computer assignments today. I will definitely refer this useful link to the patrons, friends, and will use it again, and again to improve myself. thank you!

WOW! did you just reply back to your own comment Khuong? Anyways……………………………..this is an awesome resource. I will definitely use this for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

Great resources indeed! My aunt isn’t great with computers, so she will be excited to hear about this 😀

I really enjoyed looking at this resource. I will definitely go back to look at different programs with its different levels.

I will also recommend it to our customers.

CustomGuide Online is great. There are so many different programs. It is great way to keep up to date independently.

I remember this site and I studied Outlook 2007 when this site was trial with staff. I’m sure that thiis site is very useful and helpful for patrons. Patrons can log on this site and start right away whatever they want to learn with their own pace. And no due date!

It’s very usefulresource. I loved so much.

Nancy Buckles – Edenvale
This is a great resource for customers and staff. I love the fact that it is self paced.
I’ll be going back and spending more time with the Excel 2007 lessons.

I am already familiar with this software because we have been using this weekly at our branch, however I still did the exercises, and no problems.

Wow! I really enjoyed this one! It was very simple and I love it because everyone that comes into the library these days wants books or CD-ROM’s on how to work a computer and the programs. This is great! Now people won’t be upset when you can’t sit with them for hours to show them how to do something. I can just show them is database and it’ so simple i’ll walk away knowing that they will be fine and I did my job! 🙂

Glad you liked it! It’s a great resource for customers because it allows customers to learn hands-on.

Great resource for both customers and staff!

An interesting database.

I found this database to be clunky. I tried to register and it took me to a page saying I had already registered. There was no link to go back, so I had to use the back button at the top. Then I went to look at Outlook 2007 – Intermediate. I decided it looked too advanced so I tried to go back and choose the beginning course. But the back button took me to the sign-in page instead of the list of courses. I didn’t like a few other things with their page layouts.

Although the tutorials seem great – very step by step – I think the software needs improvement.

OK, I take back what i said about the content being good. I just did a tutorial on instant search in Outlook. The assessment asked me to display the folder list in the navigation pane. They never mentioned this in the tutorial! I tried a few things, but none worked, so I’ve failed (repeatedly!). It would be good to have a link to take me back to the lesson to teach me the failed step.

The assessment questions for the first three items on this lesson are jumbled. Now that I’ve taken the first three, I can answer the assessments for them all. Very bad.

Tina, Maybe what CustomGuide needs is an introductory tutorial rather than a Quick Reference. I looked at Outlook 2007 — Intermediate; I’ll agree that Custom Search is clunky, and takes some getting used to especially when starting in the middle of a course. Going to Home — when used to clicking on the back arrow can be confusing. It is easy to luck out and test out with just one question. Take it slowly (maybe try it on another computer?), and you’ll get the hang of it

The staff members here at BB have been scheduled to have Custom Guide learning time for a while now. I like Custom Guide because it’s self-paced, and you can always go back if you don’t get it the first time. Great learning tool and it’s free!

Custom Guide is a fabulous resource for customers and staff! I really look forward to doing Digital Delight every week!!!

I began the Word 2007 tutorials last week and postponed it to begin Access 2003 Database Training for this week. I learned how to use the Usage Summary link to find out my percentile rankings on the assessment tests. 🙂

This is a very helpful and easy to navigate site. It’s fairly organized with all the different topics and lessons. Customers will definitely find this site resourceful.

this would have been great for me to do before i started my internship. i am so used to the old microsoft office it took me a long time to just do a simple task on the new one at the office. i felt so dumb. now i can be a pro without even having it @ home. I will definetly recomend this!!!

It was very helpfull and easy to use.

I started using CustomGuide when it was first offered two years
ago. It is still not as thorough as a book dedicated to one program but you can always look back to completed lessons as a reference. It functions best as a learning supplement and offers limited “hands on” pratice with each specific subject if you do not have the operating system or program install on the computer you are using.

Week four’s database was already familiar for me because at Berryessa Branch everyone is scheduled for Custom Guide at least once a month. We have been focusing on Outlook and MS Word.

I find MS Word very helpful because as a current Graduate Student, I have many papers I write (usually research related that range from 25-50pages), and Custom Guide has taught me hints/reminders to look for in MS WORD.

In essence, I will always favor MS WORD 2003 more so than MS WORD 2007. The newest edition is not too user friendly, but that may be because I grew up using older versions.

Lastly, I really admire the interactive components in Custom Guide because of how the tutorial is set up. The trainer/speaker does an excellent job presenting the concept to the trainee/user; they also allow for the user to “practce” and/or refer to the textual points presented if for some reason someone didn’t catch the initial instruction the speaker/trainee stated verbally.

Overall I rate this program/on-line service as above average in comparison to using a DVD/CD-ROM or some other software from a different source to learn about MS OFFICE applications and so forth.

A very useful program. It being organized was a huge help compared to other programs, as were the tutorials which are set up very well.

Brandon Smith-BB

I found the guide to be very useful and informative when I started watching the tutorials. I think it would be a great tool for anyone who has problems using a computer or anyone who wishes to learn more about the properties of a PC or Mac. It was a little confusing at first, but I soon got the hang of it and plan on reccomending this to anyone who would like to know more.

I can see how this would be helpful to someone who is adept at learning through online tutorials. My own learning process is more of a “trial and error” kind of journey (I’m one of those rare people that actually learns from my mistakes, and does not tend to repeat the same mistake twice). I found myself getting bored and daydreaming through the tutorial and not being able to retain any of the info. I’d rather just get the computer program itself and teach myself (via “trial and error”).

It was very usefull and easy.

I like it, very usefull.

I found this to be very helpful. I think it will help some patrons that aren’t as computer inclinded as others to either have more skills for jobs or personal uses.

I’m impressed with what they have to offer to someone who has the time and motivation to learn.

Tony Wong/KL

Liked the tutorial setup for Office 2007 What’s New – and the “My Usage Summary”. The Summary allows the user to know where they left off. On the home page it has a great Tutorial Reference that defines the terms they use. A multi-layered database.


I love this and will probably being using it a lot at home. We just converted to Office 2007 at home (I know 2010 is coming out!). I think I will have a lot of questions!

Well done and useful for beginners and more advanced users of the products. Looking forward to seeing Windows 7 tutorials.

I’ve shown this product to patrons and our 1-on-1 computer volunteers. I’ve found that intermediate and advanced computer users love the product and find it very useful. Beginners with difficulties using the mouse and navigating webpages find this tool too challenging to work on their own without the assistance of an experienced user.
The other feature that I think would be useful for staff completing this exercise is using the “search tutorials” box. You can search for a specific task you need to learn. For example, you can type “cut and paste Word 2007”.

Its a fast free way to brush up or get an introduction to basic programs. I like it!

Tracy Wilderman from WG

Excellent website!

Jeff Alford – WG

The tutorials are very indepth and cover any questions users could have with the programs. The online tutorials are especially helpful in that they walk you step by step through a process and have you follow which is useful for more visual learners.

I’ve already been using this because Rachel Collier showed it to me months ago 🙂 I’ve been using this to learn Microsoft Access and find it really useful. My only complaint is that since it’s all flash based, you can’t really explore with the tutorial like you’d be able to if you had the actual software. However, I think its a good introduction into what is possible with the different softwares.

Thanks Eric!


Excellent source for users who don’t know much about some of the applications on computers

The Custom Guide is a great tutorial resource.

I tried to do the exercize they told about but I couldn’t find a place to put my e-mail to creat an account. I’ll keep trying though.

If you’re logged in to a staff computer, this link should work:

Click “Create Account” on the right to get started.

I was not able to locate the area to create an account. I will keep on looking though.

Alright I was able to create an account. The tutorial and the quiz are easy to follow and it is a great tool to learn more about computers.

Helpful. Matt – RG

It is a very good resource – very easy to use and must be a hit among our customers. Maybe there should be flyers created for this database to place in each branch next to the public computers’ area?

I love this database! I have shown it to patrons and they enjoyed it too. I like that each course is broken into such small topics; it makes it so easy to find that one little thing you are looking for!

I learned how dynamic PivotTables are.

I used the computer basic tutor. It’s helpful. I would refer this to patron and my friends. Thank you.

Very helpful. : )

I love this site!! We’ve been using it at BB to train staff on the new Outlook 2007. Most have finished that course and are moving on to either Word or Excel. I like that it’s self paced and you can skip lessons if you already know the information. I’ve promoted this to our patrons too. I just wish it was available in other languages.

Overwhelming number of software programs to keep up with! I tried the lessons using assessment, tutorial, and ref. I much prefer the ref. I can read at my own speed. Tutorial timing doesn’t allow for fast or slow learner. Program sets the pace. I guess this is how branch staff will learn to use Office 2007 when it is loaded on branch machines.

I agree there are a lot of programs covered hopefully enough to keep our computer hungry customers busy! The tutorials let you go Back and replay if you missed something and the narration is transcribed on the left side as well, which is nice for folks without speakers or headphones.

The CustomGuide is smart. Its tutorials are so user-friendly that it’s like a fun game.

WOW! This is a gold mine. The chat and example demonstration on the “white board” can bring a struggling student the assistance and confidence he or she needs. Watching the tutor help with solving and plotting an equation was amazing! The resources for GED, citizenship, career tests, and resume writing, are sought by patrons on a DAILY basis. BRAVO, SJPL!

Carol Valentine, Access Services Page at King: I was surprised and delighted to find the on line tutorials so helpful. I really appreciated that they start with the basics, which I need as a beginner. Thank you.

This is a great training database. I show patrons how to access it in my basic computer class so that when class is over they can continue to learn more on their own.

I think I will co-opt this idea for my classes! Now, why hadn’t I thought of this?

This is a wonderful database to promote to customers. Also, I can see this being very helpful for staff when we switch over to Office 2007; there are so many changes, and many of them are not intuitive at all. This will prove very helpful.

I have showed this to a few business people who need to train their employees on new software, and they were impressed. The collection of software is pretty comprehensive – there’s training even for the Mac user!

Wish we could drive all our customers to this one!

It is very easy to use. I will use it for my new Office2007…

Azar Hatami is from Edenvale! 🙂

Love Custom Guide! Great for learning new programs as well as using as a refresher.

Great resource for staff and customers alike! I will most definitely be showing our Tech. and Job Search Volunteers this database.

I think the computer training course is great. I will encourage customers that wish to learn more about computers to go to this link.

One problem: If the window for the tutorial is closed while the tutorial is loading, the site crashes on your computer–at least that is my experience.

I wonder if the site crashing was a problem on our end. Some of the branch computers are quite old, and running outdated software (e.g. old versions of Firefox, IE, Flash, etc.). I’m sorry you had that experience though!

I liked the tutorial, it had some very helpful information.

Customer Guide was excellent! It is very self explanitory for both staff and patron. The tutorial was very helpful and easy to follow. It is a great way to learn and upgrade your knowledge! I will really utilise this database.

Excellent source of training…definitely learned alot!

This was an excellent resource for computer skills training! I definately plan to use this one to sharpen my skills.

Daisy Porter, Innovation. I am not in love with this resource – I learn better from a book or a live teacher – but I will remember it as a resource for customers.

This was a good resource. Allows you to learn at your own pace. I will definitely use for myself to sharpen my computer skill and recommend to others.

CustomGuide Online Software Training is very useful tool. I have been using it since last few months and it is great and very helpful! I have learned a lot advanced new features. I recommend it to all my friends and customers so that they can take an advantage of this great resource to upgrade their skills in software.


I learned about CustomGuide Online Software Training a few months ago when I was helping out with the Computer Training classes here at RG. I felt it to be very useful and extremely easy to use (For those who are used to using a computer; it was harder for the older patrons without computer experience to map it out and use the mouse to get to where they wanted to go.)

This resource is really handy for our computer illiterate patrons who frequently come in asking me or other staff about software related problems that a book may be a little to much to follow to solve their problems. This may also be a good resource to refer to in any computer assitance classes that branches have going on.

Great resource! I like it.

Its very easy to use, and i like easy!! I say it would really help out our patrons who have trouble with computers. Great stuff!

Elijah Cortez is from PA

Our branch have been utilizing Custom Guide to help us get accustomed to the recent Microsoft Outlook updates. What I like about this resource is the opportunity to learn new computer programs such as MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. It is a great substitute for computer classes and your learning at your own pace. Another great thing is that when you finish all the training modules, you get a certificate for completing the program which then can be added to your resume experience.

I would definitely recommend this resource to my friends and to our customers, especially for those individuals applying for jobs or in need of computer training.

Definitely a useful tool for customers wanting to learn or improve on their computer skills. I’ve been interested in learning more about Access and now I can do it at a leisurely pace anywhere.

This is a useful tool. I know there are a few customers who wants to learn how to use Office applications. I will definitely recommend this to them in the future.

Thanks for letting us to have the opportunity to learn something new in a fun way!

I had no idea that was there. And I learned something!

It’s nice that this type of database exists. This can be convenient for training on the Job or learning something for home. Is there a way to leave feedback if something isn’t quite right with database, like a wrong assessment question?

We can let our sales rep know about the issue; if you can email me at or post details here, I’ll pass it along. I wish there was a general help file or email contact, though… Thank you!

Custom Guide is definitely a great tool to use. I love that they have different levels for each skill. Custom Guide is exactly the hands on experience that I need to learn these tools. Awesome!

I sent myself here to learn a little about Outlook since I have been using it for years, in a limited fashion, without instruction. It is very helpful for the beginner I am with this application. I look forward to checking out some others and referring customers to this resource with confidence.

It is a useful tool for customer to search.

custom guide is great! Now I don’t have to feel like a dunce about using computers. (on the other hand, now there’s no excuse.) this will be super handy, as I just got word 2007 and it’s been kind of frustrating to use after 2003.

I’m lost.

I am so happy that my boss helped me. this is the best. go, database delight. it is a delight.

I ‘ve been using customguide and I love it.

I had trouble trying to log in, is the system down? 😦

Yes, the “Create Account” link was broken; it’s working now:

I used to tell my Internet Basics students about this when I was teaching the class. It’s another great resource for all kinds of people who need computer help…from the total beginner to the more advanced/only need help on a specific program.

I’ll probably use this in my internet basics class. Thanks.

oscar delgado @East Branch

I’m impressed. This is very useful and comprehensive.
Ruth Kohan – AB

kim Le-Ab
I did It! week -4

Chi Nguyen (Almaden Branch- Week 4)
This is very helpful

week 4 (AB)

clicked on the link, couldn’t find the sign up button.

The link was somehow removed; try it now:

It’s a very useful tool.

Wait, is this the same CustomGuide we’ve been using for months now? I use it, but sometimes, the tutorials can get redundant.


How does a first-time user access this database from outside the library? I tried doing this exercise from home and, like Judy, could not bring up a screen to create an account (just a sign-in screen for existing users.) There was no prompt to enter a library card number or pin, either.

It’s a good place to learning the basics for Microsoft Office 2000 to 2007. They also have Quickbook and some Mac softwares. Highly recommended to everyone who wish to start learing about computer basics.

custom guide has taught me new things on Microsoft Word that i would have never discovered all on my own. cool!

I have never used Custom Guide before and I definitely will be recommending it to customers.

I have this online training before, trying to learn Access. I did not go deeply into the lessons. This time, I’ve tried again. I think I can learn Access now.
To learn online those courses from private resources, it costs more than hundred $$$. Here we have free. The lessons are very guided step by step. Wonderful resource to enjoy.
Also I have a lot of opportunities to provide the info of our database to customers. Today I have a student who came to the school asking where she can find a school to practice her CAHSEE test. She just needed to pass the CA exit exam to graduate. I showed her our database site, and told her “it’s free”. The mother and the student can say thank you enough to the SJPL.
Something to share…

We have been trying since yesterday to create new accounts for some staff at EV. When we go to CustomGuide, only existing users can enter an email address and password. The registration button is missing.

This link should work now:

It got removed somehow by CustomGuide.

I was able to register. This is a great resource! I plan on exploring the Microsoft Office 2007 tutorials.

I like this database a lot. I show it to patrons all the time that are looking to learn how to use word or excel. I went to a library training where they use this database. I use it at work and home when I am doing an assignment. It comes in handy when you need to figure out how to do a chart or a header that is different from the first page.

Thanks for the heads-up on the registration button. It was there earlier this week! I’m not sure what happened; I’ve emailed who I think is the account rep about this – Brian Fowler is actually out sick.

I tried accessing the site, but I couldn’t find any way to create an account. The link on the SJLibrary website only took me to a log-in screen, where there was no option to create an account. I tried browsing around their website, but I couldn’t find any way to create an account.

I notice, from previous user comments, that I’m not the only one to have this problem. is there any way we can get a solution to this? 🙂

Try this link; it should work now…

Sorry about the hassle; somehow it got removed by CustomGuide!

What a help; I always learn something new.

This was an eye-opener. I took the excel 2000 training and found it quite helpful. Thanks ….

this is just Ok to me

This is a database I have shared with those patrons that need to access an in-depth tutorial for learning excel, powerpoint, et. al. Patrons love it and when it functions properly a motivated individual can gain much from it. I know I’ll be using it more myself when we migrate to to Office 2007. No other resource like it and one that should get more use.

Something a little different- but very useful –if you are trying to make the conversion from an older version like 2003 to the 2007 you should print out the Online Reference Guides for both versions. You can get these without logging on by clicking on the More Details on the database page. They are coordinated so that the same type of command will be in the same place on the page. (PS I hope that makes sense to most of you.)

This is an excellent tool. Useful for staff and customers. Certainly great for updating skills for ones resume. Couldn’t fully participate because I need to update my flash player, but I have used it in the past.

I was shown this before and I know it is a helpful tool. I would say whoever designed it, is awesome! =) Its an terrific tool to have no doubt about it

Custom guide is a very useful tool if you want to learn different programs such as word, excel….etc. You can go at your own pace and userfriendly.

This is will a great resource to use on the FLC and main computers for anyone looking for computer basics. I love all the different areas covered, and the different editions of many of the programs. I didn’t even know this existed. I’ll be sure to talk this up to all the patrons asking for computer help.

This really is a great tool and well-suited for hands-on learners that may find trouble translating instructions from a book or website when learning or troubleshooting new software. I think it’s cool how the tutorials simulate the software and even allow the user to click buttons and pretend like they’re actually using it, which would be very helpful for those new learners that are sometimes fearful about “breaking” the computer by selecting the wrong thing.

I played around a bit with the iMovie tutorial since I have been learning how to use this for fun, and I learned a few new things. 🙂

I’m really glad I took the time to explore this source. I know it will be a useful reference for me and for many customers too.

Pam’s from AB

This is really cool. I had no idea that this is what this program did, to tell the truth. I am going to let all our computer mentors know about it.

A good training guide, better than others I have used.

I have encountered many, many occurrences when customers would like to check out a Microsoft/Software How To book and unfortunately they have all been checked out! Whoopsies!

Well, then I get to introduce them to this wonderful resource and they seem to be eternally grateful (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit). But, this is a wonderful way of introducing our databases to folks that are searching for FREE ways to learn software that they need to use for jobs or education. And, it’s hands on. Woohoo!

CustomGuide Online Software Training is a great place to review your software skills but more importantly I think that you can learn a lot from this because there are several software programs that have useful tutorials.

I just learned how to use itunes. I’m probably the last person to learn it but I enjoyed it.

Okay, now this is a resource that I expect I’ll be going back to again and again for personal reasons, and I will definitely share it with patrons.

CustomGuide seems to be a useful resource. Althought it does tend to crash quite a bit if you restart the lesson too quickly. Also, when the screen first opens, it’s not maximized and if the user doesn’t have to volume turned on to hear the instruction, s/he will be quite lost. It would be more useful if the written instruction is placed at the top.

This is a great resource.

CustomGuide Online Software Training database is a keeper. I love that fact that we have this available to our customers who learning the computer basics especially with specific software programs that we all will end up using in the world of technologies. This electronic resource gives our customers to learn about software programs with easy to follow tutorials and assessment tools. I will definitely refer this resource to our customers and friends.

This was a very useful and great tool for our library customers. Usually those tutorials are very expensive. Now you can just log in and get plenty of help and a different perspective of learning. It is a really wonderful tool.

Priscilla Gove is from PA

I found the tutorial helpful.

This is a very useful tool.

It’s a good resource but I don’t love it as much as everyone else seems to. I think separating the tutorials from what they call “Lessons” but aren’t really lessons at all (they’re just review questions) is confusing. I think it would be more useful to just have just Tutorials with the question(s) at the end.

I found the resource to be quite helpful and I like many patrons can benefit from what it offers

great skills for computer using

This website has been really handy. Linda Keirstead told me about this site a looooong time ago, and it helped me work through my Excel woes.

I finally created my own account and used one of the tutorials myself! It’s nice to more fully explore the resources to which we refer customers. And I learned how to create a pretty auto chart in Excel, so that’s nice, too…

I really enjoyed some of the courses that are here.

I think this is a great tool to catch up with all the software that every professional organization uses now!

Completed week 4.

Well overall, I like all of the tutorials that the webpage have to offer . They’re pretty straight forward because I did get to learn something new about the excel 2007 program which I’ve never thought of before 🙂 I just don’t like it how it was a bit hard for me to use the test program at first because of teh system requirement for teh Flash player software or something–which requires updating and downloading–too much work! 😦

This was kind of fun. I will review many of these courses in the future.

Ken Shockley is from Edenvale! 🙂

Interesting. I liked the way we can work on different tutorials and then quiz ourselves. This database offers self-paced learning. I can see working on more of these, as time allows.
I can also see this as a tool for teaching customers in a public Internet Training Class. I think that most of the patrons I interact with on a daily basis will not chose to use this resource on their own.

A great website, very useful! I thoroughly enjoyed using these tools!

The excercise was interesting. Hopefully, I will get more time to practice with it.




This could be really useful, especially for our senior customers who haven’t taken the SeniorNet classes, or who just need a refresher.

This training is very user friendly! It is easy to follow. Love it!

useful but still so much to learn

Catching up on the weeks I missed while on vacation. CustomGuide is so very helpful! It’s another gem in the collection.

Great database with an excellent coverage of software. Very simple user interface, so you won’t need more than a literal teachable “moment” to explain this one. The chapters format lets users easily skip to lessons that they are interested in. And the assessments are real time savers for customers. While the subject area is kind of narrow, I still see this as a core database that may be as useful to staff as it is to customers.

I tried to do the advanced lesson for Excel 2007 on a staff computer at Hillview, and it told me I needed to update my flash player.

Better late than never. This is a great tool and I will revisit it. I took a couple of the tutorials, and I will be able to help patrons with questions about Word 2007 with more confidence. I did take a short overview class, but all lessons are better reinforced with review and these tutorials will help with the new format and capabilities.


Did my exploration using Word 2007 Intermediate, since Word is what I used constantly at work. Liked the quick short lessons. Will have to explore the Vista lessons later on. Maybe then I’ll learn not to hate it so much!

weeks 4.

Great resource that I was unfamiliar with. Thanks for the stroll.

I explored office 2007 features and it was very interesting to me.

Very useful resource.

This is a great database for self-training with a good variety.

this is a very good resource for library users who want to know more or learn more computer.

Zobeyda Moreno
April 30, 2010 at 8:59 am

Amazing and wonderful the wealth of information I am discovering thru the exercises using databases. The library department made a good Investment getting the databases for our customers and staff.

replied under #5 above

This program is very useful.

Totally love the tutorials on this site. I like how you can select which lessons you want to learn so if you know a little bit about a software program, you don’t have to go through everything. Very useful for things like Excel and Powerpoint where there are hundres (or even thousands) of different things you can do! A good source to direct customers to if you aren’t offering a computer class about the topic or at the time they would like.

The site is very useful for learners. I love customguide very much;

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