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Week 5: Learning Express

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Learning Express offers hundreds of online practice tests, PDF eBooks, skill building courses, and job search and workplace skills resources.  This database is the place to go for career tests especially if your library does not have a particular test book or you have an outdated print version.

Go to SJPL Articles and Databases. From outside the library log in with a San Jose Public Library card number and PIN.  First time users need to create an account. It’s very easy- just pick a username and password.  Once users have an account they can take practice tests online, finish the test later and get it scored at the end.  The nice thing is that the test answers are also explained.

There are 11 Learning Centers offered, which are the gateways to tests & other resources in a particular area:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College Preparation
  • College Students
  • GED Preparation
  • Job Search & Workplace Skills
  • Jobs & Careers
  • Skill Building for Adults
  • U. S. Citizenship
  • Recursos para hispanohablantes (Resources for Spanish speakers)

Some examples of the great content in this resource are:

  • Practice Tests for SAT, ACT, High School Entrance, TOEFL, Commercial Drivers License, and Citizenship
  • All tests provide scores and answer explanations
  • A resume course with the ability to create, save, and print a PDF resume
  • Ability to search for a specific test using search box
  • Tests can be started, saved, and finished later

Discovery Exercise:

  1. Register for a Learning Express account
  2. Add Creating a Great Resume to your My Center then skip to the  Putting It All Together section and add Heading Information to your resume.
    1. Hint: Find this course under Job Search & Workplace Skills–>Job Search, Resumes, and Interviewing–>Creating Great Resumes and Cover Letters–>Creating a Great Resume
  3. Use the search box to find the LSAT and add one practice exam to your My Center
  4. Check out the Help links.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!


201 Responses to "Week 5: Learning Express"

Discovery Exercise:

1. Registered for a Learning Express account
2. Added Creating a Great Resume to My Center, skipped to the Putting It All Together section, and added Heading Information to your resume.
3. Used the search box to find the LSAT and added one practice exam to your My Center
4. Checked out the Help links.

– Learning Express…Useful. Right now I’m having fun with ‘Vocabulary & Spelling 1: Strategies for Complex Words’


This is a great electronic resource with comprehensive coverage.
It contains the materials for users with different learning needs, ages and educational backgrounds.
I explored and found this source is very easy to use. Especially the search box is helpful to locate the course fast. I also think this is a good source for new immigrants. They can learn English, prepare naturalization test and develop their job skills.

I keep information about this database handy near the careers section. Anyone looking for practice test books is almost always pleased to hear that they can practice online. The resume/cover letter builders are excellent as well.

Excellent resource on so many levels. We often don’t have a particular career test book in hard copy, so Learning Express is a wonderful alternative.

Another fantastic resource! Pretty easy to navigate and very useful. I will share this database with our job search assistance volunteer and customers.

I never knew they had this. This is actually a sweet deal. Instead of the hassle to wait to get the book you and hundreds (exaggerating a little (^__^))want at the library for your GMAT, you can simply do it online at your own leisure.

I’ve been using and recommending this database for quite a while now. Its so rich with information and very user friendly. I’ve usually used it for the resume workshop, so it was great to get a chance to play around with some of the different features.

I love this site. I use it to study for my CBEST. I also recommend it to our students that are studying for the SAT. I recently discovered on this site it has a sample Real Estate exam. Its nice to have the do at your own pace and a mock test with timer to practice on. I use and promote this site a lot at West Valley.

This is hands down one of the best databases out there! It does so much for a wide variety of users and their needs. Once you get the hang of the layout, you can come back to it time and again, saving your work, saving your resume, etc. I recommend it to ESL classes, teens preparing for college, people needing to update resumes, people wanting to take practice exams (nursing, etc.) Learning Express rocks!

Thanks for doing this training. SJPL should do these database spotlights on our website/mobile sites to feature these great sources. Once customers know they can use these resources from home, and exactly how much they have to offer, I think they’ll love them.

I really like the resume and cover letter wizard — very easy to follow and breaks up content into workable blocks. Twice I received an error message and was returned to the homepage, a minor inconvenience. I also notice many patrons requesting an Accounting exam which is not covered in this database. It’s wonderful to have these electronic sources as they are up to date and the print materials are often not available due to their popularity.

This is a great site! I used the Resume builder and went through the process myself. We’re often asked by customers for resume help and now I know that I can point them to this site. It does take awhile, but patrons won’t lose their info when the computer times out. I had first looked at this site when we did Library 2.0 almost 4 years ago and it’s changed quite a bit.

This site has changed so much since I first went in – and – the changes are great! I’m thinking I’ll go in and brush up my math skills…uh…advise a customer to take advantage of the math skills offered. :O) I have recommended this site for career test books when we haven’t had a physical copy.

I love, love, love LeL, and recommend it every chance I get to anyone who will listen.

Learning Express contains substantial resources for users to prepare for their school and career endeavors. I really like the Help feature; it contains step by step instructions supported by illustrations, which makes it easy for users to understand.

One thing I don’t like is that by default, when you login, your home page does not contain a list of contents that you have added to “My Center”. It would be great if the user’s home page and My Center would be integrated so that users can quickly view and access the contents that they have added to My Center.

The Resume Builder will come in handy. I also like how it has help in a different language. Overall it is a great site.

A straightforward and easy to use database. Very handy, I will keep it in my mind when I’m creating a resume.

I didn’t do that well on the LSAT test:) The test location is very easy to find.

I’m glad we have this resource available.

The resume builder is very useful for customers who do not know anything about word processing. The test exams are great especially those test books are usually out or missing.

I wish I had this available to me when I was trying to practice my SATs. It would have been great to get a few practice runs in without having to pay enrollment fees.

I use the Learning Express for eBooks all the time at school and it is very useful but now that I have an account, there are so many more useful resources that are accessible. Great resource!

It is me again. I forgot that I am Zobeyda from the Pearl Avenue Branch. I did my 5th week and I enjoyed it alot!!! Planning in coming back again to do this exercise. There is so much to learn and practice and so little time.

oops!! I hope I got my branch in this time. Otherwise, Hai is going to ask me to do it again.

Pretty helpful resource. Disappointed they didn’t have practice tests for CSET for teachers.

A very usful tool to use, especially for college students. Over all, a tool that will definately come in handy for customers.

One of the better databases that provides practical, important test information. I wish we had this when I was taking all of those tests.

This is good for people that are studying for test and looking for jobs.i think its a great idea.

Good exercises. I believe we will use the resume builder more often these days.

The information found within the databases is extremely helpful. Specially the resume builder (which is going to be part of tomorrow’s Internet Basico class). I will present to my class the different test they can take.
Glad that I have been offered with the opportunity to explore what is databases all about!!!!

WOW! I’m really happy to see this kind of resource available 😀

Could’ve sworn I already had a login for this… Maybe that was for a previous product? I want to say it was “Learn-a-test”?

Anyway – its interesting to note the overlap between this and’s Skills Center (Week 3). This one seem to go deeper in most areas.

This is great resource. It is great to become familiar with what Learning Express Library offers.

Learning Express is probably pretty sweet. I will utilize it myself.. probably.

Very cool ready for week 6.

You are correct Phuong, this is indeed cool.

One of the best databases!

Learning express is awesome

Very suprised on how many resources are available in one single database. This is very helpful for many situations that we encounter at the library on a daily basis.

P.S East Branch wins, you lose.

Very cool resources ready for week 6.

This exercise was a good one to do at the All Staff. After checking out the LSAT practice test, I am now thinking I should have been a lawyer, the questions were just like doing fun puzzles.

I liked the fact that you can do some practice tests because it helps you sharpen your skills. Like they say, “If you don’t use it you loose it”.


The resume builder is very easy to use. I will definitely recommend this to customers.

The resume builder makes resume wriiting really easy! I also love the convenience of storing the needed materials in My Center.

this is a great resource for all library costumers to take advantage of.

Easy to use. Useful. A great perk for simply having a SJPL account.

wow i tried the first 5 questions on the LSAT and I only answered 1 correct…!!! good resouce i will be using the resume builder and the LSAT practice test.

i really enjoyed this site!
very helpful for future work purposes!

Week 5 database items were very useful and insightful.

After creating an account, I filled in some parts for the Resume “header” section. I think the resume menu options they have provided are very organized because they describe different types of resume layouts that are commonly used i.e. functional vs. chronological. I am already familiar with resume compilation techniques/styles since I have always held an interest in HR from day one (my graduate degree has an option emphasis in HR MGMT), and in my academics and internship job experiences, I have learned how to formulate great resumes. In essence, the Learning Express “confirmed” and “met my expectations” for excellent resume compilation.

Furthermore, after glancing through the tests area on the Learning Express, I liked the “business” related tests and college prep tests available. The corresponding courses furthermore make the Learning Express an excellent tool for anyone to use.

However, the “job” area for tests/courses does not have a comprehensive list available and lacks many occupational groups i.e. Human Resources Personnel positions to Social Workers to Construction, etc. I wish the Learning Express Job area had other job industry/occupational tests/courses available.

Overall, very useful and do I see myself visiting this site often in my free time to stay “updated” or ‘improve” my current KSA’s.

haven taken some of these tets its nice to know that students have a this option to use, if a patron needs to help on a certain test i will tell them about this site.

Very useful resource. Should be able to help any job searcher or student.

I found this database to be very helpful and I’m glad that I will be able to recommend this to patrons in the future. It’s a very valuable resource.

Learning express is a great datbase to use for online practice tests. It is also a good resource for using the resume builder.

Great database; very useful to anyone trying to improve their skills for find help in a job search.

This is a great resource for students and career-seekers. So many people visit the library in search of career test booklets or SAT booklets and this will be wonderful for them. I would definitely recommend this to peers and patrons alike.

It was easy to use.

A very useful resource! I can definitely see refering patrons to this one when they’re studying for school or looking for work.

Learning Express is awesome! I followed the discovery exercise and then took a few various practice exams. I really like how Learning Express makes suggestions of additional tests and courses based on your results. It makes it very quick and easy to brush up on the weak areas that need more practice.

I really enjoyed this database. I tried the New York Police exam practice test just for fun. I was suprised by how many resources there were in this one database. I believe that this will help out many patrons just like last weeks database did.

This is my favorite of the ones we’ve looked at so far. There’s lots of information and it’s easy to use.

What a great selection of resources!

The Help Topics were user-friendly and also very visual. I think they will help our customers help themselves. There are resources in spanish for assistance with reading, writing and mathmatics, and GED preparation.

It’s very useful database! I’m really glad to have the chace to know that there are so many resources we can use through the library.

Nice! I enjoyed the resume builder a lot. Great resource to share with customers!

This is one of our most recommended databases at AR. We often set people up on our job computer and have them use the resume tutorials. People also love it for test practice!

Nice resource. Will definitely recommend to people who need resume help.

Not really enjoying having to open all these different accounts though.

After adding the LSAT and the Creating a Great Resume file to my center, I went and tried out the geometry test myself. It was pretty fascinating because the test correction did pointed out the area of my weakness as well as how it has the explanation for every questions that I’ve missed. Couldn’t wait to go in and explore further about these tests that the Learning Express Library offer because it sure will saves me a lot of time in being able to access it whenever I need instead of having to go in and request a book for it. 🙂

Job and career part was very useful and easy to navigate.

I tried the practice LSAT and my brain melted.

week 5 was a lot easier than week 4, thanks to my very smart co-workers. nice.

I enjoyed using Learning Express and thought it was very helpful and informative. I did some more exploring and took a grammar practice test (my weak spot) and thought the explination was easier to understand than some of the college courses I took on the same subject. I will definitely come back and use this again.

Wow, LEL is excellent way to do practicing testing. One of the learning resouces to use.

Once, I knew where to get started it was o.k.

Ken Shockly is from Edenvale! 🙂

it was really fast to find. this could help alot of people because alot of people pay money for this kind of help. its cool that the library is offering this!


Jessica Guidotti is from WG

lot’s of information

I hope this is correct

Very helpful resource for students and adults alike.

They have a good section in Spanish for learning English grammar.

Thanks, Peggy — always good to learn that there are good online resources in Spanish.

Wonderful variety and range of practice tests available for our student customers. The career/resume section may come in very handy during these trying times. A very easy, useful database to know about.

Learning Express is awesome! I especially liked the “Creating a Great Resume” because it customizes the format of your resume depending on your education, skills and experience. This is a very valuable tool for our customers!

This is great! The resume section is so helpful, and since we get so many customers asking about resume building books, I’ll be sure to show this to them from now on!

I also really like the practice tests that students can take, and that they can stop the tests and continue at a later time.

Learning Express is a great resourse! YAY! 🙂

Thought this is a very helpful wesite. Week 5


Great! Now I can make my girls do more homeworks at home.

Nancy Buckles-Edenvale
Another great resource. I checked out the Elementary Reading Skills test and was happy to see a section on Reading Comprehension. Parents often ask for books on this so it’s nice to have a resource for them when books are not available.

Yes it’s not just for adults! There’s stuff for kids too.

Great resource, but oops! I failed the LSAT Exam…… =P
It would definitely be another database that I will recommend to our customer who is looking for practice exams and looking for jobs. In fact, I find this database will benefit me personally.

This is a whole new universe to explore. I think the wide range of options to choose from will be useful for our staff and customers.

Great resource!

I really like the ebook option. I just got an ereader and it allows me to read those guides at my leisure. I wish there were computer certification books available though…

Carol Valentine, Access Services at King

This is a very timely resource for all of us to become acquainted with. Thanks.

Cool site. I will definitely recommend this.

A very useful resource for customers and staff! You don’t need to know how to organize a resume, this database will do it for you. It’s great.

I consistently refer customers to this resource when they are looking for test books. I even refer it outside my work to my friends, family, and parents at my daughter’s school. Middle school parents are pleased with with this resource especially on Catholic High School Entrance exams. I must add that parents are extremely happy, but some of the children are not.

Reading Comprehension, Vocabularies, Spelling, Writing, Grammar Skills Improvement are definitely on the list on things for my middle school to do this summer.

LSAT exams are good for beginner to practice, but should there be more than 2 exams to make it much more valuable?

“LSAT exams are good for beginner to practice, but should there be more than 2 exams to make it much more valuable?” is an actual comment by a very serious test taker who wished that there were more tests to practice.

I didn’t try the practice LSAT.

So much wonderful information to access.

The resume builder is a great tool! When people want to create a resume, the resume builder is a great way to help people create and organize there information to make a perfect resume.

Wow, so much to learn.
Never knew about it..thanks!

East Branch Week 5.

I included this resource on a recent presentation to our Job Hunter’s Group.


These are good alternatives to the Kaplans and Barrons of the world (for exam prep), but most patrons still seem to favor the hard copies when seriously cramming for an exam. Nonetheless it’s definitely worth showing those it could potentially help because it’s a good alternative and people seem to appreciate that the resource is out there. Resume builder is useful too, no doubt. Yet another good option instead of starting with a blank document on MS Word.

This is a really great resource! I found it to be very simple and self teaching. I know that this will come in very handy at our branch. I actually think in the next couple of weeks I might have to be using it. This is a really great tool.

I found the “What’s new in LearningExpress Library 2.0?” help link to be very informative.

This is a very, very useful resources for us all, staffs and patrons to use.. I, personally, like it so, so, so much.. easy to find and to use. Thank you

EV – week 5 done. This a great resource for our customers.

Love it! Very useful resource.

A very helful resource for customer to use. I like the resume builder tool.

The explanations for the tests are akso very detailed and well done. I refer customers to this service all the time!

That’s “also”… oops.

This was incredibly easy to use and informative. I can also see how it would be a useful resource for library workers to be familiar with when patrons are asking for resume/cover letter help. (As well as the other information/tests provided. I only mention the resume and cover letter help because at RG, many of our patrons ask for resume assistance.

Sarah Thornton – RG

I loved this resource from when Kaye Moore showed it to me because she shows anyone who will listen ^_^

Excellent help for just about anyone studying for anything.

I’ve presented this resource for my computer class and I always take the opportunity to introduce this database to students and parents when they look for the practice exam books.

Learning Express is great!!!

Learning Express Library was fun to explore. I had used this about two years ago and was eager to promote it at the time, but I had forgotten about all of the amazing resources. After logging in and reviewing some of the materials, I will be sure to show library customers.

This is awesome! I’ve known about it and told others about it, but haven’t really tried it out since it was first added. The resume builder is GREAT!!

This is a great website! I found it to be VERY easy to use. The tabs on the left side are greatly noticable. Learning Express is awesome, will use again.

found it a little confusing. will complete this exercise again.

Manmeet is from PA

This is a great resource to recommend to patrons.

Thanh is from PA

This is great material to study for things. I think its a great thing to have for people.

An interesting database.

Another great learning resource, so far this is my favorite.

This is cool.
I did all the exercises. I will have to spend some more time exploring it when I get a chance.

Week by week more interesting stuff coming up, I like the Learning Express Library vey much, so much to practice and much much valuable. I tried Jobs & Careers preparations, business writing courses, but did not Add to My Center, but definitely it would be fun. I will recommend to my friends and customers to take an advantage of this great resource. This is very helpful for school and college students to prepare for their tests by practicing and viewing their test answers. U.S. Citizenship is another great feature for the immigrants for their successful naturalization process. Thank you very much for providing all this great online learning skill opportunities. Looking forward for the next one…..!!

The Learning Express database is so full of useful practice exams and a really easy way to begin a resume. I haven’t updated my resume in a long time so I feel confident that I can easily do it with Learning Express. Phew!

Great resource! It’s great how you can take the practice tests at your own convenience.

Great resources, this site is excellent and I especially like the resume builder. That should help a lot of us in the near future! ;(
The practice tests are also great and I think patrons/customers will especially enjoy those. HELPFUL in so many ways.

I think this has to be my favorite so far. It is so useful in so many ways. We all know that when testing season comes around, there are not enough books for people to check out; this is a great way for everyone to get their practice while they wait for their materials. The mathematics tests are a great asset for students to practice and learn more. Overall this is a great resource to have handy.

Great ; very useful to anyone trying to improve their skills for find help in a job search.

This is another awesome reference tool for our customers especially the resume builder.


Very useful. Wish this was available when I was in high school.

It was fairly confusing, and I did not particularly care for the registration process, but ultimately it was useful for resume help

Great tools with clear step-by-step instructions.

Discovery Exercise:

1. I registered and got my Learning Express account
2. Investigated the Great Resume section.
3. Did the first practice “Firefighter” test (this may not be an ideal job for me).
4. Checked out the Help links.

– Overall I felt the Learning Express was a very helpful and useful resource.

I’ve been recommending this resource a lot, but am still discovering more useful aspects to it.

Such a terrific resource! Good to remember that it includes tests for elementary/middle school students and US Citizenship practice. SAT test practice is really great – I’ve referred students and parents both.

I really feel like these are great resources however, the page “Recursos para Hispanohablantes” only has two sentences in Spanish and the rest in English. All the instructions and information should be written in Spanish. Once you select a course and begin it does switch to Spanish.

this is very informative thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVergreen


Found it a bit confusing at first but I finally found my way around and was able to complete the exercise. Valuable tool for anyone interested in a practice session for an upcoming test. I will definitely refer patrons to this site.

Great resource for our patrons!

This looks really convenient like the Custom Guide. I now can recommend this as well to students trying to learn math and english skills for their skill level, not just the homework help. I actually might use this myself to learn some stuff.

Wow, there’s everything from GED preparation to elementary school help to resume assistance. This is one of the most useful database systems yet!

Useful source. I tried the Learning Express Library eBooks, it’s helpful, specialy when you try to learn more about the test and you can not find the hard copy at the library. One more thing that I think non-English speaking patrons will love it that is the Consumer Health information in many languages resources. Many useful articles about health in general, and it’s in your own language. Great work. 🙂

WOW!! is there anything this resource can’t do?!?! I have to remember this one. My only complaint would be that it was to easy to use!!! HA!

Our resource is so wonderful. Yesterday one student looked for
AP Biology book. No hope. all books are c/out. AP test will be next week. Learning Express is her last chance. I guided her to the database page. The young girl was amazed. My daughter will have AP History exam too, next week. I gave her the info and she said “my teacher did tell us about the info. We all know, and I’ve been using it”.
But no every one knows about. I wish we can have at each branch some workshops, especially at this time, when students struggle with exams and finals.

Great website (especially for today’s times). Countless of times I have helped customers register for LearningExpress, and have shown them how to find and use areas of the website that they needed.

Very usefull. I love the resume builder and the practice tests, very handy for college students like me, overall very awesome tool!

High Tech!

Malisa is from PA

Great resource! Thanks!

I like this database alot and push it as often as possible especially for people seeking sample tests. Especially useful when our print copies are out and people are just looking for the practice test.

Learning Library is a very useful resource! I like that we have open access to college test books and can add them to My Center.

Here is another resource that I’ve used in the past. I really love this website, although I often forget about it. It is very helpful for anyone, any age. It even has Citizenship practice tests and LSAT practice tests! Awesome resource!

P.S. Mozilla > IE! 🙂

Another useful database for us to show our customers.

Great Resource. I promote it with customers to use at home. This is a wonderful resource to have available when the print copies are gone.

A wonderful resource – even better than a print resource because of the interactivity. 🙂

I love this database and demonstrate it whenever I can! SO useful for students, job-seekers, new Americans, people who want to brush up on different subjects, etc. It really supplements those high-demand print materials like exam prep guides that often aren’t on the shelf. In fact, many customers that initially ask for books are way more impressed with this service instead after I demonstrate it for them. I even showed it to my own sister who was studying for the CBEST, and she loved it! 🙂

This database alone provides a mini education for customers, especially combined with’s Skills Center. (Both resources can be found on the Employment Research Guide.) These 2 resources nearly double-handedly fulfill the library’s mission to foster lifelong learning. My only criticisms with Learning Express is that the home page design seems just a bit busy and the registration procedure. Otherwise, this is as good as it gets for customers, with immediate scoring and answer analysis.

What a great d/b! I’ll be certain to demo this to our customers …

wow great resource. something that will be really useful!!

This is a great resource. I need to spend more time with this.

Carol Valentine, Access Services at King
I found the Biography Reference Center easy to use. I especially liked the categories listed under the basic search option and found them to be logical and helpful in refining my search.

Hao Le, Berryessa
All the high school students should be informed of the AP practice test on the site. It can help them with their AP classes, or they can see how the tests are and consider taking the AP classes for passing the AP tests and getting credits for those college courses.

Excellent resource, very informative.

Frank Ortega is from Edenvale! 🙂

great general resource for new immigrants 🙂

I have had an account already.
I’m still doing the LSAT which is challenging. I should be glad that I did not choose to be a lawyer.

Totally forgot about week 5…but it’s a great reasource. Easy and useful

Found it a little difficult setting up the account and maneuvering around at first but once I got the hang of it I found it to be a very useful database. Nice to know this one it here.

This one wasn’t too bad. I can see how this will benefit the patrons 🙂

When patrons come by and work on a resume only to lose it by getting timed out and not having a flash drive to save it or even an email so they can send it to themselves, there’s always a really sad look on their faces. If we can convince them to use this to work on their resumes, we just may be upon a way to avoid that face.

For my own purposes, I really perked up when I went to this site because I’m due to take the cell and molecular biology subject test for the GRE. Unfortunately, there were no resources on this site for GRE subject tests.

Yeah! Done!

This will help me alot.

I love this database. I have directed many people to it. College students especially love it for the practice exams for college entrance. The resume section has been helpful in training customers how to write resumes. The only thing that would make it better is if it had contractor exams.

Learning Express is just that! I listed courses to help a friend with resume and interviewing! I will show her how to set up her account and put the courses that she will want in “My Center.”
These are great resources that are ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

This is a timely resource!

The FAQs under “Help” are great – they seem to get that these resources are being used at libraries, and make several references to asking librarians or library staff for more help!

Innovation Unit

This is such a great resource, I love how there is every age group on here as well as different ebooks as well as practice tests. Just incase you cannot find the one you are looking for or you have a really busy schedule it is always nice to have it at the end of your fingertips. Such a great website.

Incredible resource. So much to choose from!

Learning Express is a great electronic resource those folks both staff and customers needing to create or update their resumes. It is wonderful that now we have access to electronic test books via this database, giving us another option for our customers to have access the test books besides the print copies which are limited to certain library locations. By creating an account with Learning Express, we are given the option to save exams we are working on and get back to them on a future date.

I like how a user can come back to the exam within 30 days. The combination of testing for grad schools and occupations, plus being able to create resumes, is very helpful. This is the most utiliarian database SJPL has.

This is a great resource. I got lost at first but found my way.

Excellent resource. I’ll have to recommend this to patrons.

Excellent resource. It save my time, instead of having to go in and request a book for it.

This week Database is quite useful to me.

Week 5

great resource.

Creating a resume is a very important skill and there are many different opinions on the best way. I think discovery exercise #2 required a liitle too much instruction. I like a home page that allows direct access to all the important parts of a web site.

Excellent resource. It is great that a user can save data (for a resume) so that the information does not get lost.

this is a great resource. customers love it, too.

Zobeyda Moreno
May 5, 2010 at 5:26 pm

It is me again. I forgot that I am Zobeyda from the Pearl Avenue Branch. I did my 5th week and I enjoyed it alot!!! Planning in coming back again to do this exercise. There is so much to learn and practice and so little time.

Zobeyda Moreno—PA
May 5, 2010 at 5:27 pm

oops!! I hope I got my branch in this time. Otherwise, Hai is going to ask me to do it again.

replied under #22 above

Very good resource. Love how you can save your place during a practice test… it was “interesting” to see how well I did on some of the exams I tried.

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