SJPL Database Delight Training

Week 13: Reference USA

Posted on: June 24, 2010

Reference USA , a detailed business directory for business/competitor research, features more than 14 million U.S. businesses.  All data is verified and updates are made monthly to maintain accuracy of information.

This database can assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, and job seekers research companies.  Researchers have access to company information such as, but not limited to, address, telephone number(s), number of employees, sales volume, maps, credit rating, and nearby competing businesses.  This information is particularly helpful for potential small business owners to research if there are competing companies in the area of where h/she may want to open up shop.  Or perhaps a job seeker wants to locate all the construction companies in San Jose so h/she can get contact information.

Reference USA has a wealth of information, I suggest you play around with Custom Search and see all the information that is available. This is the database to keep in mind when customers have business start-up questions or any time a customer wants detailed company information.

Researchers can use the Quick Search or Custom Search function to locate information.  Users are allowed 50 downloads per search.

Discovery Exercise:

  1. Can you tell me who the owner is of Café Pomegranate?
  2. Can you tell me the nearby competing businesses of Café Pomegranate?
  3. How many employees does Café Pomegranate have?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!


164 Responses to "Week 13: Reference USA"

This was pretty simple to navigate the information. I did have a little trouble locating the number of employees, but I did finally find that information. I love this restaurant and try to eat there when I’m downtown for a meeting! I’m glad to know that she’s still making a profit in these tough times.

This data base was good

Very user-friendly and easy to search.

Here I am attempting to answer the three discovery questions. However, I had no luck.

I tried both the quick and custom search and I got (zero) result or no company name found.

However, when I click on the employee size, the owner name name I saw the different options.

I will come back later. I know exactly where that restaurant is (almost across from King library). Now, I am courious of who the owner is and how many employees they have and who is their competion.

This database was very easy to use. I can see how it would come in handy, when you are trying to open up a business. you can see your competition.

This is a great resource. I found the information easily. I agree with Linda (BB) that the number of employees was not in an intuitive place, but I found it by just digging around.

Good database. The interface is friendlier than it used to be. I do think they should have a more obvious “Search” button on the Custom Search screen. After I entered search criteria, it took me a moment to figure out I needed to click on the green “View Results” button to the right!

Maybe I was missing the obvious, but I was having such a hard time looking up Café Pomegranate. I had to watch the “Take A Tour” video and do some guess work to finally find what I was looking for. Once I knew how to locate it and find the profile, I thought it was pretty informative. I’m not sure when this would come in handy with patrons, but I will definitely keep it in my database toolbox for later use.

Rachel Collier, East Carnegie loves Cafe Pomegranate and Pizza Pies

This database is fantastic…

A great resource for prospective business owners and job searchers. Way easier to use than Rich’s.

I think this is a very interesting database. I’ve always wanted to know who owns Pomegranate Cafe. 🙂

Quan Che is from Edenvale! 🙂

Very nice and useful database

User-friendly I liked it.

It’s good to know there’s an option of Reference USA after last week’s Rich’s Online Directory. Reference USA is not only larger in scale, more detailed, it’s also easier to navigate and up-to-date. I would highly recommend this useful database to library patrons and non-patrons as well.

This is a great database! easy to search and narrow things down. I did have a bit of problem when I was trying to scroll down on the page, & it shifts the entire page over to the left and I can’t get back to the area that lets me change the page number. Overall, its a great database.

I am BACK!!!!. Now, I know exactly what I have to do in order to find the discovery exercise answers. I just learned it thru all the posting above. Thanks to whomever wrote “click on the view results green bottom.”

The rest was a breeze!!

I’m sure I will be using this database again in the future. Easy to search and lots of information!

Agreed. This database is user friendly. I also looked up some of my favorite restaurants and cafes, and it was very interesting to see how well business is, and how well they run it.


This database was very easy to use and gave quite a bit of information. I can definitely see how it would benefit someone looking to open a new business.

This database is very user friendly!

The answers to the questions are:

1. Affie Mahini

2. Peanuts Deluxe Cafe and Blendz

3. There are five Employees

I like this database better and more useful than Rich’s. This is a great tool for reserching business.

Week 13 data base about Reference USA was very useful in the sense that it provided sufficient amount of information concerning various businesses.

At first I could not locate “Café Pomegranate” but when I typed in “Pomegranate” I found it stated in alphabetical order under “P”…that was a little strange but never the less I found it!

Discovery Exercises:
It stated # of employees as: 10-19 location employees, and none stated for corporate employees. No one was stated for management information (owner). Competing businesses were Annie’s Signature Cafe, Bleachers Sports Grill, C Ks, and Star of India.

I really like this site because it provides a lot of enriched detail in private services and other businesses. I would definitely recommend this site to others interested in business or doing an assignment related to business (i.e. essay, project, paper).

Excellent Source!

This database is more user friendly. Since I used it before, the information are easy to find.
1. Affie Mahini
2. 9 other coffee shops, including Frames Eatery & Bar…
3. 5 employees

This is an interesting database. Very easy to look up any business info.

1. Owner: Affie Mahini.
2. Nearby competing businesses : “Peanuts Deluxe Cafe”
3. They have 5 to 9 employees.

When customers want to start up a business, this is a ‘juicy” database we can provide with all the information they need. It is very easy to play with all the features provided.

Cool database. Thanks for all the useful info.

very easy to navigate!

Pretty sweet database with tons of information about our community.

1. Affie
2. Peanuts
3. 5

YAY!!!!! We’re done.

Alright all done with database delight week thirteen was awesome.

1. Affie Mahini
2. Peanuts and more
3. 5
Very useful.

Alright all done with database delight week 13 qas awesome

This week’s training is pretty simple. Last week. Yay!

This was a cool site. I will use when needing to locate businesses in an area.

Direct and easy to get info.

1. Affie Mahini
2. Peanuts Deluxe Cafe
3. 5

Thanks! Nhan Huynh @EB Week #13

last week. good info

Affie is the owner- she is so friendly and personable that if you eats there regularly, you already know her! 🙂 5 employees, and Peanuts Deluxe is the closest nearby competitor!

That was an interesting database! Cafe Pomegranate has really good homestyle food for when you are at KL or SJSJU!

Is it already the end of the database delight training?

I enjoyed these trainings since it forced me to block off times to look at these databases.

I found this database helpful. I also found it to be a little bit hard to navigate.

This has a lot more information included than I thought. The competitors information was particularly interesting.

I have use this database before. ReferenceUSA is a very helpful database because of the information it provides. It provides the location, business profile, company news, etc. The site is a good way to help people to know about company before an job interview. Awesome database 🙂

This is a great resource and wealth of information for anyone who wants to start their own business.

Great and easy to use resource. It took me only a couple of minutes to find the answers.

Very helpful!

It is very easy to use.
1. Affie Mahini
2. about 9~10 of them, including City Restaurant & Blendz
3. 5
Time for prizes……

Nancy Buckles-Edenvale
Much easier to use than Rich’s! Very user friendly.

This database is great for a variety of business directory questions ranging from “what’s the phone number of” to “I need a list of all the tropical fish stores in northern California.” Once mastered, the database’s Custom Search will make you seem like an info-magician. The main drawback of this database is that its interface is changed (sometimes significantly) by the vendor every 2-3 years. Fortunately, the latest design change was an improvement. I really like Ref USA and consider it an essential database.

I too am sad at the end of Database Delight training. It really was aptly named.

Nice database. Pretty easy to use. I liked the nearby businesses and competitors options.

Reference USA’s new interface is very good. The database is very useful to begin business searches.

A useful database to find information about businesses. The interface is simple and easy to use and the content is fairly substantial.

Berryessa Branch

it is a easy and good data base.

I like this database than Rich’s online directory

I definitely enjoyed using this one. I didn’t know it had all these features. It’s good for someone who owns or is considering opening a small business.

This database was really easy to use this week.

This business database is user friendly. I was surprised to find the number of employees in the historical data and not expenditures. Overall, I like it. I would point patrons to this database before Rich’s database.

Owners name was Affie Mahini

Nearby competing bussiness are Blendz & City Restaurant in San Jose

Location Employees are 5

Ref. USA is a great database that needs more publicity for our customers.

It was fun to take a closer look at this database!

I know someone who is interested in opening a bike shop in Santa Clara County, and I wanted to find out how many competing bike shops are registered in the area. I started by searching under a general industry group, but bicycle shops are combined with sporting goods stores, so I got more results than I wanted. However, I was able to find the SIC for bicycle shops (5941-41) by opening a relevant result in this broader search. Searching by SIC and county, I learned that 54 bike shops serve Santa Clara residents. (This, of course, doesn’t take into consideration the fact that Costco and Target also sell bikes…)

RefUSA was pretty easy to navigate. I found so much more than using the Rich business database.
I’ve eaten at the Cafe Pomegranate too! Affie Mahini is the owner. I found 10 nearby competing businesses, all zip codes: 95112 or 95113. There are five employees.
I located my husband’s company also.
Thank-you for an interesting project!

I enjoyed this one. Very easy for me to access the necessary information.

Very easy to use and informative.

This database has certainly improved over the years. Now details on local small businesses (like Pomegranate Cafe) are easily available thanks to Reference USA! (which needs a name change to make it more accessible. )

This database contains comprehensive company information which is useful for marketing, starting one’s own business and job search. I especially like the custom search that is very easy to use and download.

*Owner of Café Pomegranate (SJ)- Affie Mahini
*Several nearby competing businesses, which includes Blendz (yum!)
*Five employees.

Cool site!

Carol Valentine Access Services at King

The tutorial was helpful even though my machine had no sound. The completeness of information about each business was very impressive. I think this could be a very helpful site for someone looking for work in a particular type of business.

This is a wonderful resource that is super easy to use. I wasn’t aware that each user is limited to 50 downloads, but I’ve never run into any problems with that restriction. The Competitors Report and Nearby Businesses categories are extremely helpful to new business owners. The information is organized nicely and allows control with the collapse/expand panels. I love the Pomegranate Cafe, Affie is the ideal restaurant owner, always welcoming and friendly while making sure you are completely satisfied…just wish they had A/C 😀

This was really easy to use, and I was impressed that such a small business was included in this database!

It’s good to know Cafe Pomegranate’s owner’s name who is hard at work all day. It’s also reassuring to know Flames and Peanuts are included in Reference USA as competitors. I did not bring up the Cafe in the result first time when Cafe is accented in the search box. Thanks for the course!

This database is much more user-friendly than it used to be. It will make helping customers find business information that much easier.

This is a pretty cool database, a lot of the information can come in handy, they even mention past tax liens that the business has owed and the owner is female. I’m not sure how knowing that the owner is a female may come as useful information, it seems kind of creepy but I still thinks it’s a useful resource.

Interesting database… easy to use… I didn’t have any problem with this assignment…Will be back to this assignment if.. I have extra time.

this database is interesting……..and pretty easy to use…..I didn’t have much problems either……will definitely be back to use this database……if I have some extra time as well……….so yea………this database rocks………..and hope there are many more databases to come…… see you guys later………….bye……….nah mean?

I much rather used this database than Rich’s when looking up company info.

I so want to try this restaurant now, I really like how you can see whoelse is out there and the different business information. I really find this valuable if you were to start your own business or you wanted to do research before starting a business. I liked it, at first I was confused with searching but then it got easier once I got used to the layout. Overall this is a great database and resource to SJPL.

Now this is a useful database. It’s a wonderful resource not just for business owners but also job seekers.

It is very usuful database. I like it.

I had a hard time to search because I typed exactly Cafe’ Pomegranate (with the accent on the e). I got help from my co-worker and she asked me do not type the accent. So the spelling is important?
I got the answers finally, and from then, it’s easy .
It’s also a resourful database if we have time to play around.
I can say our database is very delight. After the training we’re very confident and proud to introduce to our customers that our library system possesses a wonderful and great resource.

Unless you have a masochistic need for a specific executive’s email address, Reference USA feels like the database to go to for business profiles. Everything was easy to find. I even searched for some of the same information from the Rich’s exercise and managed to find more helpful profiles on the companies listed.

Can you tell me who the owner is of Café Pomegranate?

Affie Mahini

Can you tell me the nearby competing businesses of Café Pomegranate?

Peanuts Deluxe Café, David Bitton Photography, and Jeanne D’Arc Manor Apartments

How many employees does Café Pomegranate have?

Café Pomegranate has 5 employees!

I thought that this database was a better business directory than Rich’s Online Directory. I know have a better understanding of what the purpose of these databases after researching several companies. The information provided were very organized and specific. It was simple to use too.

Spelling Correction…

I now have a better understanding of what the purpose of these databases after researching several companies.

This is actually a pretty good database for business owners or new start up companies. This would help business owners know what type of competition they have in the same area. Not only is this good for business owners, it’s good source to use for researching a company too.

Thank you for making us do these exercises! 🙂

I agree with Hai! It’s been a great learning experience.

This resouce will come in handy for me. I seem to attract the LOST at the library, and this database is a helpful hand.

gives great information.

Easier to use than in the past! Good to know this local information is available.

Another useful online resource and this one is much more user friendly.

This is a fantastic resource! Thanks for including this in Database Deelight! Good job to all those who worked to create this training exercise.

This is a great database for information about businesses. Very user friendly as well!

Thanks so much for all of the Database Delight exercises! What a great and fun way to learn more about our resources!!! 🙂

This is the best business database that SJPL has access to. Ms. Mahini is very pleasant and the nearby restaurants offer different foods at different times. Great to find out competitors and the grosses of the business. It was so detailed I almost expected to find their menu in the profile.

1. The owner is Affie Mahini.
2. Cafe Pomegranates competition is Peanuts Deluxe Cafe.
3. Cafe Pomegranate has 12 employees.

This is a cool sight all their info is on there.

I need to make a correction Cafe Pomegranate has 5 employees.

Easy to use and search for info. It’s a great research tool for start-up businesses and market research.
Eventhough, I helped out on the project, I was still able to learn something in going through the other databases.

Yes, this is one of the must-know databases in our collection! The “ownership tree” feature is also very useful and unique; I’ve used it many times for those interesting folks who like to complain about a business.

Thanks everyone for this great learning opportunity!

This database is really easy to use. I found the answers to the questions quickly.

1. The owner of Cafe Pomegranate is Affie Mahini.
2. The nearby competitor is Blendz.
3. Five employees.

Thank you for the training!

Nice way to end the database delight training. This is a great resource and very easy to use.

Although I started off a little rough this database is nice. I see it being very useful. Once I found the answers to the question I did a little exploring on other companies that I usually visit and for the most part everything seems pretty accurate.

I only got answer for question 1 and 2. Question # 3 I couldn’t find the answer.

When doing the practice exercise to find the owner of Cafe Pomegranate I was frustrated until a fellow staff member kindly suggested I remove the accent over the “e” in Cafe. From then on it was easy and fun!

This was WORLDS easier to navigate than the previous database (Rich’s Online Directory – California). It was VERY user-friendly, the information was organized well and easy to find, and it had a lot of information without being overwhelming. Very cool database!

I found this to be easy to use, and was able to get the questions done with ease. Nice web site if you are looking at certain buisness. I will keep it mind to use for future use.

Reference USA database is very useful and easy to navigate. The name of the Cafe Pomegranat is Affie Mahini, the nearby 3 competing businesses are Blendz, Flames Eatery & Bar and Peanuts Deluxe Cafe. In tab Business Demographic I found Location employees 10-19, and in Historical Data tab found 12 employees for year 2009.

this datbase was good for those who need addresses and things. i especally liked how it gave all the nearby businesses and competitors! fun to use.

Nice database and easy to use.

1) The database yielded three results when I searched for the “Cafe Pomegranate” business because of the similar names (i.e., the other two were Pomegranate Cafe). The owner of Cafe Pomegranate is Affie Mahini, a female.

2) Nearby competitors of the Cafe Pomegranate, as found under the “Competitors Report,” include: Blendz, Caffe Pomergranate (WOW! seriously couldn’t tell the difference through a quick glance), City Restaurant, Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, Flames Eatery & Bar, Lee’s Sandwiches, New Tungkee Noodle House, Peanuts Deluxe Cafe, Pho Lan, and lastly– Taqueria San Jose.

3) There were a total of five employees working for the Cafe Pomegranate– as found under the “Business Demographics” section.

Overall, I found this database is pretty alright– I guess.

I really enjoyed using this database. I had no idea such a database existed. The business demographics information was useful and competitors list. This might come in handy one day.

Reference USA compliments Rich’s Online Directory when doing research of California businesses/companies. Reference USA offers more coverage of information for those researching businesses in California and other states. This is a mainstay electronic resource is great for those researching businesses/companies such as job seekers, amateur investors and business world aficionados.

Great database! Easier to use than Rich’s.

This site was pretty easy to use and fairly intuitive. Since I had read some of the comments before I did exercise, it made finding the info quick and painless.

I can see the usefulness of this database for new business owners, what a great way to take a look at your competition!

A good database for business information.

Awesome database and useful resource. Found it easy to use/navigate. Questions were easy to understand and found the answers quickly.

it is a easy and good data base.

This has been fun and informative. Now, I am looking forward to sharing the pizza prize with all the great staff at Edenvale!!!!!! Yeah!!!! (Smile)

easy to use with lots of information

But only seemed to work on IE. I kept getting the outage page when I tried on Firefox (“The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable due to a maintenance upgrade. Please try back shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”).

Custom Search also doesn’t work in Firefox… another annoying IE-centric database!

I think this database is useful for getting marketing and sales leads also, a good complement to Rich’s.

Café Pomegranate is definitely my favorite restaurant in this area. They also serve an excellent breakfast!

took me a little while to understand how to use it, once i did it was easy to use.

Very powerful, complete collection of information.

Very useful. I need to remember to use the custom search features to get the most out of the database.

Another wonderful tool – useful for a multitude of questions.

I like the one from two weeks ago. bring it back.

This seems very useful for small business information. However, I didn’t find it as helpful for larger public companies. For one thing, if you search a company with many locations it does not give you the main (corportate headquarters) location first. In fact, unless I missed something, I didn’t see a way to find out which is the main location. And if you don’t have the main location you don’t get much in the way of supplemental information. I also found the “competitors” section useless for large companies. I can’t imagine how they chose the competitors they listed for the companies I checked.

Very informative and user friendly.

easy to use and very informative

Carmen- did you copy my comment and moved the words around? 😛

Another awesome database for students majoring in business who need to do research in a company. I can imagine this being helpful for business owners as well.

Now I have this strange craving to go eat at Pomegranate.

This site is a step up from database#12 (Rich’s online Directory).
It is easier to use and again provides great information for sales or job searches.

well done

Very good database, easy to use. So much better than last week’s business databases!

Oh, and Pearl Avenue would like some pies, please!

Great database; really helpful for job research and possibly even scouting small businesses to acquire.

This database was very easy to use.

Mark Helfrich – BB
The database was easy to navigate and move around. It could be convenient for people that are trying to start a business in a certain area, finding out who competitors are in the area. It was easy to navigate the excercises.

An easy database to navigate and explore around. Very simple, which is something that you need to have when starting a business.

Glad to have this resource. Thanks for the introduction!

A good source for those interested in starting a business or job hunting, but also for students who need to profile a specific kind of business for homework assignments… yay cool.

This is a great resource. I helped a customer who wanted to open a yogurt shop. I tried custom search and typed in “yogurt” in the keyword field. Since I couldn’t break it down geographically, it allowed me to narrow it down by area code. He was able to see various listings and their sales volume. The only thing is that if a customer has a specific company but not sure how to spell the name, it will give you 0 result.

This database was so much easier to navigate and use versus Rich’s. I also like the variety of information that it provided the users. I have reccommended this to patrons before.

Very interesting database that would definitely be useful for looking for careers, research, and even prospective entreprenuers.

so easy to use and I have used it over the years
easy to show others how too
Affie can make really great rice at Pomegranates!

Interesting database…I know someone who would love this…

This is pretty cool. I’m fairly nosy so it’s kind of cool getting to know the inside information on some of my favorite places. I also think it’ll be fun to check out the local competition and see what other places might float my boat.

Uh, I tried doing another search: Lee’s Sandwhich and couldn’t find it. Can anyone else search for it?

Very intresting. I was surprised how much they knew about my little family business.

Willow Glen!

From the data base description, I thought this would be more difficult but it was easy and had a lot of information.

so much good information about businesses all organized in one place! that competitor information can be so very useful!

Fun to check out and look up favorite things…Tofu Shop, Hole in the Wall, Bicycle Express…they were all there! Will have to remember to share this with Library customers.

This was probably my favorite database. It was very easy to navigate and had a ton of useful information.

This is one database resource I use a lot … and I mean a lot. It is so useful in compiling lists of companies utilizing many useful descriptors (number of employee, location: state, county, city, zip code, and product or service rendered by the company, etc. etc.). This is a great resource and relatively easy to navigate for the customer. My favorite!

Friendly and informative database. Great resourse.

Reference USA was definitely easier, than Rich’s, for me to use. I really enjoyed this exercise since I used it for more details than in the previous forays into it. Looking up headquarters and other locations of a corporation or business was easier in the old interface! The information was easily found for such information as executives, (owner – Affie Mhaihini), 5-9 employees, and found 10 competitors (I entered a 5 mile radius). It listed 10 from Blenz to Tunkee Noddle, but left out some. Fourth Street Cafe did not get honorable mention.

I have now completed all 13 exercises, and really enjoyed doing them all. I have been suggesting their use to others as a direct result of seeing goldmines that are within these databases!

1. Affie Mahini

2. Peanuts Deluxe Cafe and Blendz

3. There are five Employees

Nice little database!

This database was so simple! I loved how easy it was to fuigure everything out. The answers were so easy to find and I love how they had everything organized. I don’t know if I would ever you this database for me personally but I know I would love to show a customer how to use it. I know they would have no problem using it and feel good about there experience.
Here are the answers I found:
the owner is Affie Mahini
Peanuts and Blendz
and they have 5 employees.
Sad this is over I liked learning about all theses new databases. 🙂

This is a great database. I can’t believe how much it has improved from before; it didn’t used to have so much information.

This database seems useful. I tried to search for a few different companies and many of them did not come up.

The database was good.

Affie Mahini is the owner, there are 5 employees, and a number of competing businesses in the area. This seems like it is similar to Rich’s Online Directory, but it appears to have much more information. I will be experimenting with both in order to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each. Very helpful though.

Well, I know the deadline was yesterday, but I wanted to finish anyway. This database has gotten better and better over the years – much easier to use now. Customers who have asked for it are usually doing sales and want lists of businesses they can contact. Questions were fun – thanks for making the questions of local interest. Thanks to all the great staff who developed Database Delight – it’s been fun and informative.

A good resource.

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