SJPL Database Delight Training

Database Delight – 3 day warning!

Posted on: July 2, 2010

Hi folks!  This wonderful Database Delight program is coming to a close.

There are only 3 days left to finish the program. Hurry!

You have until Sunday, July 3rd to complete the final Week 13 exercise.  After that, we’re finished with the formal program.  You can of course go back and complete the exercises later, or refer back to the site for a refresher.  But the contest ends July 3rd.

It looks like we had about 250 people start the program, and here in the final week it looks like about 200 will finish all 13 weeks.

Amazing!  Great work, library people!

Remember to bid on a prize in the Flickr Prize Catalog: Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to earn one more raffle entry and even a bonus 5 if you finished all 13 weeks!  To enter your bonus 5 entries, just leave your name & branch/unit with the word “bonus” or “extra” (something to indicate they’re the super-awesome entries).

Winners and achievement awards will be announced the second week in July.  For the individual prizes, we will use a randomizer to choose the winners from among all the entries.  For the branch/unit pizza party, we will work with the branch & unit managers to determine which branch or unit had the highest percentage of participation.

Stay tuned!  And pat yourselves on the back for a training well done!


2 Responses to "Database Delight – 3 day warning!"

I don’t see our comments and this week we’re having computer problems so I’ll just repeat myself.
To me, Reference USA was much easier to use than Rich’s Online Directory. The small company that employs my husband was even listed.
I’ve been to Cafe Pomegranate. That made the search more fun. Affie Mahini is the owner. There are five employees and the number of nearby competing businesses depends on how wide is the area that you search. Downtown is thick with lunch places. Then again, that’s information you need to know if you’re considering buying the Cafe Pomegranate.
I’ve completed all 13 databases. I was a few days late with one. That was a busy week!

I have completed all 13 databases as well. Thank you for this learning opportunity and a chance to test out the rich resources that were afforded to us.

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