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Raffle Winners!

Posted on: July 8, 2010

I am happy to announce the winners for the Database Delight raffle!  All items are on their way to the winners now! 🙂

We’re still working on calculating who won the coveted pizza party for the most overall participation.  But look below to see the winners for all 53 different prizes.  Is your name there?  Some of the prizes got 100-300 bids (go Hello Kitty & Target gift cards)!

We’re really pleased that everyone took the time to participate in this training program.  Thank you for all of your insightful comments about the databases.  We’ll be passing many on to the vendors so they can make them even better!

Stay tuned for eBooks Excitement in late autumn.  And look through your closet for gifts you don’t want, items you’d like to get rid of but someone else would enjoy, and route them to Sarah Houghton-Jan in Digital Futures @ the King Library.

Again, congrats to all the winners!  You deserve every last awesome bit of it.


#1: The Office Trivia Game

Nick Sandoval—East Branch

#2: The Executive Package

Amanda McFadden—Willow Glen

#3: The Metro Bag

Binh Tran–Edenvale

#4: Library Love Pack #1

Peter Nguyen—Berryessa

#5: Health and Wellness Pack

Lucille Boone—King Library, GenRef

#6: CD-RW Recorder

Peter Becerra–Edenvale

#7: Library Love Pack #2

Simone Williams—King Library, Access Services

#8: For The Home Utility Pack

Dawn Imada—King Library, Youth Services

#9: The Bing Microsoft Love Pack #1

Bryan Le—Pearl Avenue

#10: Memories Photo Album

Sean Devine—Almaden

#11: The Hardcore Gamers Package

Carmel Ordaz–Edenvale

#12: The World and Local Traveler’s Pack

Amber Hargreaves—Berryessa

#13: Cat Lovers Unite!

Ruth Kohan—Almaden

#14: The Mark McGwire Jamba Juice Card

Shally Lin –Pearl Avenue

#15: The No More Pirated Music Card

Paul Liu—Alviso

#16: The $25 Get Anything You Want Card from Target

Rose Jaramillo—Willow Glen

#17: USB 2.0 Flash Drive (blue) – 2 available

WINNER 1: Selena Quintero—Biblioteca

WINNER 2: John Nguyen—Pearl Avenue

#18: USB 2.0 Flash Drive (green) – 2 available

WINNER 1: Linda Keirstead—Berryessa

WINNER 2: Corina Saenz—Rose Garden

#19: The Strongest Laptop Bag In The World

Sheela Singh—King Library, Access Services

#20: The Retro Vintage Old-School Party Pack

Mark Drequito—Almaden

#21: The Bing Microsoft Love Pack #2

Michelle Amores—Tully

#22: The Search Engine Love Triangle Prize Pack

Eric Ha—East Breanch

#23: The Relax and Pamper Yourself Pack

Katherine Ha—East Branch

#24: The Zhu Zhu Hamster

Yvette Torres—Edenvale

#25: The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy on THX DVD

Juana Ramirez—Edenvale

#26: The Bing Microsoft Love Pack #3

Amy Silva—Vineland

#27: The Sports Lover Pack

Bryan Le—Pearl Avenue

#28: The Semi-Decorative/Miscellaneous Items Pack

Sherrie Sepahmansour —Almaden

#29: The No More Pirated Movies Card – 4 available

WINNER 1: Maddy Walton-Hadlock—Alum Rock

WINNER 2: Peggy Elwell—Biblioteca

WINNER 3: Eric Young—Willow Glen

WINNER 4: Mai Anh Trinh—Edenvale

#30: The Fancy Pants Pack

Ngoc Mai—Pearl Avenue

#31: The IT Lover Party Pack

Leslie Tanaka—Santa Teresa

#32: Library Love Pack #3

Kat Luedke—West Valley

#33: The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, and Other Little People

Angel Chen—Willow Glen

#34: In Search of Jefferson’s Moose / Notes on the state of cyberspace

Pam Crider—Almaden

#35: Crash Gordon and the Mysteries of Kingsburg

Benjamin Martinez—East Branch

#36: The Vampire Book / The Encylopedia of the Undead

Elise Tavella—King Library, Technical Services

#37: “I Am A Tech Genius” Pack

Tina Drew—King Library, GenRef

#38: Lord of the Rings Pack

Ashlee Wilde—Cambrian

#39: Hand Jewelry

Rachel Collier—East Branch

#40: Banned Books Bracelets, Family Set

Lucy Sun—Rose Garden

#41: The “Looking Fancy” Silver Jewelry Set

Adrian Barrientos—Hillview

#42: The New Downtown Library

Mana Tominaga—Digital Futures

#43: The Mobile Techie Pack

Nhan Huynh—East Branch

#44: The Super Reader Pack

Kaye Moore—Pearl Avenue

#45: Science Fiction Lovers Pack

Traci Truttman—Alviso

#46: Mythological Fairy Land Pack

Mike Dines—Willow Glen

#47: Hello Kitty Fun Pack

Amrita Kaur—Berryessa

#48: Twilight Series Hardcover Book Pack (a.k.a. the “I want Edward in hard cover” pack)

Erica Lopez—King Library, IT


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