SJPL Database Delight Training

Congratulations to Pearl Avenue Branch for the highest percentage of staff participation in the Database Delight training!

Pearl Avenue staff had a full 100% participation from all 18 staff, all 13 weeks.  That is astounding and well worthy of some pizza. 🙂  Well done, team!  I worship at your database-expert feet!  You’ve won a pizza party from the pizzeria of your choice, with salad for the veg and health-minded among you.

I also want to congratulate the 3 other branches who had over 95% participation: Edenvale with 99.38% (ooh, so close!), Berryessa with 99%, and Willow Glen with 95.93%.  In honor of your near perfection and true awesomeness in the face of all things database-related, you’ll be getting some surprise food of your own (ooh, the suspense)!  I promise, it will be yummy.

Again, congratulations to everyone who participated, and to the winners of the individual prizes as well.  This was a learning experience for all of us, and I know from those who participated that it was a good experience too.

Finally, I wanted to honor everyone who participated, but especially the 120 staff who completed all 13 weeks of the training.  Please see that list below.  These folks deserve a smile, a handshake, a slap on the back (gently, now), and a cookie.  Honor their greatness! (if I missed anyone, let me know).

Thanks again everyone, and happy searching!

The 125 Staff Who Completed all 13 Weeks of Database Delight

  1. Sean Devine
  2. Mark Drequito
  3. Ahya Esmaili
  4. Rod Ramos
  5. Pam Crider
  6. Ed Koetitz
  7. Joseph Baiza
  8. Susan Scott
  9. Debby Sandell
  10. Joe Ho
  11. Tracey Firestone
  12. Pete Becerra
  13. Nancy Buckles
  14. Carmen Candelaria
  15. Quan Che
  16. Ana Fabela
  17. Azar Hatami
  18. Theresa Ho
  19. Angie Miraflor
  20. Jennifer Luayon
  21. Victor Mireles
  22. Elsa Mora
  23. Ken Nadeau
  24. Kathy Nguyen
  25. Carmel Ordaz
  26. Frank Ortega
  27. Juana Ramirez
  28. Trina Richbourg
  29. Steve Shaffer
  30. Ken Shockley
  31. Binh Tran
  32. Mai Trinh
  33. Kristen van der Molen
  34. Ned Wappler
  35. Deborah Jara
  36. Yvette Torres
  37. Kaye Moore
  38. Hai Cao
  39. Zobeyda Moreno
  40. Orest Mytrofaniuk
  41. Shally Lin
  42. Bryan Le
  43. Priscilla Gove
  44. Bich Ngoc Mai
  45. John Nguyen
  46. Jaspal (Jesse) Sidhu
  47. Mika Tanaka
  48. Manmeet Mavi
  49. Justen Hunter
  50. Elijah Cortez
  51. Lynda Tran
  52. Bo Li
  53. Thanh-Nhan Huynh
  54. Khuong Vo
  55. Tom Miller
  56. Deborah Hennessee
  57. Chynell Clark
  58. Sarah Thornton
  59. Mike Sarhad
  60. Amy Silva
  61. Kelly Baeta
  62. Angel Chen
  63. Mike Dines
  64. Jessica Guidotti
  65. Rose Jaramillo
  66. Hanh Luc
  67. Oanhna Ly
  68. Erica Nunez
  69. Galen Oback
  70. Andrew Paul
  71. Tracy Wilderman
  72. Elisha Wright
  73. Eric Younng
  74. Anne Wang
  75. Mana Tominaga
  76. Tim Reif
  77. Carole Kennemer
  78. Lauren Poelvoorde
  79. Lucille Boone
  80. Nina Petrova
  81. Ryan McMurray
  82. Tina Drew
  83. Kim Nguyen
  84. Tracey Firestone
  85. Margaret Yamasaki
  86. Linda Keirstead
  87. Clint Keaton
  88. Mario Ponce
  89. Laura Candelaria
  90. Amber Hargreaves
  91. Hao Le
  92. Barbara Arango
  93. Benjamin Fernandez
  94. Fabian Garcia
  95. Mark Helfrich
  96. Amrita Kaur
  97. Meicheng Lee
  98. Jonathan Liu
  99. Adam Padilla
  100. Cathy Phung
  101. Sukhjit Sangha
  102. Kothai Sellathurai
  103. Diana Pham
  104. Brandon Smith
  105. Lynette Renteria
  106. Elise Tavella
  107. Tim Collins
  108. Shu-Hua Liu
  109. Ruth Kohan
  110. Sheela Singh
  111. Peggy Elwell
  112. Carol Valentine
  113. Mary Cage
  114. Maria Canchola
  115. Rosa Avalos
  116. Selena Quintero
  117. Adrian Barrientos
  118. Christine Caneda
  119. Anling Wu
  120. Madeline Walton-Hadlock
  121. Sharon Fung
  122. Monique C. Clellan
  123. Melinda Babayan
  124. Ashlee Wilde
  125. Carol daSilva

I am happy to announce the winners for the Database Delight raffle!  All items are on their way to the winners now! 🙂

We’re still working on calculating who won the coveted pizza party for the most overall participation.  But look below to see the winners for all 53 different prizes.  Is your name there?  Some of the prizes got 100-300 bids (go Hello Kitty & Target gift cards)!

We’re really pleased that everyone took the time to participate in this training program.  Thank you for all of your insightful comments about the databases.  We’ll be passing many on to the vendors so they can make them even better!

Stay tuned for eBooks Excitement in late autumn.  And look through your closet for gifts you don’t want, items you’d like to get rid of but someone else would enjoy, and route them to Sarah Houghton-Jan in Digital Futures @ the King Library.

Again, congrats to all the winners!  You deserve every last awesome bit of it.


#1: The Office Trivia Game

Nick Sandoval—East Branch

#2: The Executive Package

Amanda McFadden—Willow Glen

#3: The Metro Bag

Binh Tran–Edenvale

#4: Library Love Pack #1

Peter Nguyen—Berryessa

#5: Health and Wellness Pack

Lucille Boone—King Library, GenRef

#6: CD-RW Recorder

Peter Becerra–Edenvale

#7: Library Love Pack #2

Simone Williams—King Library, Access Services

#8: For The Home Utility Pack

Dawn Imada—King Library, Youth Services

#9: The Bing Microsoft Love Pack #1

Bryan Le—Pearl Avenue

#10: Memories Photo Album

Sean Devine—Almaden

#11: The Hardcore Gamers Package

Carmel Ordaz–Edenvale

#12: The World and Local Traveler’s Pack

Amber Hargreaves—Berryessa

#13: Cat Lovers Unite!

Ruth Kohan—Almaden

#14: The Mark McGwire Jamba Juice Card

Shally Lin –Pearl Avenue

#15: The No More Pirated Music Card

Paul Liu—Alviso

#16: The $25 Get Anything You Want Card from Target

Rose Jaramillo—Willow Glen

#17: USB 2.0 Flash Drive (blue) – 2 available

WINNER 1: Selena Quintero—Biblioteca

WINNER 2: John Nguyen—Pearl Avenue

#18: USB 2.0 Flash Drive (green) – 2 available

WINNER 1: Linda Keirstead—Berryessa

WINNER 2: Corina Saenz—Rose Garden

#19: The Strongest Laptop Bag In The World

Sheela Singh—King Library, Access Services

#20: The Retro Vintage Old-School Party Pack

Mark Drequito—Almaden

#21: The Bing Microsoft Love Pack #2

Michelle Amores—Tully

#22: The Search Engine Love Triangle Prize Pack

Eric Ha—East Breanch

#23: The Relax and Pamper Yourself Pack

Katherine Ha—East Branch

#24: The Zhu Zhu Hamster

Yvette Torres—Edenvale

#25: The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy on THX DVD

Juana Ramirez—Edenvale

#26: The Bing Microsoft Love Pack #3

Amy Silva—Vineland

#27: The Sports Lover Pack

Bryan Le—Pearl Avenue

#28: The Semi-Decorative/Miscellaneous Items Pack

Sherrie Sepahmansour —Almaden

#29: The No More Pirated Movies Card – 4 available

WINNER 1: Maddy Walton-Hadlock—Alum Rock

WINNER 2: Peggy Elwell—Biblioteca

WINNER 3: Eric Young—Willow Glen

WINNER 4: Mai Anh Trinh—Edenvale

#30: The Fancy Pants Pack

Ngoc Mai—Pearl Avenue

#31: The IT Lover Party Pack

Leslie Tanaka—Santa Teresa

#32: Library Love Pack #3

Kat Luedke—West Valley

#33: The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, and Other Little People

Angel Chen—Willow Glen

#34: In Search of Jefferson’s Moose / Notes on the state of cyberspace

Pam Crider—Almaden

#35: Crash Gordon and the Mysteries of Kingsburg

Benjamin Martinez—East Branch

#36: The Vampire Book / The Encylopedia of the Undead

Elise Tavella—King Library, Technical Services

#37: “I Am A Tech Genius” Pack

Tina Drew—King Library, GenRef

#38: Lord of the Rings Pack

Ashlee Wilde—Cambrian

#39: Hand Jewelry

Rachel Collier—East Branch

#40: Banned Books Bracelets, Family Set

Lucy Sun—Rose Garden

#41: The “Looking Fancy” Silver Jewelry Set

Adrian Barrientos—Hillview

#42: The New Downtown Library

Mana Tominaga—Digital Futures

#43: The Mobile Techie Pack

Nhan Huynh—East Branch

#44: The Super Reader Pack

Kaye Moore—Pearl Avenue

#45: Science Fiction Lovers Pack

Traci Truttman—Alviso

#46: Mythological Fairy Land Pack

Mike Dines—Willow Glen

#47: Hello Kitty Fun Pack

Amrita Kaur—Berryessa

#48: Twilight Series Hardcover Book Pack (a.k.a. the “I want Edward in hard cover” pack)

Erica Lopez—King Library, IT

The program is now officially over!

I want to congratulate everyone on completing as much as you did.  It’s amazing how much participation we’ve had.  We have had some intense participation at some of our branches and units, and I’m looking forward to announcing who won the pizza party!  I’m also working on randomly selecting prize winners for each of the 53 different prizes we had to give away, and (not really) looking forward to labeling & shipping all of them 😉

Thank you again to everyone who participated, even for only one week.  That’s one more database you know a little better, one more resource that might make your customers’ lives (or your life) that much easier.  For those of you who completed all 13 weeks, BIG PROPS!  That is a huge accomplishment.  To commit to 13 consecutive weeks of anything is impressive!

All in all, I have been overwhelmed with the staff enthusiasm, good ideas, and interest in this project.  As you may know, this was a pilot for us at SJPL–a first try to see how self-paced online learning would work for some of our existing online services and resources.  So far, it looks like it went pretty well.  Look for more self-paced online learning in the future!

And once again, congratulations to everyone, but you’re going to have to wait a couple more days for the prize winners.

Hi folks!  This wonderful Database Delight program is coming to a close.

There are only 3 days left to finish the program. Hurry!

You have until Sunday, July 3rd to complete the final Week 13 exercise.  After that, we’re finished with the formal program.  You can of course go back and complete the exercises later, or refer back to the site for a refresher.  But the contest ends July 3rd.

It looks like we had about 250 people start the program, and here in the final week it looks like about 200 will finish all 13 weeks.

Amazing!  Great work, library people!

Remember to bid on a prize in the Flickr Prize Catalog: Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to earn one more raffle entry and even a bonus 5 if you finished all 13 weeks!  To enter your bonus 5 entries, just leave your name & branch/unit with the word “bonus” or “extra” (something to indicate they’re the super-awesome entries).

Winners and achievement awards will be announced the second week in July.  For the individual prizes, we will use a randomizer to choose the winners from among all the entries.  For the branch/unit pizza party, we will work with the branch & unit managers to determine which branch or unit had the highest percentage of participation.

Stay tuned!  And pat yourselves on the back for a training well done!

Reference USA , a detailed business directory for business/competitor research, features more than 14 million U.S. businesses.  All data is verified and updates are made monthly to maintain accuracy of information.

This database can assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, and job seekers research companies.  Researchers have access to company information such as, but not limited to, address, telephone number(s), number of employees, sales volume, maps, credit rating, and nearby competing businesses.  This information is particularly helpful for potential small business owners to research if there are competing companies in the area of where h/she may want to open up shop.  Or perhaps a job seeker wants to locate all the construction companies in San Jose so h/she can get contact information.

Reference USA has a wealth of information, I suggest you play around with Custom Search and see all the information that is available. This is the database to keep in mind when customers have business start-up questions or any time a customer wants detailed company information.

Researchers can use the Quick Search or Custom Search function to locate information.  Users are allowed 50 downloads per search.

Discovery Exercise:

  1. Can you tell me who the owner is of Café Pomegranate?
  2. Can you tell me the nearby competing businesses of Café Pomegranate?
  3. How many employees does Café Pomegranate have?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!

Rich’s Online Directory – California includes over 30,000 firms in Northern and Southern California. Access over 75,000 contact names, 16,000 websites, and 12,000 email addresses. Includes high technology, financial services, manufacturing, distributors, transportation, wholesalers, and business-to-business services.  Search results may be viewed, but downloads are not available to SJPL users.

Search Selection Criteria includes:  Contacts, Company, Counties, NAICS, SIC Product Codes, States

No Help screens are available.

This database is accessible from SJPL public computers and outside of the library with a San Jose Library card number and PIN. 


1.  How many company records are there in Rich’s database for Santa Clara County containing the name “Varian”?

2.  Can you find an email address for any executives of Nvidia?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!



Novelist Plus (Adults, Kids, & Teens)

Novelist K-8 (Kids and Teens only)

Customers think that anyone that works in the library knows about every book out there- non-fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, romance, you name it, you should know about it.  I like to tell customers that I work in the library therefore I don’t have time to read.  Of course, it’s impossible even for the well read amongst us to be able to recommend books in every genre.  Anyway, the point is that you don’t have to be well read to help customers find books to read.  NoveList can help.

NoveList can help you find new books for customers based on other books and authors they like.  You can search by author, title, series title, or by describing a book plot.  You can also limit by age group- younger kids, older kids, teens, and adults.  Novelist covers fiction and non-fiction titles.

Novelist Plus is comprehensive covering adults, kids and teens whereas Novelist K-8 covers kids and teen titles only. In addition, each listing has an SJPL library catalog link and you can instantly check if the library has the book. NoveList is also great for figuring out the order of series book titles.  For example, a customer may ask for the 3rd book in the Left Behind Series. You can look up the series title in NoveList Plus/ K-8 and it will list in order (with publication date) the books in the series.  There are also book discussion guides, lists of award winners, and book talks.

NoveList is really a powerful tool.  Here’s a sample of what you can find within a book listing in Novelist Plus/ K-8:

  • Link to our library catalog
  • Grade level, Reading Level, and Lexile of book
  • Link to Similar Books
  • Book Reviews
  • Book Summary
  • Series Information (if applicable)

I highly recommend you check out NoveList and explore this database.

Discovery Exercise:

  1. Read this
  2. Use the Describe a Plot search limiter in Novelist Plus.  A customer says she’s looking for a book but doesn’t know the title or the author but she remembers it was about a woman who went through a divorce and made a journey to India. What is the title of the book?
  3. Can you tell me what the grade level is for Diary of a Wimpy Kid?
  4. A parent wants recommendations for her 10 year old that wants fantasy books. Hint: use the Recommended Reads link under the appropriate age group.

Access outside the library with a San Jose Public Library card number and PIN

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to register your participation, and then go bid on a prize!

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